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Paro woke up to find her comfortably clad in a cozy blanket in a bed... Not just any bed but Rudra's... Bed... She felt fresh & rested. All of a sudden she woke up... Like really... Woke up& the shocking reality struck her,,,, she was in his bed,,. Rudhra's bed, She could sense him, smell his fragrance in the bed near her.She panicked & sat up, clutching the blanket to her heaving bosom, she looked like a terrified dear,a beautifull butterfly fluttering it's wings,her foot wasn't hurting anymore & there was a warm water bottle comforting her foot... What's happening she thought... That JILLAD can be so compassionate no way,,, scared she turned sideways & found him looking at her with a dreamy look in his eyes,,, her trembling lips, her heaving bosom, her beauty, her fear, her fragrance that was hers alone, everything about her was mesmerizing him, Paro could see something in his eyes,, that was so intense that she felt shivers down her spine,,,, she was more terrified than any other time in her life, the passion, the possessiveness, the heat was melting her,frightening her, mesmerising her, he stared down at Paro's face,almost smiling at the way she tried to mask her fear. There was a streak of rebellion in her eyes. <img src="" alt="" />He had not missed that, and it pleased him & attracted him towards her, so much so that he was feeling his heart beating ferociously in his chest almost wanting him to love her, hold her,kiss her,possess her & make her his ...SHE IS MINE ,he thought,but she would not be intimidated easily. She was spirited and courageous,he guessed, Stubborn too,he knew, with perhaps a bit of wildness in her nature. He would tame the wildness without breaking the spirit. And the taming would begin now, his mouth descended to hers in a kiss that was meant to conquer. He would have her submission! He felt her jerk with the initial touch of his mouth, but he ignored her efforts for freedom, forcing her by merely tightening his hold in her hair until she stopped protesting& when his lips touched her tasting, probing, taking,capturing her body & soul,
his assault was not gentle,
in truth he knew a lot,,,of wooing the weaker sex; still, he made an effort not to overwhelm her. She was pure & naive he reminded himself, and while he thought to drug her with his sexual prowess, he soon found that it was he who was fast losing control. She tasted so sweet, so fresh, and when she finally began to respond, when she timidly touched him, he felt a wave of hot fire race through him.
Paro was stunned at first,,,,,,,
The effect on her,his captive was just as startling. Did she struggle? She thought that she did, but when the kiss ended, she found that her arms were wrapped around his neck
Had he placed them there? No, she answered herself, she had done that herself. Her face rested against his chest.She felt ashamed She had not forced his embrace but only submitted because of his superior strength.
She felt his hand tighten and only then realized that his arms were around her waist. He smelled of him so attractively seductive,,,,It wasn't unpleasant to be held by him, she admitted.
A deep contentment he had not known before enveloped him; the feel of her against him was right, he felt it was right in his heart. He inhaled the fragrance that was hers alone ,scenting her hair and almost sighed aloud, his pleasure was so great. He knew he should let go of her and take a firm, intimidating stand so that she would well understand their relationship from the beginning, but he couldn't seem to drop his hands, He would have to guard against letting her know the power she held over him. It would most likely be his downfall if he showed her his weakness for her. He knew from past experience that female sex could easily manipulate any man, regardless of their physical strength, if the man allowed it. No woman would lead him around by the crook of her finger; no, he would do the leading, and she would be most thankful to follow.
Paro suddenly realized what had happened ...she pushed against him to break the hold.
"I have no doubt that you are pure," Rudra remarked mockingly, and Paro noted that the arrogance was back in his voice. She felt insulted,too insulted to express it,& she thought She would have to watch herself with him, she decided. He had a way about him that pulled at her, beckoned her. But he was too powerful, too overwhelming for her likes, she reminded herself; he would be like the stone walls of her fortress, unbending, and it would do her no good to become involved with such a man. No, she could never allow such an attraction to nurture. She had no wish to be swallowed up by his strength, only to be spit out as a former shell of herself, like a used coin . She turned her back on him and tried to remind herself that he is the from ENEMY CLAN called BSD, the killers, he is using her, to fulfill his lust & bodily hunger... She looked at him with a smoldering hate in those hazel eyes,,,,,,& she thought ...
&&& Rudra had equal hate in those blazing hot golden gaze,& was thinking yes she is a beautiful deceit , a distraction a beautiful oasis that is a deceitful hell, the reason of being kicked out of heaven,,,, like his father taught him right that they are never sincere, beautiful women & yes Paro is too beautiful, almost heavenly creature, fit enough to steal anybody's heart,... Again distracting that was her beauty, innocence, her sweeet fragrance, & something undefined ...Paro you re too difficult to resist, you have tried to capture my soul.but I will never bow down 'cause
PARO...,thy name is DECEIT. && ,,,,, DECEIT THY NAME IS WOMAN. hope all of u enjoyed it comment if u like ... It would encourage me for future writing[/SIZE]Edited by Fairy2012 - 2014-02-10T22:59:10Z
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Posted: 2014-02-10T12:37:41Z
It's beautifully written, loved it thoroughly 
Do write more dear..
Would love to read more of ur work specially Full fledged fan fictions on this hot couple :)

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Posted: 2014-02-10T15:44:40Z
Oh My that was interesting. Tongue Their overpowering  'hate' isn't strong enough to resist one another!Blushing...

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Posted: 2014-02-10T22:51:00Z
Hmmm...very  very  seductive ...WritingBlushing
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Posted: 2014-02-10T22:55:45Z

liked it...very hot...Wink
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Posted: 2014-02-10T23:41:42Z
Very interesting...keep writing.
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Posted: 2014-02-11T00:09:25Z
Very amazing
pls write more
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