6th February - Written Update-RangRasiya

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Part 1

Dilsher comes inside the house and finds Paro pacing! He asks her not to start crying again! Paro asks how he told everyone she is Rudra (that jallads) mangetar..! She says u know everything and still? Din think what i would feel? Dilsher says said what i could at that point of time.. had i not said.. they did have kicked u out and then RudraDev would become TandavDev..! Dilsher says thot u would cry for help and run ..but u.. r u strange or shrewd? Paro says wanted to scream and tell that all is a lie and run ..but Rudra told that.. if she dared to.. Rudra would destroy her near and dear ones..! Dilsher says.. yes.. Rudra stays firm on his words.. he would have done that had she run off..! 

Rudra's uncle (Danveer) comes and Dilsher tries to explain..! Danveer says. .i know Paro ..she is special witness of Rudras case! He asks what will Dilsher do now? He asks what? Danveer says u dunno Mohini..she will dig out all the truth.. and wont stay quiet! Dilsher says.. its ur fault .. u could have married someone better..! And then says. .know its my fault.. i only chose Mohini for u..! Danveer asks what to do now? Dilsher says.. Rudra set this fire.. let him come and douse it..! He goes to rest..!

Sunehri tells Samrat.. that the girl (Paro) looks so scared ..! He says.. ofcourse.. one who gets a mangetar like Rudra..and mom in law like.. n he comes close to his wife..! Samrat holds her hand and she. asks to leave her hand..! Mohini comes and interrupts..! She tells him that if u wanna lock eyes.. go in a room ..! She says oh but u dun have any room ..ur dad gave it all in charity..! Mohini says.. something is wrong .. he locks the room .. ties a border.. n suddenly Dhuakumari comes n dad says ! Sumer says.. Dilsher lied..did u see that girls face? Mohini says..couldnt..! Sumer says.. how will Rudra get such a girl? He is like Jallad and she is like a titli ..! 

Mohini crosses the border and walks in Dilshers room ..!

Part 2

Mohini asks Paro to come with her..! Paro asks where? Mohini says.. on moon.. to give it a shine..! She grabs Paros hand and drags her out..! Danveer asks Mohini what she is doing? Dilsher comes n says had warned u all . .not to trouble Paro. .then why is all this happening? Dilsher tells Mohini that.. ur not that old that u forget respecting elders..! He tells Mohini ..after today..no one will trouble my soon to be daughter in law..! Rudra comes and hears this declaration and is shocked..! Paro is shocked too ..! Dilsher asks if Mohini understood? She says yes..! She tells Dilsher u must have understood what i feel when ur soon to be daughter in law is living with ur son before marriage.. ! She says.. there are many rooms here.. why is this happening? She can stay in Sunehris room..! 

Rudra comes and asks Paro to go inside..! Mohini asks her to stay put..! Rudra asks who are u to ask Paro anything? Mohini says son n Rudra says dare not.. this border is to keep useless people and relations outside..! Sumer fumes and Mohini asks him to stay quiet..! Mohini asks Dilsher what he has to tell Rudra about respecting elders? He only spits venom..! Mohini says.. agreed Dilsher is eldest here..  as a woman.. its my duty to uphold the repute of my family .. wont let any sin happen..! Mohini says.. Paro wont stay in ur room .. nor wear ur clothes..! Rudra says.. she will stay in my room ..let ur mood ruin..! Mohini says..fine.. then Panchayat will decide ..! All are shocked ..! Mohini says if u dun agree to Panchayat.. then will do something that neither u. .nor i will agree to .. will go to BSD n file complaint that u have brought a girl forcibly here in our house and life..! Rudra is perplexed n finally relents..! 

Rudra says fine.. u win. .m leaving from here ...! He takes Paro with him ..! Dilsher tries to stop him ..! Rudra says.. will be back..! Sunehri stops Rudra and says.. Paro is injured..she cant walk..! Rudra supports her to walk..! Mohini says once again .. my house is mine..! 

PaRud come in the parking.. and Paro asks where are u taking me? Rudra says.. why do u care.. u din care when Mohini said ur my ..n stop! PaRud stare at each other..!

Part 3

Rudra puts helmet on Paro and asks how did this start? U threatened to stay to see me thru .. so how did this happen? He asks is this to teach me a lesson? Who told them everything.. u did? Paro says am not nuts..! She asks .. why this anger? That u din get ur way.. or things din happen ur way? Paro says.. u should just shoot everyone..! Paro tries to lock the helmet and Rudra helps out..! He asks who told ur my fiancee? Paro says.. ur dad..! Rudra fumes..! He asks Paro to sit behind him on the bike..! Paro is struggling ..almost trips..! Rudra says.. ur so tall u can climb a cupboard.. dun do drama.. sit..! Paro sits with both legs on one side..! He tells her .. if u dun wanna fall on the road hold something! Just as he starts to drive.. Paro falls on him and grabs his shoulder for support..! BG - Rangrasiya..!

Precap ---PaRud are at Rudras tent..! Rudra applies.. hotbag/icebag on Paros lfeet to comfort her..! Its windy..! He puts the comforter on Paro and she turns in her sleep..! Rudra stares at Paro..! 

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