OS: I love you

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OS: I love you

"you are free to go back home. I won't follow you this time." He said.

I remember a day when I used to dream of hearing those words from him but today I was hit with a strong sense of grief. I could not understand why the thought of going back did not appeal to me anymore. I was no longer a witness and did not need any protection so it was logic step from his side to allow me to return.

I hated him for a long time when he initially brought me to his haveli. I thought he was satan but after meeting my sister who was saved by Bsd I realized how wrong I was. I could not believe how the Thakur manipulated everyone for his own benefit.

Now the trial was over and so did my stay in the haveli. I felt my tears flowing wordlessly thinking about leaving this place and the person who was standing in front of me with raw emotions reflecting in his eyes.

"what happened? Are you not happy to be free." He asked as he saw my tears.

I could not answer him. Did he not realize that I was not free even if I returned to my village? He may have granted me physical freedom but what about my heart which was tied to his with an unknown bond.
He kept looking at me hoping for a reply but I could not give him one. I wordlessly arranged all my dresses in my box all the while thinking about the moments I shared with him. I realised that even thinking about him not being near me was breaking my heart.

"Parvathy..." he called making me meet his eyes.

"are you not happy?" he asked once again with a softer tone.

Once again I didn't reply him. My mouth was shut but my mind was screaming that I didn't want to go and that I was in love with him, the man who saved my life, the man who struggled to keep me alive even when I didn't want to live, the man who was always there for me.

I remember complaining to Lord Shivji that my groom didn't have His name but never realised my true love was someone else who did have Lord's name. I realised that as Parvathyji will be incomplete without Shivji, I will be incomplete without the man who was now staring at me intently as if trying to read my mind.

I closed my box and walked to him.

"shukriya." I said trying to show him my love and gratitude with a simple word.

He blinked but did not speak. I walked outside with the box without glancing back as I knew I would not be able to leave.

 As I walked outside I saw the whole family waiting with various expressions on their faces but I didn't care.
"So today is the shubday when dhuva baisa will be leaving the haveli." Kakisa mocked.

I kept walking not even saying goodbye to jeeja. She was a sister to me and I would miss here very much but could not say anything of that sort as kakisa was searching for a reason to mock me again.

"Parvathy..."  his father called my name but I just shook my head stopping him from saying anything.

I continued walking till I reached the main door. I exhaled loudly taking my foot to step outside but suddenly felt someone pulling me back. I lost my balance and closed my eyes anticipating a fall but felt strong arms effortlessly stopping my fall.

I opened my eyes to find the love of my life staring into my eyes with so much love and longing that for a second I forgot to breathe.

"Math Javo.' He said.

"ji? Wo hum..." I didn't know what to say.

"shh... please listen to me first. I know I have caused you a lot of pain but did it for protecting you. I am sorry for everything but don't go. I ..." he blinked trying to find the right words
He exhaled once again.

"Parvathy, you have changed me. I can never go back to becoming a stone once again. You melted me and now without you I am lifeless. I love you Parvathy, stay with me forever."

I was so moved by his declaration that I launched myself at him without caring about the family who was now staring at us with open mouths.

"I love you too and I will never leave you." I whispered into his ears making him smile.

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First... Welcome Hug
Second...I liked it a lot...simple and sweet.Smile

Third...Please write more...Smile

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awww  Day Dreaming
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would u mind newbie Bluemoon, if I do some constructive criticism ? ur OS has that certain spark that appeals me so I am itching to say something which u may not like, so may I ?
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Its beautiful ! Smile
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Lovely yaar. Very nice. Enjoyed it.
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amazing.. just loved it! Smile
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mind blowing.please please please write more.Clap
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