OS-The Whispers Of Love !!

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This is written by Kour AMrit ..my best buddy ..i am just sharing 

OS-The Whispers Of Love !!



Here I am with My OS .. Too much nervous I am... Hope You guys will like it...



Happy Reading Pals...



Finally they came out of the lift. Ram was back to normal.. He kept on stealing glances at the beautiful lady... Somehow he gathered strength to turn humble and thank her...



Ram in a soft tone- thanks Priya..it was really a big help.. I was feeling like I would collapse..



Priya-No need of thank you Mr Kapoor.. It was the least I could do for You..



Ram-Okay I take back my thank you but I will drop you home.. Its quite late and You will reach faster with me...I dont want to listen a no..



Priya in a nervous tone-mmm okay..She thought-Inke saath car mein.. Oh god wahi ladne baith jayenge...ajeeb musibat hai...



Suddenly her eyes fell on the vehicle...Priya- Ye car.. (she tried recollecting)Ram thought- crap... James Bond ki Amma hai ye how did I forget...



She looked at Ram...



Priya-Mr Kapoor...is this Your Car..He tried to pretend-No...no..ye..no Priya..aaj aaannn aaj to main taxi se aaya tha just for a change.



Priya (rolling her eyes)- okay so aap taxi se mujhe drop karne wale the !! Hillarious.. Let me drop you then !!



He started rubbing his hands... She noticed it.Priya-wait...you telling lie... I caught you Mr Kapoor..kal raat aap mujhe follow kar rahe the! Oh my god Mr Kapoor I cant believe it !!



Ram checked around and then pulled her by her arm shive inside the car and ignited the engine..



Priya in an irritating tone- I cant believe it Mr Kapoor how can you do it...such a chichora act..why what was the need of it...



He cut her out- Chup Bilkul Chup. I made You stay late and its my responsibility to ensure you reach home safely..now sit quitely..



But Priya was Priya. She started again...But Why.. How can You do it Mr Kapoor..



Ram in a stern voice- Am warning you last time... If you dont stop now I know how to shut stop you..



Priya-what...she reacted instantly...Ram realized his words...He thought-Jesus Christ ye kya bol diya maine...



He looked up at her.. Her eyes met with his...they went back to the night where he stopped her... An awkward silence prevailed...Her cheeks turned red...he noticed her blushing... He smiled sheepishly...



Ram (Trying to change the topic)- I mean I will start fighting with you... Fir mat bolna mujhe...



Priya( trying to recover herself)- That is what You are good at Mr Kapoor.. Fighting arguing and flaunting your big fat ego...



Ram in a stern tone- Excuse me.. I do have ego but not as big as You so better be silent !!



She lowered her gaze and thought- gussa to naak pe rehta hai aapke..how I wish you would have used your way to make me quiet...



She closed her eyes and thought of the good times spent with him...



He stole a glance at her...and his serious look melted with just one look at the lady... He grinned ear to ear...about an hour ago



The car came to a sudden halt... She widely opened her eyes !!



Priya-Why did you stop... We have not reached my place yet dont tell me You are dropping me till here only Mr Kapoor...



Ram getting irritated- offo for god sake chup ho jao... How would I know what happened all of a sudden..



He again tried to start his car..



Ram- Crap... We need a mechanic gaadi kharaab ho gayi..



Priya thought- Aap aur aapki gaadi dono ek jaise hai.. Sahi time pe both stop !!



Both step out of the car..Ram- I will call my driver he will bring another car...



Priya- Good for you..mera ghar paas mein hi hai.. I will walk upto my place.. Thanks for this.. ( she pointed out sarcastically at the car)



Ram- Wait akele jaogi.. No ways... Let me walk along.. Driver mujhe tumhare ghar se hi pick kar lega..



Priya- ButRam- What !!! Isme bhi argument... Spare me Priya... Please chalo...



She obeyed... Both started walking...



Cool breeze blew... No traffic on the road.. Ram's hands stuffed in his trouser's pockets.. The walk reminded him of the days when she used to forcefully take him for walks... He looked at her.. She felt cold.. Her arms were closely wrapped across her chest.. Her lips were shivering due to the cool breeze.. Calmly he took off his coat and offered it to her.. Her heart skipped a few beats seeing care for her in his eyes.. But she shook her head in negative and declined his offer and kept on looking away.. He was always stubborn like a small kid.. He forcefully put the coat on her..



Priya- Mr Kapoor I am fine no need of this.. ( she spoke softly)



Ram- You catch cold very fast... I dont want my employee to be on leave for long time and keep things pending.. Saying this he looked away..



Priya thought- Jhoot bolna bhi nahi aata apko but you always try.. Why you keep on hiding your love and care for me... Her eyes became moist..



They walked in silence for sometime..Ram finally broke the silence..



Ram- What were You doing outside my cabin..hmmPriya- What rubbish.. Kuch bhi.. (she knew she was caught)



Ram- Rishi told me.. He cant be wrong I want the answer...



Priya- Aaan... Mmm I was just... ( she failed to build up excuses)



Ram- Pihu aur meri baat sunani thi... Yaad hai tumhe that you have a family too..I am surprised!!



Priya- Come on Mr Kapoor...there has not been a single day I have not thought of you people...



Ram- Hmm itni yaad aati thi tabhi You left us.. Tabhi you didnt ever turn back and looked at us tabhi you didnt even bother to make a call..



Priya- I left you all for everybody's happiness... Sab khush hai mere bina... Kisi ko meri yaad nahi aati...(she sighed)



Ram's throat choked- This is what you think of all of us.. How can you even think that your absence makes us happy.. I have told you hundred times not to leave me.. I feel so dead without you Priya.. But you always fly away..



