13th February - Written Update-RangRasiya

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Part 1

Paro is in the kitchen and tries to put a bottle of flour on top but is struggling! Rudra helps out..! Rudra tells Paro that Mohinis friends can come anytime. .stay inside and dun show ur face to anyone..! Rudra scolds Paro to look at him when he is talking and answer him! Paro asks what was the question in this? She says i was going in the room after cleaning up here! Rudra walks off in a huff..! Paro watches Maithli looking at a brochure n crying..! Mohini calls out to her n Paro says..she has gone in the bathroom! Mohini is walking towards Maithlis bedroom n Paro asks u need something? Mohini says no ..! She tells Paro to tell Maithli to come in her room! Paro comes in Maithlis room and says havent been here for long n dun have right to ask u anything but wanna tell u something! She makes Maithli sit n says whenever i used to be sad..or upset .. my Mami used to do something n caresses her hand n says.. it makes one smile ..! She notices baby pics in the brochure in Maithlis room n she hides it! Paro says am in my room .. if u need anything call me...! Maithli tells Paro that she knows Paro hasnt been here for long but right now u called me elder sis.. so can i say something? 

Aman tellsRudra that Paro is not saying anything.. not about her villagers nor anyone..! He says.. she is not telling anything to doubt ..! Rudra reads the background report of Paro n says no new info? Aman says u have spent so much time with Paro ..u think she is involved? Rudra says no.. n then corrects n says yes.. ! He says just coz she din kill anyone doesnt mean she is not a criminal n hiding evidence is also crime! Aman says.. that Tejawat is trying to kill her..! Rudra says ..its my responsibility to protect her..! Rudra says dunno why she is so loyal to Tejawat? Rudra says need to break her.. she must have some soft spot..just lemme find that out!

Paro tells Maithli to continue.. as sharing grief lightens it..! Maithli says.. in coming 2 months will complete 5 years of wedded bliss but i cannot conceive..! She rues about being incomplete..! She rues about not having anyone to call her mom! Paro gives her a glass of water ...! Maithli says.. ready to adopt! Paro says thats a great thing! Maithli says Samrat wont agree.. as Mohini wont agree! Paro says.. this is a holy thing.. if u support an orphan n give them a new life! She describes her life story about how her mami raised her! Maithli asks if Paro's mami din mind her staying with Rudra before marriage? Paro falls quiet..! Maithli says sorry.. dun think ill of u but..! Mohini comes and says.. special news.. the mangoes are all dried up.. go get them inside..! Paro is about to walk n Mohini blocks..! She asks if only Mami is there in Paros family? Where her parents are? Paro says was too little when they passed away! Mohini says so sad.. crying ..as in about to! She asks what happened? Paro says bus accident..! Mohini asks if Paro's mami is from here? Mohini says..the embroidery work u did.. looks from this area...so she is from here? Paro is quiet.. n then says need to clean up Rudras room n leaves from there..! 

Sumer asks for cup of tea from Maithli..! Mohini teases him ..drink from the moby! She asks if Sumers phone has camera? He says yes.. ! She asks Sumer to click a pic of Paro ..! Sumer comes near Paro n is about to take a pic..! Paro is tense seeing him ..! Sumer says wanna see the pics..here it is..! Paro doesnt wanna see ..! He follows her around to take a pic..! She is walking ..n Sumer stands on the dupatta she is carrying..! Sumer clicks her pic..! Rudra is standing behind him ..and takes the moby from him ..n asks what is this? Sumer says pic of my family ..! Rudra asks whose permission did u take? Sumer says sorry forgot to ask u..! 

Part 2

Rudra drops the phone n says sorry.. slipped..! He tells Sumer to take note that after today if he dared to click Paros pic (aka his fiancee) .. this time only phone broke. next time.. n he walks off holding Paros hand..! In the room .. Paro almost collides with Rudra! He shuts the door. .n asks u ok? Paro is quiet! Rudra says asked a question ..answer.. did he misbehave? Paro says no! Rudra says.. told u to sit in the room! Paro says din go on that side.. n Rudra says..sit inside..! Paro is about to speak n Rudra says continue! Paro says the story u told Mohini about Jaipur n Mangetar.. she doesnt trust it.. so trying to dig..! Rudra says she is smart.. trying to break u to get info.. btw are u wanting to tell her the truth? Paro says sometimes.. dunno what to say..! Rudra says ..tell her that when we met first time then. .. n stops recollecting how he saved Paros life! He says.. will tell something later n walks off..! Paro says.. one more thing.. sorry found out about ur mom and used it against u. .sorry for that..! Paro says we may hate each other.. n tho i said will oppose u but will stay in my limits n fight against u ..! Rudra says Nandini .. thats ur sisters name? He asks do u know where she is? Paro is quiet..! Rudra says dun try to hide.. ! He says i know she got married last year..! He asks if she remembers he had asked about all the girls getting married in that village? He says the marriage is a lie n so are the vows..! He says heard that those girls are forced into prostitution ...!

Precap -- All are at the dining table..! Mohini says Maithli cant prove to be a good mom. .dunno whose dirty work she wants to bring home as my heir..! Paro says how can u call a kid dirty? Mohini fumes n says u dared to speak up to me? She  lifts her hand to slap Paro but Rudra moves in front of Paro n Mohini ends up slapping Rudra..! 

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Thanks for the WU:-)
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Thanks for the WU Tannu Big smile
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Thaaankuuu siooo much fr d wu
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Thanks for the written update
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Many thanks for the WU
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Thank you so much for WUBig smilexxx
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Thanks for written update dear...Tongue
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