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Hey lovelies...
I thought of writing a Drabble. Which will be posted everyday...except on Sunday's.

I know I should probably not take up new stuff considering I already have two stories ongoing.But I couldn't stop myself from penning it down and when I did..my brain went on POST IT rantLOLLOL

Drabble's are updates with not more than 1000 words so they are going to be short (thats why the everyday update ideaLOL

Here is something lighthearted  on PaRudHeart

Read and tell me if you like it

   Paro & The Handsome jerk  

Part 1
[Paro's POV]

"Pssst,...pssst"...and there he goes again !!! What is wrong with this guy!!.. 15minutes of ignoring and he is still not discouraged. I was sitting in the centre row while he is at left parallel one! How am I supposed to show him the answer??? that could be the only reason for him to nag me right?

"Psst psst psst pssst pssst pssst" dammiit!!!! stop nagging me ! what exactly is the supervisor doing?? Oh yeah...She is too busy looking in space and day dreaming of marrying that pot belly of our chemistry professor whom we had so appropriately named ladoo... Alice in ladooland
  Ohh get out that dream already...we are in the middle of a test for gods sake!!!

"Psst"  I am having a very tempting feeling to choke him!...I forgot the freaking answer!!!..! 

Hey shivji!!! 

"Psst Pssttt..." Urghhh...Finally turning towards him I whispered a very dramatic WHAT!! and put up my best glare.. well that should Shut him up.. But that handsome jerk rather just winked and threw something at me taking me by surprise.. Even if did not  make any efforts to catch it that thing landed right in my palm...so precise

A gasp left my mouth on realizing what it was!!.OMG!!  Is it? Is it??...OMG!!...my hands shivered and palms got sweaty as I tried to hide it under my answer sheet!!!

That bas***d just threw a cheat at me!!! A CHEATTT!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELLL!!!! 

"Psst psst!!!" this time the sound came from my right...Adi my best friend was asking me to throw that cheat paper towards him.. I shook my head. Was he Insane!!! what is he doing??? 

Cheating along with that that jerk!!...and why was I chosen to be the  post man??!!   I will deal with him later, he is so not surviving this!!!! ...right now this little piece of paper was making me go ballistic!  what if I get caught???  My life is spoiled!!! I am going to get rusticated...on the last exam.! my future is gone down the drain!! No one will marry mee.!!! hey shivji!!!!
And this is all, all because of that that good looking irritating cheater!!!!

I could bet my face was turning red...Calm done Calm done Paro...!!  its just a piece of paper...and the supervisor is ignorant haha...yeah she is so good.. 

"Throw! throw" Adi whispered...
I gave him a death glare...Very well!! if he wants its that much!  I threw that piece of paper rather clumsily...the paper fell away from him proving how poor job I have done..

At the precise moment  the supervisor Alice (yepp we called her that..) decided to come out of her Laddoland and do something for the job which paid her so well ...great What.A.Timing!! 

"Parvati whats going on there??"  

Oh Damn!!...

So??  Any good?? worth continuing or tomatoes and chappals??

Hit LIKE and do COMMENT guyzz...



P.s: For receiving  PM buddy meSmile



Part 3

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Originally posted by harman12

Nice start
Thank youSmile
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pls do pm me for further updates...!!
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Originally posted by HemaG

pls do pm me for further updates...!!

Thanx HemaHug
yepp will definitely send you PMSmile

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Posted: 2014-02-14T05:49:18Z
Hey Ronnie its awsm yar
i like it
update soon
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Originally posted by Shivi1997

Hey Ronnie its awsm yar
i like it
update soon

Thank you so much shiviSmileSmile
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Posted: 2014-02-14T06:06:30Z
should i tell more...u knw I loved it...awesome. .do continue, waiting for it...
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