She stopped walking.. She felt very weak.. Her legs were trembling.. He too stopped and looked at her... Tears welled up in her eyes..



Priya- Life is hell without You Mr Kapoor.. This is not what I want for both of us.. I am tired of all this.. I just want to run into your arms.. But its not that easy..



Ram- Kyu Priya.. You left the house because Pihu wanted so.. But our daughters also miss their mother.. Dont you think its injustice with them.. Please come back Priya we all need you..



Priya- I too want to come back Mr Kapoor.. But not now.. Pihu is not happy with Sammy she needs to realize this.. I want our Pihu to get the best for her.. Sammy is spoiling her life... I cannot see that..sorry Ram I will soon be back I promise...



Ram- She shares everything with me... She is really happy with Sammy agar kuch issues hote she would have come directly to me..



Priya- You dont see what I can see in her eyes Mr Kapoor...



Ram- Fine... If this seperation satisfies your ego.. Then stay away from me and live a life that you dont deserve...!!! That my son does not deserve.. But remember one thing.. I will always be waiting for you !! 



She couldnot reply him... Both again started walking.. After a few minutes Priya reached her home..



Ram- you stay here... Wow Mrs Kapoor.. Great !!She was surprised with "Mrs Kapoor" from him..



Ram's car also reached the place..Ram- Good night.. See you in the office dont be late... (smiled formally)



Priya- Take care Mr Kapoor.. I am always worried for You...He didnt utter anything got into the car.. The car started moving..



She kept on looking at the car... All of a sudden she looks at the Coat..Priya- Oh god I forgot to return it back.. She took it off and kept on caressing the coat.. And went back to the time where he wrapped a shawl around her and gave his coat when they went to count the stars... She stood there smiling broadly..



Next Day at Office...Priya was dressed different today... Drapped in a light pink saree she looked no less than an angel.. Her hair left open brushing down upto her waist.. Ram had not yet come to the office... She was so desperately waiting for him to come.. She wanted him to look at her... That saree was very special... Beautiful memories attached to it..



Ram entered the office claded in a blue shirt and deep blue coat hair gelled back...looking absolutely adorable !!



His eyes fell on her.. She was going through some reports... 



He thought- Jesus.. Why is she wearing Mallika's saree... (grinned naugtily)He went straight into his cabin...



He kept on thinking- So Mrs Kapoor wants to get naughty... Okay Darling you have started it now I am going to end it.. I know how to tame my tigress...He scratched his temple and called Priya urgently into his cabin..



She entered his cabin without knocking... She looked at him and her eyes glued at him...



Priya thought- Hey bhagwan why is wearing this suit.. Its my Viraj's favorite suit..



Ram breaking the silence-How long will you take to get the reports ready ?



She stammered- Aan.. Ssir.. Wo.. It will.. ( she looked down and gathered strength to speak up) sir another 4 hours..



Ram- okay... He whispered softly... She looked up and found him standing very close to him... Her heart stopped beating..He bolted the door and again came back near to her...



Priya-Sir.. What is all this...Ram-shhh.. You smell so good Mallika.. He slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer...



She could see his eyes twinkling.. Could feel his warm breath on her face... Her cheeks turned crimson red...Ram- Oh god Mallika you looking so damn hot today and this saree ufff it reminded me of that blissful night...



He grinned naughtily and nuzzled her neck...



She felt alive being back in his arms after 5 months... Be it Viraj- Mallika role play only this was the easiest way they both could find to melt in each others arms..



Priya-  Please stop here Viraj... Its not the right place. We will continue somewhere else but not here somebody will catch us...



Ram- Darling nobody will break the door and come and dont be a spoil sport...He planted several kisses on her red cheeks...bit her earlobe and whispered... I love You My love... Thanks for this... Kissed her ears again..."Issh" she murmered.. I love you too darling... This was the least I could do to be with you...



Ram threw a killer smile at her.. I want a kiss!!She rolled her eyes- what !! You becoming very demanding Viraj..(softly hit his chest)Ram- Yes Mallika... Dont you remember you promised to fulfill all my demands..



Priya- Haan yaad hai baba but not here... We will... Rest of her words were lost somewhere in his mouth...



He filled the gap and kissed her away...crazily and wildly... Raam... She moaned... He kept on nuzzling her nape..Ram- I cant tell you how much I missed to kiss you for these 5 months...I feel so good now... He smiled naughtily...Her eyes sparkled.. I love you to no end... I cant keep myself away from you Ram..



Ram- Ram ??? He raised his eyebrows and bit his upper lip...Priya-ofcourse... She bit her lower lip and lowered her gaze...Ram- Hey dont do that... Its my work... Again pulled her closer leaned onto the table and kissed her more passionately this time... 





Screen Freezes !!!! *phewww*




As always--- Joota chappal andaa tamaatar daaru bottles all welcome !!! Do comment puleeezzz..*weakhearted* I am.. Dont criticize much !! *runzzz*



Amrit !!

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WOW! fabulous...
DO continue
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Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-02-06T01:20:23Z
Superbbb...keep giving ur readers surprises ...loved ur osTongue
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Posted: 2014-02-06T01:33:41Z
full of raya romance they are getting naughty in office
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Posted: 2014-02-06T03:08:53Z
Good one :) loved Malika n Viraj's concept ) if possible thn continue plz 
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superb updateWink
loved it!!!
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Posted: 2014-02-06T07:46:28Z
OMGROFL...too goodClapClap I was smiling only while reading this except at the emotional part but at the end and even now my smile is not goingLOLLOLWink...omg too good do continue if any other idea comes...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
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