Rangrasiya Written Update 12th Feb 2014 ~Mohini spys on Paro~

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Paro enquired Sunahri about Rudra's mother. She was shocked to know that Rudra didn't disclose anything to her. Sunehri told her that his mother ran away when she was two years old. Paro's heart went to Rudra thinking he was just a child when his mother left him. Paro did not understand how can a mother leave her son at such a tender age. Sunehri also told her that Rudra's father forcefully took him away from the haveli. When they were kids they used to stay together.

Paro's eyes fell on her butterfly friend Rukami when she started running behind her to follow. She bumped in Rudra's younger brother and immediately composed her stepping away and moving out of the place. She continued to follow her friend when the butterfly sat on a leaf. Paro spoke to her and told her that her life has become a nightmare. She thanked her for coming and reminding her of happy days. She saw rudra sitting alone. He was sad she could make out and Sunehri's owrds kept playing in her mind. Rudra asked him to leave her and accused her that everything was because of her and only for her he had to come back and stay between unwanted people only because she is trying to be innocent and saving those people. He said he has started hating her face holding her arms and turned his back.

Paro cursed her heart for having soft corner for that kid who lost his mother a very early age. He was none other than a jallad.

When Rudra's sister-in-law offered her tea paro asked her if she can help her in some way in household works. She also said she is not used to sitting idle. Mohini came shooed her daughter in law off. Sunehri was excited to see her dupatta almost done by paro. Mohini asked paro whether she will teach her how to do aari work. When paro got confused about it Mohini asked her to go and help out Maithili. Mohini was now sure that she wasn't from Jaipur as Rudra told them.

Rudra's younger brother stopped paro in the tracks to introduce himself to her and asked why he ignores him. Paro said that the way he behaved with her previously she doesn't want to talk to him after that. He apologized to her holding his eyes and said it happens between a bhabhi and a devar (sister-in-law and brother-in-law) their relationship is meant to be like that. Paro tries to leave but he continues to follow her and tries to set her against Rudra by saying how rudely Rudro behaves with her. He also tells her that he is always available for her anytime she wants to confide. There was a wrong intension in his words.

Mohini stops her son and shows her the chunri and tells him that if she belonged to Jaipur she would have known Aari dari work and the work paro had done belongs to birpur.

Maithili asked paro to chop some spinach when mohini asked her to do the entire food preparation. She specially asked him to make food according to Rudra's choice. Paro quickly remembered the food that he cooked for her when she was his hostage and blurted out alo batta ki sabzi. Mohini said that the preparation belongs to their village and she was from Jaipur then how come she knows how to cook it. Paro told her that she learnt it from him. Mohini understood that the kind of innocence that she shows, she has she is clever enough.

Maitili closed her husband's eyes to give him a surprise when he took some deepa's name and she asked him who was it. He purposely irritated her by not giving any answer. And then he held out a pair of gold bangles and gifted her. He received a called and was upset with her. Despite of him telling her not to visit any orphanage she visited and hid from him. He told her that his mother will never accept any adopted child. She felt very said that there was no way she could get away from the curse for not able to bear a child.

Paro went to Rudra to seek for his help how to lite a gas because she doesnot know how to lite a gas she only worked on chulha. His father ordered him to show her how to do it. He picked up the lighter and showed her how to lite it. Then he taught her about the nob which controls the flame intensity. She asked about shilpatta when he should her the mixer grinder. He also showed how it words. When she was about to leave she called him and asked to give the salt because she was unable to reach the container because of the height it was kept. He gave her and asked whether she needs anything else sarcastically she nodded in denial.

Rudra's chahu stopped Rudra from going out abd told her that Paro was making food for everyone and if he lives then everyone might suspect.

Mohini taunted Paro for serving food only to Rudra. She kept on taunting her and finding some way or the other faults. Maithili saved her mostly.

Mohini asked parvati to serve Rudra tea when Maithili was serving tea to others. Paro was confused about how much sugar she should put. When she asked Rudra, mohini immediately caught her and asked how come she doesnot know how much suger Rudra takes when she was going to marry him very soon. This time Rudra spat back at mohini telling the atmosphere of the house is too bitter so he needs suger and milk to neutralize it though he never takes milk and sugar in his tea. He kept on taunting her dropping sugar in his cup. He took the whole sugar container and dropped the entire sugar and said if he sees her face every morning he would be needing that much amount of sugar.

Rudra's father said he was proud of his son and asked parvati to eat as well. Paro was about to leave when he held her arms and stopped her. He said she can never escape from this and it's better she tells the truth and he will try to reduce her punishment. Paro challenged him back saying she will never end this. The pain is mutual. If she is burning, he too is burning. He reminded him his venomous words he blurted out. He said she dare not try to understand him and imply that she can guess his motives because he hardly cares what she thinks and what she does. He gritted his told her that no matter how much a beautiful woman wants can never cause any harm to her.

Precap : Samar tries to take picture of Paro when her dupatta gets stuck and he succeed in clicking it. Unaware of Rudra's presence Samar turns and rudra dodged the tab from his hand.



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