Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 12th February 2014

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Episode starts with Bala saying Raman is ready to be taken to Mandap.. Girls, Raman's employees, Mihir all are laughing seeing Raman in Veshti..Raman sends off his employees..Mihika is about to take Raman's shoes when he tells her that she shouldnt try running and if she does also its a waste for there's another pair in the car..

Amma comes and gives requirements for kashi yathrai.. Raman questions a lot on the tradition and amma and appa explain to him while the Bhalla's have a laugh on it.. Raman asks what if i run for real when Mr Bhalla asks him to now stop pulling and to do what they say.. Raman runs and Appa in process to stop bows down asking him to stop and marry his daughter.. Raman asks him not to do this as in their culture elders dont fall at younger's feet.. Raman comes back when Ishita comes saying it would have been better if he actually ran away..Everyone is shocked to see Shagun with her..

Ishita announces that she cant marry him.. Shagun gets call from amma who says she's brought Ruhi for she wanted to attend Ishita's marriage.. Ishita asks Mihika to bring her and tells appa that Raman has lied and hidden from them that he has a 11 yr old son Aditya who's now in hostel..Ishita asks Shagun to tell everything..Shagun speaks out about Raman used to beat their Son and had to be taken to hospital and Raman remembers about Judgement day where Aditya said that he's afraid of his dad and so court gave custody to Shagun.. Raman says its all a lie when Ishita asks if he didnt hide that he has a son? She asks what if you do the same with Ruhi and says that Ruhi's custody should be with shagun..

Shagun apologizes and says she had to tell truth.. Ishita says that she wont marry him while shagun is happy.. Ruhi comes and hugs Ishita.. Ishita asks if Ruhi can stay with her for the day and Shagun happily agrees and leaves.. Mrs Bhalla curses Shagun.. Ishita tells she wants to talk to Appa and says that she will marry Raman for Ruhi and that she did all this send Shagun from here..Ishita says she hates him but she will always come infront of Ruhi and Raman.. Appa says its not easy and asks why she's doing this?? Ishita tells that her love for Ruhi is greater than all..

Bhalla's sad and thinking how Shagun had put entire blame on Raman.. Raman says he doesnt want to recall that day and gets sad.. Mihir says that the day which they all forgot, he never expected to come like this.. Raman tells the lawyer to find another way out to get Ruhi for he's sure Ishita wont marry him after all this..Ruhi comes to Ishita asking if she wont marry her dad and if she doesnt then how will i stay with you?? Ishita says that she will marry her dad and will be her mumma.. Ruhi hugs her.. 

Lawyer asks Rama to talk to Ishita once more.. Raman says that she wont marry after hearing all this when Ishita says she will.. She asks for forgiveness and says she did all this to send off Shagun.. Ishita says that this marriage is happening for Ruhi and tells that she is shocked to know about Aditya and asks how could they hide? Mrs Bhalla is very happy.. Ishita tells herself that she would never allow anyone to hurt Ruhi..

Amma says that muhurat is passing and asks to hurry up.. Raman says he knows she trusts Shagun but she needs to know the truth and tries to speak but Ishita tells him that her only truth is Ruhi.. He asks if she never wants to know of the truth which is vast different? He goes to mandap..

Shagun and Ashok are celebrating for they think they are gonna win the case now.. Shagun says it means time to party.. Ashok makes a call and books a hall.. He tells shagun that tomorrow will be Raman's failure and his win and that everyone will know Ashok Khanna is much better than Raman.. Shagun says that Ruhi will never be his..

Ruhi does Ishita and Raman's ghatbandhan.


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Thanks For The Written Update
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Thanks for the Written Update
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I thought the marriage is today.
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Thanks for the WU!Smile
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Thanks for written update dear...
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thanks for the update...
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