OS - A White Rose Sleeps!

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My first OS on RR...nothing great...there are some amazing writers on this forum...yet I could not stay away from putting down this piece...because the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Paro asleep was!


OS - A White Rose Sleeps!

The red rose whispers of passion,
And the White Rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a Dove.

But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips

By - John Boyle O'Reilly

Rudra had just entered into the haveli. What were those sounds and screams. Gosh his Chachi was at it again. The woman did not spare a moment to get back at him through the girl.  Could the girl not just retort back? Why stand there like a lamb taking in the woman's nonsense thought Rudra.

Chachi tugged and pulled at Parvati's hand and was getting her out of his room.  Parvati winced in pain, "Arghhh"...his head shot up...and he strode forcefully barking at the same time, "Enough! who the hell gave you the right to take a decision on my behalf. Fine you don't want her here, I am leaving." He held on to Paro's wrist and pulled her along, she winced and cried in pain, limping, eyes brimming with tears...why did he feel sorry. He let go of her wrist and put his arm around her waist...she stared at him with a questioning gaze, what was he upto? He spoke then, "Chalo, taking you elsewhere...come", he could feel five pairs of eyes on them, mouths gaping...they did give the impression of a caring couple...well to hell with them all...she looked at him again...not sure if she should place her hand over his shoulder or not...and noticed there was no anger...but instead an irritated look over her hesitation to do so...so  she slowly lifted her left arm and brought it to his shoulder, tugging at his sleeve, she could feel the strong muscles..her fingers brushed his neck, she tried finding a hold on the sleeve material, he could feel the tug...her fingers brushing against his neck for a second or two...he gulped hard. Her body leaned against his, whilst his strong hand wound around her waist, the fabric of his kurta acting as a silky barrier,  it was so tiny! Damn he had held it before, but this time he was more aware of his move than before, and she was awake now fully conscious of his presence...he looked away...and walked slowly...she fell into step with him. Once reaching his bike...she straightened up herself...his hand lingered on her waist...she limped and stepped back, he took his hand off her...looking away. "You will have to sit on the back of the bike!" He heard her cracked reply, "Kya? I...I... have never sat on something like this, how can I?" she kept twirling the sleeves of his kurta...looking utterly adorable in his clothes.  

He was furious, why the held was she making excuses to sit with him? "Listen I don't care if you have never sat before, neither do I nor you have a choice, so just get on the bike." And then lifted his long sinewy leg and placed it on the other side of the bike and sat himself. "Fast I don't have all day for you, get on it."

She was confused...how do you sit on this little thing?" Maybe like a camel! thought Paro. So should she sit like he did?...she hesitated..."woh woh...unth pe baithte hai waise?" 

Did his bike look like a camel, gosh!..."Tumhari marzi...sit whichever way you want."  Paro hesitatingly tried to lift her leg...but winced in pain. He turned, she was leaning holding on to the bike. He was fuming, "Don't you have brains...my bike is not a camel...then helped her to sit side ways on the seat, once again providing her assistance..his eye bore into her face...her quivering lips...she looked up...he looked away, then took off the spare helmet and said, "put this on...I cannot afford a fractured head witness." She looked at the big ball of hard plastic...hey bholenath...how was she to put this on...this jallad wasn't even bothered to show her how.

He pulled it off her hands and pushed it on top of her head...whilst he stared into large honey-coloured eyes that sought an answer...do you really care if I break my head... He had none.

Strapping hers and then his own, he got onto it, started the machine and drove off...when he heard a THUD! Turning back...he saw her slumped on the ground. He turned the bike...and came back to her...she was holding onto her injured foot crying in pain. "How the hell did this happen? Can't you sit properly?" She whispered, "I...I slipped and fell." Yes of course...this was bound to happen...she was almost weightless...

He was irritated, could she not have just held on to something?"What do you expect... you will end up on the road like a smashed tomato, if you don't hold onto anything."

She turned her face to him and retorted, "But what? there is no handle nothing to hold!"

He stared angrily knowing too well, all she had to do was wound her arm around his waist. As if girls did not know that! He turned, rubbed his forehead, but maybe she did not...such naivety!...turned back and gave her a helping hand saying, "Get up, come on." Got her on the bike, seated himself and then commanded, "Stop your nakhras and put your arm around my waist."

She placed one hand on the bar at the back of the bike and the right arm around his broad waist. Again she just grabbed the material of his shirt not letting her hand actually rest on his waist. He fumed...

The ride was bumpy, her hand grappling his shirt tightly..he could feel the strain of the pull at the collar...and the button snapped...He was mad as hell...looked into the mirror but found her looking straight ahead, her long silken tresses flying out of the helmet around her...like raven wings of a White Dove!

He parked the bike at their destination and offered his hand to help her get down. In the same manner once again Rudra hurriedly got her into his quarters. She stared around. It was his personal space neat and tidy with just the bare necessities scattered around.  

Just then Aman knocked and entered with her trunk of belongings. She got down on her knees and felt the familiar box. Here was something that was her own. The men realizing she would need some privacy left her alone.

She opened the box and looked at her belongings, holding on to the shawl maamisa had given, Paro wept bitterly.  Shattered dreams...from a bride to a captive. Wiping away her tears, she quickly changed and then rummaged through her belongings. There was the statue of Lord Shiva and Parvati.  She remembered her conversation with Bholenath at the temple. Oh why did she complaint about just a  mere name! God  had granted her wish so easily...was it another test of Bholenath?  Sadness engulfed her, "Hey bholenath aap ne yeh kaisa mazaak kiya hai mere saath, iss jallad ka naam Rudra kaise ho sakta hai...aaj ke baad mein aap se koi shikayat nahi karoongi..aap ko toh sab pata hai...mera aane wala kal bhi...bass mujhe shakti dena bholenath."   Then finding a matchbox, Paro lit a few candles around and prayed  some more. Then kissing the idol she placed it back in the trunk.  

