Parud Short SS: My best friend.. Epilogue on Page 11. -Completed- :)

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Paro/Partavi's POV


My name is Paro/Parvati, I'm 17 years old. I'm in love with my college's hot hunk. He's 19 not much older than me right ? I can fantasize about him right ?

Well he's not at all like "the bad boy" he's the most sweetest guy I have ever met but did I tell you he's my "best friend" ? 

Well he is. That's actually what stops me from confessing.

 I won't be able to handle if this affects our friendship. Like what if he dosnt feel the same about me ? It will be so awkward. We would never be the same again.

People in our collage thinks that we're dating. The girls always hate me because they're "jealous" like what the hell ? Who told you we're dating ?

Well he doesn't care about who says what! He always says "ignore them". 

This thing really makes me adore him but somewhere it hurts too. Somewhere I Want him to say "yes she is my girlfriend" but *sigh* this only happens in my dreams.

Well I'm happy with what we share. Its better to stay bestfriends rather than being awkward around each other.

But I still wonder why does he not date someone ? Like he's the most handsome guy of the college, girls die for him but still he doesn't pay attention to any of them.

Oh did I tell you his name ? I didn't ? Oh so sorry. He's Rudra Pratap Ranawat, my childhood best friend!


nothing to do with the show. just my imagination.




Part5 last


oh ya i have written it on arshi version too so don't think i copied it LOL

very nerves about it LOL

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Very nice.. Big smile

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This is nice, good work!

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PART 2 on Page 3Wink

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