Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 15 Feb 2014 - Ruhi chooses Shagun

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Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming home and everyone is happy.. Mrs Bhalla asks Ishu to get ready..Ishita seems confused when Mrs Bhalla asks Rinki to show her the room.. Ishita comes and asks Raman where she should keep her dresses.. They both have an argument.. Raman tells her finally to keep it in her house itself as it isnt so far.. Raman and Ishita again argue for washroom and finally Ishu leaves as she also needs to go to clinic before coming to court..Ishu asks Mrs Bhalla if she can use other washroom but Mrs Bhalla tells that all others are busy and so to wait.. 

Ishita wondering what to do heads to her maayka and asks amma to make coffee for her while she goes to have bath.. Appa wonders why she came here when amma says may be cause she's getting late.. Mihika asks Ishu about first night and she tells that Raman slept in bathroom and she beings stuck in room.. Mihika isnt able to control her laughter.. Ishita asks her why she got badam milk and mihika tells she has no clue how it got changed..

Ishu is leaving when amma asks her to have breakfast but she leaves saying they might have also made and plus she's getting late.. Mrs Bhalla asks Ishu to come and have breakfast but seeing the food ishu says she isnt hungry and asks only for tea.. Mr Bhalla understands and comes to appa saying he wants to have idlis.. He asks amma to pack for him and brings over to Ishu asking to now have as its made by her mom.. Rinki also wants and so she Ishu and Mr bhalla have idlis.. Simmi doesnt like the change going on..

Raman is leaving for office when Mr Bhalla reminds him to reach court on time.. Shagun and Ashok in court and Ashok is confident that Raman wont come.. Raman enters and Ashok taunts him but Raman gives him back.. Shagun and Ashok are to go inside when Ashok asks her to call Ishu once.. Shagun says she will come.. She takes Ruhi inside.. Ishu comes and Shagun and Ashok are shocked seeing her.. Ishu apologizes to Judge for coming late.. She asks Ishu to be seated when Raman calls her Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla..

Ishita sits with Raman.. Shagun cant believe and Ashok questions her on how this happened?? Shagun says she doesnt know and messages Ishu to come outside.. Raman asks her where she is going to and she says she'll be back in 2 mins.. Shagun asks Ishita why she married Raman?? Ishita says she had to protect Ruhi and so married so that she can come between them.. Shagun says you could have supported us and not ended up marrying him.. Ishita asks her if she would have kept Ruhi happy, saying she wanted to send her to hostel as well.. Ishu says she did all this for Ruhi's happiness..

Ruhi is looking for Shagun when Ashok asks why and he takes Ruhi to Washroom.. Shagun tells Ishu that she cheated her and taunts her but Ishu says she did this for Ruhi and says that though all those things about Raman is true, she will do everything for Ruhi and leaves.. Shagun is fuming..Ashok hears and smirks..

Hearing starts and Ruhi is called to witness box.. Ruhi leaves upset which Raman sees and wonders.. Judge asks Ruhi with whom she wants to live? Ruhi is scared.. Judge asks her not to be and asks again.. Ruhi says mummy and Bhalla and Iyers are happy thinking she's talking about Ishita mummy but Ruhi says Shagun mummy.. Everyone is shocked while Shagun smiles.. Judge gives Ruhi's custody to Shagun.. Ruhi goes to her and is all sad looking at Ishu.. Ishu cries..Ashok has a smile on his face of winning..

Ishita says she came to start new life with Ruhi..Raman asks what's the use as Ruhi doesnt want to stay with her nor does she love her.. He says youre new life wont start.. Ishu cries..
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Thanks for the written update! :)
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Originally posted by mrym_rauf

Thanks for the written update! :)

so fast Shocked
you're welcome Big smile
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thanks for the wu Smile
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Thanks for the WU!Smile
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Thanks for the beautiful written updateEmbarrassed
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Thanks for the  written update! Big smile
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