The pain got worse, she held on to her foot, pulling out a dupatta she wound it round her ankle. She waited, it was dusk...no sign of anyone. She looked around, what was she supposed to do.

Her head felt heavy, so leaning against the  blue chair...she dozed off...

Rudra parked his bike, thinking, he had to find a solution. He could not keep her here. His seniors had begun to question him about the whole border shootout.  He would be breaking BSD rules by keeping her here...and it wasn't a place for a woman to be...a target for more trouble.

Confused and muddled up completely...damn he swore to himself, what a mess he got himself into. But Chacha did make sense, he had to get back to the haveli, they would leave next morning.

He opened the door and his eyes fell on her at the foot of the chair...he stood there taking in her delicate sleeping frame...like a white rose off a branch...leaning...her one arm holding onto her injured foot...he could not tear his gaze away... .mesmerized...he stood there drinking in her flawless beauty...in deep slumber ...her long tresses cascading her back, but a few locks covering the front of her swan-like neck...

He took off his shoes...and tip-toed to his wardrobe...and like he always did was about to unbutton his shirt when his eyes fell upon her again...his feet just led him to her...he bent down...a strange kind of feeling welled up inside of him ...of tenderness...of wanting to protect her ...Oh gosh what if she had to catch him staring at her like this..No!...he stood up again...turned to move...hesitated...and turned back again towards her...bent down and nudged her...she moaned...he called out softly..."Li...listen...Pa...Paro" gulped hard, "Parvati"...no answer, and then he did something...he never thought he would ever do if she were awake, he lifted her gently, her head slide against the crook of his arm...and with one big move...turned and placed her quickly on his bed. He looked to see if she woke up...he sighed in relief...she stirred.  Her  innocent child-like face against his white pillow. Those long black eye lashes sweeping across her luminous cheeks...that little nose ring, dangling daintily on her sharp nose...and then his gaze dropped to her slightly parted rosy lips...guilty he looked away and moved to the bathroom to look for his first aid kit.

Getting hold of the Gel...he returned to find her in deep slumber...breathing heavily. Slowly placing the stool at the foot of the bed he perched himself on it and then hesitatingly undid the dupatta around her foot...his gaze flitted from her beautiful feet to her face...hoping she would not wake up. He felt like a young boy engaged in an embarrassing act...then squeezing the tube he put a dollop of gel on the reddened spot and quickly wrapped the foot again. Noticing her creased forehead he withdrew his hands..and suddenly she turned sideways, clutched the pillow tightly whilst those lips broke into a tiny smile. He got up and placed the blanket over her...letting out a heavy sigh...he gulped hard...watching over her, he felt a catch in his chest..The previous night he had noticed her tossing and turning...  that hard ground she lay upon without begrudging...she must be pretty tired to have not  woken up by his movements. ...so very peacefully slept the White Rose!

Rudra shut the door quietly behind him and walked outside...he needed a breath of fresh air..to gather his thoughts...the soft wind blew...a star-lit night...

Aman watched the lone figure...a man always on the go, he had never witnessed Rudra pacing up and down, head bent...sometimes lifting it up to the star-lit sky... was the beautiful woman inside his room the cause of his turmoil? Aman smiled!

Rudra ran his hands through his hair, banged his hand on to the fence outside ...turned to look up at the dark sky looming over the desert...what made him do what he just did...she was a suspect...or was she? He kicked the ground hard with his foot...whatever...but she was his witness now... Yet why did he feel the need to be concerned, he was known to be a hard man...devoured of any feelings...then this stupidity? or what was it?...this was not part of his training...BSD officers weren't trained to act as nurses to a woman with a sprained foot...yeah maybe an injured officer during combat...he shook his head...damn!...Utter foolishness! Rudra  shut his eyes in anguish over his inner battle...and all he could see was a vision of A Sleeping White Rose!

He sighed...a drink or two would get him back to his senses.. his hand reached to the top of his shirt...a button had gone missing...he clutched the shirt closer...turned to walk away, when  he heard Aman say to him "Sir, you can share the room with me for the night."

He growled, "Yes Aman we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."



I am bad at this hence...good or bad...please do leave your honest comments...

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Posted: 2014-02-09T05:24:59Z
AMAZINGGG! Heart please keep writing! :) 
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Posted: 2014-02-09T06:50:54Z
It's amazingly written :)
Loved it thoroughly :)
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Posted: 2014-02-09T07:03:44Z
beautiful... flowed like poetry... thank u ...
plse pm me with any updates
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Posted: 2014-02-09T07:07:55Z
Diii!! from having to arm twist u in to simply making a post after finding the rare diamonds of replies from u on the forum to an actual OS!!Shocked wah wah di!! hehehe manne toh bohot khushi hua! LOL

awww i was reading and reading.. hoping it would never end!! its so beautiful! awww awww u just made that beautiful scene on Friday so much more adorable! Heart

And that comparison to a white rose.. so apt... our white desert rose Day Dreaming

pls keep writing loads more OSes di!! i am so gonna love reading them all! Hug

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Posted: 2014-02-09T07:17:39Z
Awesome os...
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Posted: 2014-02-09T08:15:39Z
Originally posted by arshi95

AMAZINGGG! Heart please keep writing! :) 

Thanks dear
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Posted: 2014-02-09T08:16:31Z
Originally posted by NicklausBarbie

It's amazingly written :)
Loved it thoroughly :)

Thank you...LOL...I could have done better...
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