Love Binds our Destiny AR FF Prt.16 (21st-Sept-2020)

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The house to be precise says a very big royal mansion, of course, it has to be after all it is the palace of Jaipur's royal kings Mallik s in their time they are known as Biggest kingdoms even know its not the days of kings and Queens

 but Mallik s is a big name of Jaipur not only Jaipur a very big name in Indian Business and In world's business world big names, after all, they come in top 10 people of business world and still they are connected with their roots and traditions in Jaipur still now Prerna Mallik And Anurag Mallik is known as Rani Ma And Raja Sahib most generous people and the loved ones in all the Jaipur and they have only son Karan Mallik the prince of Prerna and Anurag Mallik the biggest business tycoon a perfect gentleman his life is in his family so loved them he never ever disobeyed his parents they are his world and the reason of his breathing is Nandini Karan Mallik Princess of Mallik s the only daughter-in-law of Malliks and a perfect couple whom everyone accepted with full heart as the heirs of Malliks because of their lovable nature and Nandini herself is so adorable that she is actually becomes daughter of Malliks

L:"shanky aapnein saare decorations check kar liyye hain naa kuch bhu chutna nahiin chahiye please dekh lijiye"
And shanky loyal caretaker of Mallik more like a family smiles and speaks as
Sh:"aap bilkul bhi chinta mat kijiye bhabhi jii humare yuvraj kii by Info" shaadi hain kuch bhi kami nahiin hogii aap befikar rahiye"
He said and lady smiled and then they heard someone
P:"han Nandini beta aap bilkul bhi fikar mat kijiye shanky ne sab kuch kam se kam das bar check kiyya hoga"
And the lady turned and saw her mother in law more of mother standing there claded ib a beautiful saree having a great aura she
N:"jii maa tabhie tou mujhe kou chinta nahii thi shanky ke kaaran sab easily ho gayya nahiin tou armaan ne ke liyye kitna kam samay diyya naa humein maa"
She said remembered how armaan's martiage muhurat comes sp first just in 10 days
P:"han par nandini yeh tou is ghar ki poorani riwaz hain aapke aur karan ke samay humein bas 5 din diyye the"
She said and nandini smiled
And s lightly blushed remembering her time and then she  speakes up as just
N:"jii maa yeh tou hain"
P:"han beta acha chaliye kal kii mehndi kii bhi tayari karni hain abhie nayii bahu kii mehndi humare hii ghar se jaani hain naa riwaz ke according beta so"
She said and nandini nodded and she just
N:"jii maa chaliye aur rahul ke ane se pehle kar len nahiin tou vo koi kaam nii karne dega"
She said and laughing at nandini's statement duo go from there for  the work.
In evening armaan's sangeet ceremony is a big blast all of them have a great fun,dancing teasing and enjoying to the core including armaan's friends business circle and his family and armaan himself is so happy seeing everyone so happy and after the function all of them sitting there anurag,karan,nandini,prerna,and special persons that is armaan's grandfather's best friend from his childhood ram kapoor a big hotelier in whole Europe and in Asia a royal prince of his Kingdom too and his better half Priya Ram Kapoor she ia Doctoral by profession a best cardio surgeon in the india and their only son Shashank Gupta and he is a business tycob extending his father's business and his darling better half Dr. Samriti and mother of the princess of Guptas

