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its just on request from my another best buddy @Sudipa Das ..a Romantic os on RAYA  from me.. first sorry .. I cant write romantic...but as its requuest.. for the first time.. so here it is


The Sky is clear, moonlight peeped into the green room making it more glorious ..but glorious only in the sense to see not feel.. when the owner of the green room..the queen is absent then..only the king cant make it glorious alone..

On the otherside the  queen , the true holder of King's heart..is trying to keep herself busy ..rather trying to keep her mind busy..but her heart is betraying her ..each and every time..only it is finding her another part..in true sense her heart is not with her..it is to the king..she knows the king is very much protective about her belongingness..but ..yeasterday it breaks..she proves wrong.. the owner of her heart .. quiestined her about her trust...this thought of her makes her shattered ..changing the path of her thinking ..she tuned a frequency on FM..

Otherside the king is also feeling misserable.. not because he questioned about her trust..coz he knows enevr ever till his last breath he can do such things ...but his feelings is so ..coz after many days  again he will not able to see her ..see his life exactly..though he started to believe in his itution that .. may be she will join..this quality of his grows only with his wife's presence in his life .. in his each and every thought she appears..but physically she stays far away from him..

Why it happens only with them.. he is fustrated ..to  remove all these .. he just on the radio..

Hellooo.. Mumbai.. .. its just 10 min left.. for the lover.. best day for them.. Love is in the air..and we just got a song request from a hubby to his lovely wife .. they are staying apart..but still in crazily love with each other ..

The APART  word aware Priya ..again with her situation..as its so true for them too..whatever happen ..and his words..Priya never cant ignore the concern,tha care for her in her mr.kapoor's eyes and for her its love..the eternal love which they shared from past 23 years ...


The medicine bottle sleeped from his hands...

Kya .mr.kapoor kuch huya ya nehi .. AAP  medicine khane k liye ready..kabhi dekha hai ayne par khud ko...Golu bante  jaa rehe hai.. ..Mr.tablet kapoor and started to laugh loudly..

Priya ... dekho tum...

Main Aur Meri Tanhaai, Aksar Ye Baaten Karate Hain
Tum Hoti To Kaisaa Hotaa, Tum Ye Kahati, Tum Vo Kahati 
Tum Is Baat Pe Hairaan Hoti, Tum Us Baat Pe Kitani Hansati 
Tum Hoti To Aisaa Hotaa, Tum Hoti To Vaisaa Hotaa 
Main Aur Meri Tanhaai, Aksar Ye Baaten Karate Hain

She is about to count the star..

But failed to do so ..it feels ..that she does not know how to count.. she just feel some hot  water  makes their own way from her cheek to the ground.

Ye Kahaan Aa Gaye Ham, Yuunhi Saath Saath Chalate 
Teri Baahon Men Hai Jaanam,

 Mere JismOJaan Pighalate

She was Combining her hair ..but the more she was doing   ..attracting her husband towards her .. and like a magnet his husband's eyes just glued on her ...with out any repulsion ..the others pole of magnet came to attcahed with the other..

Removing her hair to one side ..he started to gave her wet kisses at her neck...started with one ..but no one is dare to count the number...

Ye Raat Hai, Yaa Tumhaari Zulfen Khuli Hui Hain
Hai Chaandani Tumhaari Nazaron Se, Meri Raate Dhuli Hui Hain

Lying on the bed  on the top of her ..caressing her with his intense gazeer filled with love and care only for her..

Mr.kapoor door is open.. Peehu aa sakti hai kabhi bhi..

Within a sec he replied..she is tired after her birthday party...

Vikram and  neha...

With his loving careness on her..he replied..I know its not big as KM..but its our place no one is here to disturb us.

When it stuck in her mind that he left KM for her ..

I Love U Mr. ...the rest ..was lost in his mouth...


Ye Chaand Hai, Yaa Tumhaaraa Kangan 
Sitaare Hain Yaa Tumhaaraa Aanchal
Havaa Kaa Jhonkaa Hai, Yaa Tumhaare Badan Ki Khushabuu 
Ye Pattiyon Ki Hai Sarasaraahat 
Ke Tumane Chupake Se Kuchh Kahaa

The reality stuck him.. taking a pic of her from the side table ..he settle himself on the couch.. he left the bed for his sleep from the past  four months..rembering her ech and every words ..

Aap mujhe na aapne deemag me nehi dil me rakhiye ye deemag haina  ye bohut padeshan karte hai..but jo dil me rehta hai na wo humesha .humare pass hi rehta hai...

Ye Sochataa Huun Main Kabase Gumasum
Ki Jabaki Mujhako Bhi Ye Khabar Hai
Ki Tum Nahin Ho, Kahin Nahin Ho
Magar Ye Dil Hai Ki Kah Rahaa Hai
Tum Yahin Ho, Yahin Kahin Ho

The cold breeze is blowing.. keeping her hands around her chest .. she feels cold..Remebering their first morning walk..ram shows concern for her for the first time wraped her with a sawl..may be it was a sawl..for the rest of the world ..but for her it was a warm coted of love from her man.. that time in the true sense he was not her man..but she started to fall for him..for his care..

