Rangarasiya Written Update 10 February 2014 ,Back to Ranawat Haveli

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RR 10 2 2014


It is Aman and Danveer when he asks why did you not knock, Aman says the door was open and I was worried  ,and he takes Rudra for some confidential talk.Paro watches as they go Aman tells I came to know Tejawat's men and Rudra  says I know we have to take her to some other city.Aman says Singh sir wont agree and Rudra is angry shall I wait for her death and someone shoots her or me shooting  them . Danveer says lets go home Rudra says your wife  thinks her my  fiancee Danveer says let them think its better for Parvati baisa and then Aman suggests this is a better and safe plan and no one will suspect  if she stays in constable Ranawat's house as your fiancee. He says how long will we keep her . Rudra is thoughtful

At the mansion all workers are back and  Maithili is giving instructions. Mohini  comes and mocks  and scolds  her ,Mythali tells her pickle is very hot ,Mohini tells her to oversee everything as  she and Samrat  will go to the market to get some provisions. While she goes she says what is this rope doing here and mocks about the things of  unwelcome guests as Dilsher comes out  saying her mausam is spoilt at the house  I wont let them stay  whether 2 legged or 3 legged asking Samrat about Sameer goes out . Mythili tells her servants to mix Kairi(mango) pickle and make everything ready by the time Mohini comes. Mythali takes  some pickle and  parathas  to Sunheri who is dancing she stops the music and Sunehari stops and a sweet talk between Bhabhi and her saying  I am exercising  to become like Kareena  as I have to get married and you are already married. immediately starts with the food and then says I will become fat.LOL

Mythali  gets hold of a picture and teases her it's a childhood  picture  of Sunehari  and a boy  and both Nanad rani and Mythili  run about  finally Roly poly  gets tired and sits and when Bhabi gives her the picture  she tells this is the only boy who did not tease me for being fat . Mythali says we will find him or maybe he  will return if he is in your fate Mohini comes with Samrat and scolds both of them  for showing off their teeth and tells Samrat maybe servants are coming from your house they hide the picture which falls down

Just then a sound comes its Rudra Paro and Danveer  all servants workers are scared  Sunheri  says Bhabhisa   came back  Danveer introduces them to all saying last time the introductions were not properly done  as this is Rudra Pratap Ranawat a major in BSD  and also My nephew. His father and me are brothers and this haveli is in his father's name.She is Parvati baisa Rudra's fiancee and from today they will stay with us. Rudra says sorry to all for the previous encounter. One woman asks this girl is very beautiful which village he belongs Rudra says Jaipur.He also says sorry to Mohini and says all this family will stay together peacefully. So you think this is your family  Mohini says so the weather has changed and you think this family is yours  , you should take blessings and apology from elders by bowing  your head  at their feet and Rudra stares at her then touches her feet  but his eyes expressions are different. Danveer comes and says Parvati Baisa will stay with us. Sunehari says you like hindi songs and takes her Rudra says one minute I have to talk something to you and Sunehari says something going on between them.

Rudra says beware if you tells anyone anything  Paro finishes off  otherwise you will burn my people and village down.He gets angry and cages her near the wall saying you will not get  accolades for saying this Rudra gets angry ad says don't tell anyone the truth and never go out of this house this will save your life  understand .Parvati says you finished everything that was mine and now you want to save my life and I know why you are doing this he says as you have no other way  left and she says this is not for me only this is truth for you also and you are also suffering  you are scared I will open my mouth or run away  but no  I will keep quiet and that is your major loss then you will kill me  Rudra scolds her  to stop the nonsense and glares at her .Sunehari comes and takes her and says let us go I will show the house and introduce you to all.

At army headquarters Danveer knocks and comes in  says have you finished work lets go I have the same scooter and is happy but Rudra says why Danveer says I thought let us go home sit and eat food  talk Rudra says its is my compulsion that I have to stay there  don't misuse it ,  everything is as was before ,when Dhanveer tries to say lets forget  everything  and  all be one happy family.Rudra says nothing is as before let us stay within our limits.

Sunaheri  takes her to Mythali  and says this is my Bhabi wife of Samrat  and both greet each other  Paro tells her to call her by  name Mythali says it's a very sweet name. Sunheri says its matching as Rudra and Parvati and then they tell her your Jodi id good Rudra and paro and both of you also wear Rudrash and this match was made in heaven Mohini is also listening


Sunehari  asks   details when they met, her parents Paro FB of dead parents ,and how her parents sent her with Rudra ...Mohini is listening . Mythali asks Sunheri   to stop and  asks Paro if she wants to eat , Paro says she is not hungry  . Suhneri  again asks her  how long you are engaged  Mythali sends Sunheri to make tea and  says you must have truly  prayed  to Bholenath and you got Rudra  and she remembers her asking Bholeji  his name sake as husband  and she says we should ask carefully  otherwise instead of happiness we  will get destruction. Samrat asks Mohini for some accounts ... thoughtfully  Mohini says  Rudra is lying , Parvati is not his fiance and that she will get to the bottom of the whole thing even if I have to spoil anyone's mausam.

Precap  Mohini says keep these shoes which are lying here and as Paro tries to remove he stops her saying she wont touch my shoes . Mohini says removing husband's shoes and eating his leftovers shows love between them and angry Rudra throws the cup breaking it.

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Sunara no Laila today in spite of MondayWinkTongueLOL
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Originally posted by PutijaChalhov

Sunara no Laila today in spite of MondayWinkTongueLOL

Lucky you LOL
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Thanks Chalhov. Haveli mein mausam bahut jaldi jaldi badal raha hai. Dekhna hai kis kiska mausam bigdega aur kis kiska sudhrega. LOL
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Thank you so much for written updates...
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Thanks for the WU!
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Thank u dear for the update
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Thank u so much 4 WUBig smilexxx
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