OS#4: Silence speaks volumes!

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I am back with another OS. It's a bit crappy but still read it. Smile If you like it then please leave your likes and comments.

Now the whole family was aware of Paro's presence in their house and no one objected except Sumer. As said by Dilsher, he was his daughter-in-law which surprised many. Sumer was planning on selling "Ranawat Mansion" to some outsider for the sake of money. But he couldn't because the papers of the house was in his room which is taken by Paro and Rudra. Sumer was pretty sure that something was fishy, thus he found out everything using his source and he succeeded to some extent. He then contacted Tejawat and told him everything that how Paro was with Rudra in his house.

Like every other day Rudra went to BSD headquarters. The rest of the members were engrossed within their work. Sumer took a chance and went to Paro's room when Dilsher went out for a while. "Parvati?" Sumer called out. Paro jerked and answered,"Umm.. Yes?" "Parvati, Rudra has asked me to take you to the BSD headquarters." Sumer lied. "He didn't say anything like this to me." Dilsher shouted out from behind. "And why would he ask you? Since when did you follow his instructions?" Dilsher taunted. "Listen, Uncle you either let us go or keep her here. Don't blame me when Rudra scolds you."  Sumer faked it and was about to leave. "Wait I'll call him and ask." Dilsher was about to call when he realised that his phone was in his room. "Wait I'll get it." Dilsher was about to get it when Sumer said, "Listen I don't have the whole day. If you want to go then come or else sit here idle and wait for Rudra's scolding." Sumer was about to leave when Paro said,"I'm coming. Uncle I don't want you to face any problems because of me. I'll be back soon." Paro said and left but just to confirm Dilsher went to his room and inform Rudra.

"What crap? I didn't say anything to that loser. Ranawat, that girl doesn't use her brains at least you try to use it." Saying this Rudra cut his phone and went with Aman for Paro's rescue.

Sumer took Paro to an isolated place. "This place ain't BSD headquarters. It looks like a dungeon." Paro said since she felt something was fishy. "No. He himself chose this secluded area. Come, let's go." Sumer said to Paro. "Ok, if you say so." Paro said but she was having this gut feeling that there was something wrong going on. The dungeon was dark and quiet. "Sumer?" Paro called out but Sumer was no near to be seen. "Sumer!" Paro screamed but she got no response. She was about to leave when someone called out. "Wait Paro bai-sa! What's the hurry? At least meet your Thakur sa!" Tejawat said. "Thakur sa?" Paro's happiness knew no bounds. Paro joined her hands, greeting him. "Thakur sa please free me from this cage. Please!" Paro begged for her freedom.

"That's the reason I'm here Bai-sa!" Tejawat said with a sheepish smile. "Really?" Paro was happy. "But bai-sa, you see what's the point of this physical freedom. I will free your soul even." Tejawat in a low yet audible tone. Paro's eyes widened. "Meaning?" Paro asked while sweat beads started to form on her forehead. "Meaning, I will set you free forever. I will send you to your dearest parents, friend and yes of course your husband." Tejawat said cruelly. "Thakur sa?" Paro was in shock. "Oh yes! You know what those BSD officers didn't kill your parents. It was my men disguised in BSD uniform. Just to create this misconception against the BSD officers. Your friend Bindi, remember her? Again I killed her. Poor girl was eaten by an alligator." Tejawat said. Paro was in utter shock. "And your husband?" He let out an evil laugh. "He is oh sorry... was my man. A smuggler by profession." Tejawat finally finished it. 

Tejawat pushed Paro away and she stumbled back. She was completely broken and shattered. The person whom she thought as a father figure that person snatched away everything from her. "Rudra!" Paro whispered. "Yes! Rudra! That fool tried to tell you the truth so many times but you are too naive to understand the depth of his words." Tejawat said. "Ok Paro bai-sa. Your time is up! I guess it's time to say bye-bye. Alvida bai-sa." Tejawat said and fired at her. 

There was an eerie of silence. Paro had closed her eyes waiting for that bullet to hit her body but it didn't. She opened her eyes and saw Rudra in front of her and it was quite obvious that it hit him. She saw her surroundings and saw that the BSD officers had caught Tejawat and his men and dragged them out. "Rudra!" Paro called out. She saw that the bullet hit his hand. "Oh God you are bleeding profusely. "I am ok, Paro."Rudra said. "No!See how badly you are bleeding." Tears flowed down her cheeks. Rudra cupped her face and said softly,"Nothing happened to me. Get it? I am absolutely fine." Rudra said. There was a silence between them. Silence speaks volume and it was proved that day. Without saying anything their eyes conveyed so much that words weren't needed.
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Res, will read when I get home lol
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Beautiful os
wonderful way Paro came to know the truth of Tejawat n how RUDRA was always right
Rudra Saved paro in time
Paro-Rudra indeed their eyes speak, silence speak they know n understand

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Really beautiful OS 
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Posted: 2014-02-05T06:01:04Z
Lovely OS !!
Plz PM me when you write next !!
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oh the last part is suprb...whn rudra saves her and hits himself...Thumbs Up Edited by Nadia_Malik - 2014-02-05T06:40:11Z
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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

Beautiful os
wonderful way Paro came to know the truth of Tejawat n how RUDRA was always right
Rudra Saved paro in time
Paro-Rudra indeed their eyes speak, silence speak they know n understand

thanks dear
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Posted: 2014-02-05T06:53:21Z
keep giving u such lovely os(s)
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