RaYa OS: Valentine's With Boss!

Posted: 2014-02-14T01:11:41Z
Hello Everyone!!

Firstly a very Happy Valentine's day to everyone out here.

Okay, I have tried numerous times be active here and post my FF and OS but was always thrown out of the forum due to some tech problems Ouch

Nevertheless, I am trying my luck again this time.

Posting a small RaYa OS for Valentine's (wrote something after ages so please be kind :P) . Its based on the current Office track :P

Here it is for all you lovely people!

Happy Reading!! :)


Bhumi Big smile


Valentine's with Boss

"I just hope she finds it...' Ram thought as he looked at the special gift he bought for Priya on Valentine's, that he kept strategically on the table. He laughed lightly as he imagined her reaction to it and thought, "...and hope shed doesn't get offended, after all she knows I tease her, irritate her, trouble her because I love her...am sure she will...LOVE it!."

He threw a quick glance around one last time and smirked as he briskly walked out of Priya's cabin shutting the door behind him. He rubbed his palms in excitement and undoubtedly his love for Priya shone in his big eyes.

Just when he turned around, he bumped into the new intern, Ria. He quickly said apologetically, "Oops! I am so Sorry!"

Picking up the files she dropped she said, "Sir please don't be sorry". Smiling coyly she added, "Er.. Happy Valentine's day, Sir."

Ram blushed the darkest shade of pink which was a surprising sight for Ria. He mumbled a quick thank you and rushed past her excusing himself. He flashed his million dollar smile too and that left Ria hyperventilating and her eyes remained glued on his retreating figure.


Mr.Kapoor should be here any moment and if he finds me here in his cabin he'll go mad again. Hurry up Priya move!!' Priya said to herself as she checked for the Valentine's gift for Ram correctly kept on his chair. She was secretly thrilled with the idea of gifting something to Ram on Valentine's after a long time and in her own special way to annoy him but lovingly.

She stepped out excitedly and quickly glanced around to make sure no one noticed her around the boss' cabin. As she hurried down the stairs she tripped on her saree. She closed her eyes in fear to land on the ground with a loud thud but was surprised to find herself safely held in strong secure arms. She opened her eyes and found herself held comfortably in Ram's arms.

The office, the people and everything around suddenly ceased to exist. Their eyes met and did all the talking while their heartbeats acknowledged their love for one another. Priya felt Ram's warm hand holding her waist firmly while the other held her arm.

Sniggers and hushed voices broke the spell and Ram let go of her slowly and asked, you are okay?! Please be careful...Every time you...' he paused as he realized people were listening to this conversation.

Priya nervously glanced around and slowly released the clutch on his suit's lapels and said, am fine...thank you!' Ram did notice the pink color on Priya's cheeks that darkened as he gazed at her in awe and grinned unconsciously. She smiled shyly and excused herself in fear that her eyes might just give away the secret to her colleagues that she was insanely in love with their boss who is actually her husband for over 2 decades now.

Love never dies! It just grows in leaps and bounds with age, with distance and with time', Priya thought to herself and blushed like a twenty year old girl bitten by the love bug. She managed to escape the prying eyes and in that jolly mood she entered her cabin.

She settled down on her chair merrily and played absent mindedly with the pen within her reach, recollecting the Valentines she spent with Ram in the past. Suddenly her eyes fell on a thick frame facing the door. She picked it up slowly and turned it around to find a very old black and white picture of Adolf Hitler nicely framed. A note neatly written in Ram's handwriting stuck to its rim read, Happy Valentine's Day HITLER'.

 Priya laughed loudly looking at the picture in her hand and re read the note again. She blushed and clearly knew her husband loved her crazily even today. But within seconds her grin disappeared as it dawned to her that he dared to call her Hitler! In a hurry, she picked the frame up and dashed out of her cabin towards Ram.

Halfway through the corridor, she saw Ram sneaking out of his cabin stealthily. He was struggling to hide the giant Polar Bear teddy bear that she'd kept it in his room. She giggled at the cute sight but composed herself and waited for him to come out. The eyes that were filled with love a while ago were now burning with fake anger. They both came face to face in front of one another just outside the conference room and both held their so called gifts; the frame and the big bear respectively. 

