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Part 1: When trouble strikes!

Only if we had our destinies under our control , than we can say our lives are  perfect.

But its not , there is someone else controlling obviously life is nt gonna b how we plan it to be.

That's exactly what just happened to rudra, whatever planned didn't go how he thought it to be.

He couldn't convince parvati to agree to whatever he's saying, so he doesn't hav proof for his shootout.

So V.K.Singh suspends him off BSD , Rudra is heartbroken, first time in his life he's weakened, doesn't have his uniform which was ultimate power for him.

He doesn't know what to do, Danveer silently pulls him off the cabin , Aman promises him that he will get all the proof for the shootout to be legitimate.

Rudra and danveer reach home, he just walks towards his room...without even looking at paro who's standing in the kitchen...paro could just feel it that something is wrong.

Danveer comes to kitchen and tells parvati everything that just happened, he also tells her that rudra loved his motherland and he's heartbroken and sad.

Paro feels bad ...coz she knows that he lost his valor ...and she just couldn't bare that he's no longer the officer who's so powerful to take her captive, protect her, and fight against everyone.

But she's happy that he's out of BSD , she hated BSD all her life it's a relief .

The moment mohini comes to know that rudra is no longer the so powerful officer anymore...her happiness knows no bounds... its gonna be a taunt party after all.

She goes to the hall and begins to spit venom against rudra... Rudra could hear everything but is unfortunately not in the power to fight against her.

A soldier not been able to serve his motherland is worse than death...and that's what rudra was feeling.

Paro could see how she was tauting rudra and dilsher, and obviously his mother was also a part of the taunt.

And it was enough paro couldn't bare anymore...she always believed that it was no one's fault especially that of rudra for his mother eloping off.

She tells mohini that she need not speak about rudra and dilsher anymore...If she does continue to talk about it...She will forget her respect for her...she even challenges mohini that within 2 days rudra will get his job back... She will make sure that he gets his job in 2 days.

Mohini dumbfounded, just says whatever and moves.

Paro in her heart wants rudra to get his job ...she cant see him like this.

She goes to the kitchen and prepare a plate of food for rudra..she knows he's not gonna eat on his own.

Paro takes the food to his room ... rudra is staring at nothing, he's grieving.

She goes and sits next to him... and tells him that she's saddened of him loosing his job.

Rudra is fumed coz he knows its because of her he lost his job.

He says to her "You need not act, coz I know you are the happiest , I lost  my job coz you didn't sign those papers, and now m not gonna get my job easily"

Paro was hurt , she still spoke " I know that encounter killed innocent men and you are a BSD officer against whom I'm always standing, I will never sign those papers , coz I am not guilty"

Rudra knows she's not guilty, so he tells her " I know you're not guilty, you are just my witness , but that encounter didn't kill innocent men...I didn't kill innocent men...they had guns, they attacked us, they killed our men, so I killed them, and your so called beloved husband was trying to kill you too"

Paro tells him to not speak nonsense about her husband.

He says her to leave coz he cant convince her nor he can get his uniform back.

Paro could feel his pain...his eyes spoke all his feelings.

She knows he's not gonna eat , so she tells him to eat coz he needs energy to fight for his uniform.

She goes out of the room..

Its 2:00 am

Obviously he isn't sleeping , paro also couldn't sleep , so she goes to rudra's room ... and he's still staring at nothing.

She takes the food plate and takes the food byte towards his mouth and he's shocked to see her doing this...she tells him" you forced me to eat, so now its your turn..m not gonna leave until you eat"

He  doesn't know wat to tell  ... so obediently he eats it.

Paro feeds him in the same way how he fed her...almost forcing the food byte into his mouth.

He couldn't believe he was eating, that too parvati is feeding him.

After this she tells him that she wants him to get his job back and she will make sure he gets it...she will use her own ways .

He tells her " you cant step out off this house and this is an order"

Paro fumes " Excuse me officer , u r no ,longer in BSD so this condition doesn't imply to I am going to get this job from my own ways.

"And you better sleep coz we have work tomorrow ... u need energy "

Hey guys this is my first attempt in writing an SS ... I always believe that paro will support rudra, if she believes if things are wrong...pls do like and comment.Smile 

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yes she will support himSmile nice post lovedThumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-02-16T04:30:02Z
Lovely !!
Continue soon and plz PM me 
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Posted: 2014-02-16T04:38:56Z
your os is very beautiful vari3241 let's see what happened in future.but ilove your can write beautifully so keep writing I also love to write but I can't.Unhappy i'am not talented like you.but you Hug
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Posted: 2014-02-16T04:57:44Z
Originally posted by --Aashi--

Lovely !!
Continue soon and plz PM me 
Will pm youSmile
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Posted: 2014-02-16T04:58:58Z
Originally posted by nisha2004

your os is very beautiful vari3241 let's see what happened in future.but ilove your can write beautifully so keep writing I also love to write but I can't.Unhappy i'am not talented like you.but you Hug
Hey thanks alotSmile
N you can call me varisha...thats my name.
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Posted: 2014-02-16T05:24:18Z
Congrats on new ss vari...
Oh no rudra lost his job...
Mohini is really cheap...she started taunting rudra..

Just loved paro reply to mohini
'' you forced me to eat ,so now it's your turn and not going leave until you eat'' what a sweet revenge!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 2014-02-16T05:43:45Z
Lovely update
wow Paro support him
loved it
cont soon n plz PM me
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