Rangarasiya Written Update 11 February 2014 , Rudra supports Paro

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All  women are in the kitchen and Paro offers to help Mythali refuses  Sunhari says I want to ask one question otherwise my stomach will ache and says Paro Bhabhisa how are you so thin, Paro bhabhi's waist  is so thin my  waist is like a room and asks God to give  some  of her weight to Bhabhi why am I not like her. Paro says if the Koyal(cuckoo) would have been green then how we know its Koyal, all are made different  and  God  selected them to have different qualities and all are different  characters. Mythali  says Parvati Baisa where you learned to talk so sweetly  Paro says  Thakurian  masa and gets nervous .Sunehari says she is bound to have such intelligence as she is Rudra bhaisa's fiance  Sunhari says now let me tell you my news  one astrologer told me that a uniformed man is going to come in my life Mythali says  she is waiting for a uniformed man in her life whether he is postman , conductor etc. The door bangs and Mythali says who is it  and Paro says it can only be him. Sunheri teases her did you hear his footsteps. Rudra comes stops stares at her  and goes. Mohini notices with Hawk eyes from behind the pillar looks at Paro and goes.


 Danveer is in office does not want to go home saying he will come later when his colleague asks .He  surreptitiously rings up when all go watching whether anyone is looking or  listening. He rings up saying  khamma gadi Bhabhisa he came  back  your son Rudra come back don't say anything I will describe him Your son  he is a very powerfully built, sturdy vigourous  good-looking  with light on his face and his eyes just resembles yours. He says so many years  I did not ask why where you went but I have one request dont try to meet Rudra immediately the time is not right.He keeps the phone  and is thoughtful

Mohini comes to the kitchen and says Sunehari  I told you to take your Bhabhisa  to her room.As she takes Mohini says in my days as soon as Bharta(husband) started from office   we used to go in a tizzy( in her typical mausam style)and immediately know but your bharta has come and you don't know. Sunhari says he is would be  so she did not know Mohini taunts her daughter and tells Paro to take tea for him and Mythaly says I will do and brings it Mohini keeps  staring at Paro and taunts this also she will have to do


Paro strains the tea pours it in the mug and Mohini again taunts her saying do you have to do aarthi of the cup  , will the cup fly and go to Rudra's room Paro says I ,Sunhari says she will take it  But Mohini says no  Paro you take it .It is not sherbet take it before it gets cold she takes  to Rudra's room Mohini also wants tea without sugar .Paro goes  knocks and Rudra  is removing the curtains saying who is it  he sees her who  says its tea.. Rudra says what!!  she says I did not want to come but gestures with her eyes  ... Rudra says  keep it on the table looking at Mohini . Mohini comes and looks at the untidy room  and says Dhua Baisa clean the room as it is dirty Rudra glares at her . Dilsher also comes and Paro starts folding curtains but, Rudra takes it from her and says I will do Dilsher says  all luggage and trunk  have come from Jaipur open and  set it Mohini says why he why not Parvati Baisa  and asks Rudra to drink his tea and tell how it is . Meanwhile Mohini  tells Paro   to keep the shoes  her Bharta(husband) and  Bhaiyanak as they cant remove themselves, pick them up put them in the corner. Dilsher and Rudra glare at Mohini and her taunts but are quiet .As Paro is removing Rudra catches hold of her hand  and gestures no and Mohini again says are they heavy cant you remove them Rudra says she wont pick my shoes .Mohini says removing shoes and eating leftovers  of husband shows her  love for him . Mohini says  she is not like your mother  Rudra says enough and tightens his hand on Paro's  Mohini goes on tauting him saying she is not like your mother who is afraid to do work  continues  when  Rudra is trying to control himself  Do you think she is like your  mother and leave  you like her.Again Rudra shouts enough and throws the tea cup and tray . He is extremely angry furious and Mohini says such thundering anger did you not like the cup or is the tea cold  Rudra banna.  Rudra asks Paro to go out immediately and she goes . Dilsher is there  during this whole conversation  Rudra goes  to Mohini but just then  Danveer comes and says Mohini your  ladla son Sumer has come and is searching for you.He asks what happened  Mohini says nothing but talk will go far .Dilsher goes out and Rudra closes the door


Sumer comes and takes his mother who asks what happened where you went. He says to finalize a deal  he shows his mother  order for  6 lakhs and says more  will come and we will leave  this graveyard like village and go to Jaipur .She says why not London  but she wont go anywhere as the haveli is here  or will I give this to your uncle .He says they already left  . She tells him all are back Rudra and Dhua Kumari  have come back and asks Sumer to find out the whereabouts and details of Paro  she feels Samrat wont be able to find out. He thinks if he works on unimportant  things when he will be able to do important work.


Rudra is unpacking in fact throwing all clothes and very disturbed upset anguished  thinking ,about Mohini's taunts of his mother ,there is also the doll which Paro gave him and the FB of Young Rudra and Paro and doll shown  a slight smile appears on his face and then he starts weeping  unable to control his tears  then slowly controls  Paro comes there and from window watches and is stunned  looking at his tears. He wipes them  and sees Paro watching him both stare at each other.


PRECAP Mohini taunts Paro  you remember what he likes to eat but do not know how much  sugar he likes to take with his tea . Rudra says the bitter words that I have to hear I think it is better for me to take sugar and the amount will depend on whose face I see in the morning if I see any of your son then one spoon and if I see your face then he pours all the sugar in his cup.

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Thanks very much for the WU
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Thanks for the WU!
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Thanks for the update..
Wonderfull episode :)Ashish Rocked
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