You..." both began at the same time in agitation but stopped as they heard some footsteps nearing them. Ram held Priya's hand and pulled her into the empty conference room along with him and closed the door behind. He looked at her and said in an irritated tone', You...You called me Golu Polar Bear?"

Priya rid her hand from his grip and replied, So? You too weren't kind enough to call me the Queen of England. You...called me HITLER?"

Er...but you are one! Always angry and those scary stares of yours', Ram argued hesitantly.

Oh really? I scare you?' Priya asked angrily and crossed her arms.

You may look tiny... but...you do scare me Priya, when you get upset and angry', Ram said in a low tone now and an innocent face.

Priya's heart melted at her sulking husband's face but not wanting to give up she said, How can I scare the cutest looking Golu Polar bear ever?'

Ram looked at her surprisingly. He was further taken aback when she stepped closer to him and hugged him tightly and said', He is just meant to be cuddled and loved.'

Ram grinned and drew her closer into his embrace and planted a small kiss on the crown of her head and said, Happy Valentine's Day my love!'

Happy Valentine's', Priya replied. She looked up at him and quickly pressed a kiss on his lips and said, I love you my polar bear'.

Ram laughed uproariously and added, Love you too wifey'

There was a polite knock at the door that diverted their attention. Rishi stepped in nervously on being called in and said, Sorry to disturb you Sir but the clients are waiting for you in your cabin'.

Ram still holding Priya close to him said, Cancel the meeting Rishi, who works on Valentines? Take an off all of you.' He looked at Priya and added further, while I go spend some time with my wife, Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor!' to which Priya grinned in response.

Rishi gaped at them in shock and excused himself after he mumbled sorry' and thank you' numerous times. He left in shock with this piece of information and rushed out leaving the boss and his wife all alone laughing after him.

Ram turned to her and asked, by the way Mrs. Kapoor where is my Valentine's gift?'

"Aloo Parathas are waiting for you', Mr. Kapoor, Priya giggled as she said.

Ah! The Parathas, you better not make them for these people in office. They are exclusive for your husband okay.' Ram said cheekily.

Priya laughed and asked curiously', Jealous?'

Ram nodded and winked earning another chuckle from her. As they opened the door to step out she asked, Wait a minute, what about my gift?'

Kulfis my darling!'

Only?' Priya asked mischievously and bit her lip.

Ahem...And much more but we need to get out of this place first', Ram said and pulled her along.

Priya grabbed her purse and held the hitler' frame loosely in one hand. As they left holding hands, the office staff gasped in surprise. Priya shyly looked away and managed to look past the questioning eyes. Shejoyously sat beside him in the car and drove off to celebrate Valentine's with her boss erm...her husband!




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Posted: 2014-02-14T01:26:05Z
Soo cuteee :-) , beautiful Os
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Posted: 2014-02-14T01:27:47Z
so nice Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-02-14T01:43:47Z
lovely os...!!!!
very well written...!!! Clap

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Posted: 2014-02-14T01:51:10Z
lovely os Smile
would love to read more Tongue
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Posted: 2014-02-14T05:56:15Z
Hi bhumika, i m a silent reader in this forum. but i liked ur wroteups here previous ones. I m admirer of ur writings. but u took a long gap here to write again. i dont knw wht happnd with u in this forum. but of u hav any blog, pls giv me ur blog address where can i find all ur ss, ff anything . i a very eager to read all those. Pls giv me the links its my humble reauest dear. I hope u will giv reply to this post. waiting for ur reply. nice os this one
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Posted: 2014-02-14T08:47:28Z
That's beautifully written...I loved loved the update dear...So RaYaish...Loved ur writing...Superb...Please keep writing dear...
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Posted: 2014-02-14T08:48:28Z
Hi bhumi,
It was a pleasure to read your os welcome back..
Polar bear snd hitler how sweeet
Wink Wink
Hoping for more from your side
Take care
Happy Valentine Day
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