   the darling daughter oh what to say about her their comes someone putting her soft hands on anurag's eyes and just immediately recognazing the touch his face broke into a big smile but hiding his smile he speaks in fake anger as he just
An:"bol den ram in se main koi baat nahiin karunga kitni der se ayii hain yar aur mujhe promise kiyya tha dadu hum saare functions attend karenge"
He said pretending to be angry fakely and the girl leaned from the back near his shoulders and muttered
G:"sorry dadu please forgive me actually at last moment there my friends planned for celebration for getting our degrees and eventually It delayed for few days so I could not able to come up sorry please dadu"
She said in her sweet voice and all of them present there smiled at her as she is so adorable and innocent that noone can remain angry with her for long time so as anurag
An:"dekha priya bhabhi aapnein in he yeh jaanti hain naa hum inse kabhie naraz nahiin reh sakte tabhie yeh aisee karti hain aur fir aapni inhii bholi aur masoon sii baton se mana bhi letii hain yeh"
He said as he looked at the girl and enveloped her in his arms if armaan is apple of their eyes she is no less she aquires a special place in all of their hearts like armaan aquires in her family's hearts
G:"no dadu its not like that but I know you love me so much that you can never get angry from me"
An:"han that's true because aap sirff ram kii princess nahiin hain hunari bhi princess hain sahii kaha naa maine bhabhi"
He said looking at priya and she smiled as
Pr:"off course bhai saa yeh bhi koi kehne kii baat hain"
P:"han yeh tou hain donow gharon ke bacho meiin kabhie koi farak hain hii nahiin"
Ra:"yeh sahii kaha aapne prerna bhabhi inn gharon ke char bache hain aur Vohii rahega"
And all of them smiled agreeing to it indeed there is no difference in both houswhold kids and
And samriti called her princess seeing her after so much time and she too hearing her mom's voice rushed to her and engulfed her in warm hug and then she
Sa:"I miss  you so much baby"
R:"me  too mom humne bhi aap sab ko bahut saara miss kiyya mom I love  you"
S:"and I love too my princess"
He said as he too hugged his princess and then kissing her forhead they feels warm embracing of ram and priya too
Pr:"off course humari riddhima ke bina tou humare is ghar kii raunak hii nahiin hoti hai"
Ra:"bilkul aab humari princess  aa gayyi hain tou hum aab ise kahin nahiin jaane denge she is in our custody for lifetime kyoon princess right"
R:"off course dadu hun aap logon ko chod kar kabhie kahin bhi nahiin jaane vaale hain naa"
She said and all the Malliks adored thus sight truly riddhima is the charm and from her charm even Malliks are more affected as off course because of no daughter in Malliks and off course riddhima's love abd respect too makes her best and adorable too.
An:"yeh tou hain hum aapni isa princess ko kahiin bhi nahiin jaane den sakte kyunki inke bina kisi ka bhi dill nahiin lagega na"
He too said and hugged her and riddhima smiled back at him feeling blessed having love of families and then only armaan walked along with his close friend and he is amazed to see his grandfather is hugging girl and that did not amazed him its her dress amazed him she claded in a red dress casual dress and he never thinks that his grandfather is so ok witg this westren outfits truly he actually went with the time passing and changed too and he has modren thinking too but he allows and fine with this dress which hardly reaching till her knees of that girl well to be precisely he is not much in favour if wearing these kind of dresses here in there ancestral palace where they all are kings and royalty at least he thinks this but so why this girl and then his trance breaks as he saw his best friend Siddhant Rathode running past from him and directly hugged that girl that too tightly leaving him in complete shock as he heard
Si:"oh my god ridz tuu yahan kya kae rahii hain mujhe tou you said you are going to close person's marriage"
He said and riddhima is equally shocked seeing him here and then breaking the hug she answered him
R:"yea sid humein yehii special marriage meiin ana tha yeh anurag dadu ke grandson kii marriage hain so I am here"
She replied and then she questioned him as
R:" umm vo sab lekin sid aap yahan kya jar rahein hain tammy tells me you are off to attend  your friend and business associate's marriage no"
She said and sid looked at her and he just
Si:"yeah she is right i am here to attend my friend and business associate's marriage that here he is Armaan"
He said as he points to armaan and then she
Anu:"yea princess yeh armaan hain humare yuvraj armaan mallik inhi kii by Info" shaadi hain princess"
He said as she saw the person standing in front of him claded in casual pair of jeans and shirt she did not able to respond him
Ra:"and armaan my son she is riddhima humari princess aapke shashank uncle aur samriti aunty kii betii aur humari jaan"
He said and armaan too is shocked seeing her standing in front of his eyes he is not expected to see her there Rhea Gupta girl next door for him in his past.

They mumbled as their trance breaks witg their parents voices and they said to each-other.

Precap_ R:"congratulation s for your marriage"
A:"thank you so much riddhima"

Posted by Aayushi... Written By AVNI

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hey love the intro , its awesome. Olease cont soon n do pm me :)
Posted: 7 years ago
Really:) luv it
continuee soonn... :)
Posted: 7 years ago

i loved it tiooo...

Ye armmaan ridhima past next doir kaise...
I m confused...
Jaldi likho plzzz
Posted: 7 years ago
lovely start dear..

cont soon.Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
It was terrific
Interesting concept
I just love stories of royal kingdom and stuff
Very beautifully written
Well described 
Please continue soon
And pm me if you can
Posted: 7 years ago
Cool Intro, continue soon.
Posted: 7 years ago
nice concept
continue soon

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