Tuu Badan Hai Main Huun Saayaa, Tu Na Ho To Main Kahaan Huun 
Mujhe Pyaar Karane Vaale, Tuu Jahaan Hai Main Vahaan Huun 
Hamen Milanaa Hi Thaa Hamadam, Isi Raah Pe Nikalate 
Ye Kahaan Aa Gaye Ham

May be never ever she will get the opportunity to her man..at least the present condition seems like to..her daughter is not happy in her married life .though she is pretending to be..and being a Kapoor..her ego will not allow to accept it so soon..and her man is feeling helpless ..he stuck between his love and his own flesh..so office was best option to see each other ..at least their eyes  speak a lot which their voice cant.. it reminds her..she could ask him.. whom he wants to see at last..may be this one word would be enough to spend the rest of her life ..

Meri Saans Saans Mahake, Koi Bhinaa Bhinaa Chandan
Tera Pyaar Chaandani Hai, Meraa Dil Hai Jaise Aangan 
Koi Aur Bhi Mulaayam, (Meri Shaam Dhalate Dhalate ) 
Ye Kahaan Aa Gaye Ham 

For him she was the most beautiful woman after lots of up downs..still the charm is on in this 23 years of marriage life that he chooses saree himslef for her KC..


Majabuur Ye Haalaat, Idhar Bhi Hai Udhar Bhi 
Tanhaai Ke Ye Raat, Idhar Bhi Hai Udhar Bhi 
Kahane Ko Bahut Kuchh Hai, Magar Kisase Kahen Ham 
Kab Tak Yuunhi Khaamosh Rahen, Aur Sahen Ham 
Dil Kahataa Hai Duniyaa Ki Har Ik Rasm Uthaa Den 
Divaar Jo Ham Dono Men Hai, Aaj Giraa Den 
Kyon Dil Men Sulagate Rahen, Logon Ko Bataa Den 
Haan Hamako Muhabbat Hai, Mohabbat Hai, Mohabbat Hai 
Ab Dil Men Yahi Baat, Idhar Bhi Hai, Udhar Bhi

Only he can do this moment ...

Only one ring she pick up the Call..

I wanna meet u  now...

With a trembling voice she answers him..

Abhi isi waqt sab so rehe hai...

I Don't know anything...

But main khush ko kya????

Tell him ur husband wants to meet u..or problem hai to..kehdo boss is calling u ..for some urgent works..

I don't care ..damn.. I don't..sirf ..i want u bas..

With a dancing heart..she said ..ok I will..kaha janahai mujhe..

I will pick u up..aur I know ur address..so just be ready..

Few minutes later ..

They entered Hotel Westinn

Accessing the card Priya enterd the hotel room..

Looking every where with her surprised looks..

Mr.kapoor..aab ye matlab..kyun..achanak..

Closing the door ..behind them little loudly..

As it also reminds them their first night at the same place..

Ram hugs her ..tightly...


Responding him his sudden..attack..Happy valentine's day to u too..

But aapko...ye sab

Pata hai Priya .. pichle .. 23 years k ye din kuch jyada value nehi rakhte the mere liye .. we are not with each other every time ..but we know our lov is with each other its so true ..so no matter where it is valentine day ya not..

For us everyday is valentine's day.. but this year ..

I think I need this .again I have to prove u that ur mr.Kapoor is only urs.. for whom..love means trust..and also ..love means Priya ..so tell me is that possible not to trust u..if I cant trust u..full world..is fake for me..even I am too priya..

Keeping her soft fingers on his lips..i misunderstood u Mr.kapoor...


Ram  does not allow her to complete her sentence..

Inhaling some air ram says ..u r staying me with tonight..and kal main sab short out kar dunga so.. u r going  to km..direct from  here ..

Par mr.Kapoor..

Abhi bhi kuch kehna hai ..ya main aapni tarike se tumhe chup karayu..and winks at her ..

Softly priya hit him on his chest ..

Clutching her wrist pulls her again in his bear hug..Ram says ..pleaze don't go away Priya plz..agar tum chahti ho to is baar bhi main sab kuch chod kar kahi dur tumhe lekar chala jata hu..but .. tumhe chod kar aur nehi..i cant spend a single moment without priya..i lov u love u to the core..

I love u too mr.Kapoor  ab aur nehi main bhi nehi reh sakti hu aapke bina...dono milke aab solve karenge ..i need u too..

Breaking the hug ..ram looks at her and says ..what u said ..again tell me..

Priya dos not get what he is saying..

I need...

But Rams naughty smile forces her to pay attention on her words..and she hids herslf in his board chest the real place for a valentine ..


 pyar dikhakar commnts and liking barsao mujhpar 


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Posted: 2014-02-13T15:03:03Z
haha VD spl u knocked it out..
very cute sweet and beautiful 
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Posted: 2014-02-13T16:31:19Z
Lovely osHeart
and thanks 4 pm...
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Posted: 2014-02-13T19:46:26Z
Awesome songs u have chosen for this Os was nice
Raya are together where they belong thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2014-02-13T20:34:20Z
Lovely os...
raya ek sathEmbarrassed
bade ache lagte hai...
thanks for the pmHug
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Posted: 2014-02-13T20:42:06Z
Perfect song..
Very well written Clap
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Posted: 2014-02-13T21:03:09Z
Thx for the pm darling.
It's lovely. Raya and their endless, seamless eternal way beyond imagination but to feel.
The song lyrics with each n every sequence fitted perfectly n the beauty increased. So finally tune apne amitji k lyrics add hi kardiya, its such a wonderful n most romantic os for me.
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Posted: 2014-02-13T22:15:02Z
Originally posted by luvbalh

haha VD spl u knocked it out..
very cute sweet and beautiful 
 thank u dear 
so much tough job it was 
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