PaRuD OS Express

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Hi all
I'm going to start PaRud OS Express

Every Week one new OS 
if u all support me n give ur support then will post every week one new os Regarding PARUD
hope u all like this idea
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Index Of PaRud OS Express
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OS PaRud


Parvati smiling shyly as Rudra giving  her naughty smirk...Parvati try to sneak out from there as he can't take heated gaze of her devil, naughty handsome husband ...she shied...n soon got nudge from  ..her sister in law Mythili...who said  n hold ur all r watching u ...

Paro nodded her head slowly but she knows only hwo difficult it will be when the devil is here ...After the Rituals of Muh Dikhayi...

Later Paro is busy with her cloths as she is going for her Pagphere Rasam...but soon a pairful arm sneaked n hugged her from behind where his nose nuzzling near the crook of her neck ...

She felt  a shiver ran down through her entire spine n make her froze but her shock was not end there n her devil husband's hand now sneaking inside her pallu n making pattern on her belly...she tucked the belly inside when her breath going rapidly high...

Rudra huskily said "don't go..."

Paro just closed her eyes n said "I don't ...w...wannna..."...She leaned on him fully when Rudra said "48hrs...u know how I'll stay...we just married n u r going away...n now also from couple of hours u r just busy with all"

Paro chuckled then said "I was not just 1hrs for all as it's ritual n u didn't left from night to this morning..." n blushed heavily

Rudra:-"it's not enough..."

Paro slowly turn n Rudra just again mesmerized by her face...when paro said "aap toh office jaoge n dekhne iye 2 din iyon kat jayega..."

Rudra :-"aur agar nehi kate toh"

Paro bite her lips when Rudra groaned n said huskily "don't" ...Paro turn another shade of red .

When Rudra rest his forehead on her n said "if this time will not pass soon I will just reached at ur place n kidnapped u.I'm serious ...u know two damn days n I will be just...who gve this idiot ritual of Pagphere"

Paro's jaw almost dropped when Rudra steal a Soul Searing kiss from her rose petals...

12hrs only 12hrs n Paro is tossing in her bed as she can't slept...there Rudra called after reached home nemours time but ...She very well know Rudra will be also feeling same...

She get up n murmur "hey Shiv ji , oh na sahi bol rehe the .I shouldn't...but rasam kaise mana kare...also babu sa, masa n nandini jiji r so happy " 

she blushed  suddenly how nandini jiji tease her to see love bite on her shoulder...she cover her face then get up slowly n removed her blouse sleeve from her shoulder n noticed the place adorned with his passionate love...she caress the place n felt a goosebumps...she quickly cover it n sat with a thud...n said "iye aapne kya kar dia hume..."

She suddenly felt...some one holding her hand n freed it from her face n placed those sensual kissed on her shoulder then cheek n whisper "I love u..."

Paro opened her eyes n about say I love but her word died down as there is no one..she almost felt chocked with emotion n an feeling which is making her here suffocated...she want to ran in his arm n hugged him tightly try to take his scent's not good right as her parents also deserve to be with her but she seems selfish but what she can do...Rudra's love passion...make her so vulnerable..they met so suddenly n their friendship start forming in love n now when they become man n wife ...they have to stay away this two damn days for she will not she can't but what she can do 

she again lie down but sleep is far away n wee hours of morning she send the sms to Rudra ...

Rudra who  got the sms n ready to take her back but the moment he got call from head office for some urgent work n he just left hurriedly...n his by mistake forgot to call or send any text regarding this to Paro who was waiting for him ...

Rudra got free from his work almost the clock turn 4.30 n he sighed as he was late n thought to go back to home or to go n take paro...n his ph ring...n he took it n heard...Paro's voice.."don't love me , u don't love me..u just...I ...I will never talk to u...u told me u will come n if u don't want to then u can say me but, I'll never talk to u...I will just"...n cut the call...

Rudra look shock n said to himself what happen.oh ...I forgot to inform her...

He try to called but couple of times she just cut the call..n after 5-6 times she took n sniffed..."hmmm"

Rudra smiles n said "sorry..."

Paro still sniff n said "I'll not talk aap bahut bure ho."

Rudra said sorry then said sweets words n slowly melting her n soon paro start talking n finally said she is coming by herself

Rudra almost panic n said "r u crazy paro...don't u think this is..u should wait for me or u should ..."

Paro:- "kyuon mien aapna decision nehi le sakti khud.."

Rudra shook his head n think aabhi kuch nehi samjahegi . he control his emotion n said "say me where r u ?"

Paro twist her lips n said "I was travelling by bus...n reaching to some Rampur...something..."

Rudra :-"ok the stay there n keep me inform I'm going..."

Paro :- "u r going means ..bus is staying here  some XYZ  dhaba at this place...for break guess...n can u" when rudra cut n start his bike n said "I' listen to me that place is bit of deserted..area so don't go just stay with bus or ..."

Paro cut him n said "I'm not kid so stop treating me like kid..."

Rudra :- "parvati listen to me har baar katna jaruri nehi hain"

Paro startled then nodded slowly as if he is going to see her n said meekly "hmmm.."

Rudra know he shouted but he don't have option this girl some time don't listen just ...he increase his speed when paro said" can't u slow down ur speed..."

Rudra chuckled n said" hmmm..k I'll call u once reach ...but if any prblm just call me"

After 45mins he reached n looking tensed as he can't connect her or trace her...he is calling her constant but her ph is not reachable...he called her home to found they r fuming cause paro ran away...he said sorry n felt bad but he can't have now to talk them he assure them then he called his home but there also no news...

He look frustrated..he asked few passer by then near motel then he took the jeap n start the engine n after few times he noticed there is few goons type men harassing  few ppl n there is one bus also ..he want to avoid but then his duty . he is not a soldier for front of line of control but once a soldier always a soldier...

He parked the jeap n  said  "leave them'...His baritone voice spread across the goons along with journey few thing it's stupidity by one man opposite 6 men n here few things may be he will save them...but those goons laugh at him but apart from this some one felt life came there...GOD , her LORD SHIVA send her Rudra ...

Those goons try to attack Rudra n underestimate soon Rudra over power them by his skill but those goons also try to beat him one n two punch he get but he handle them...

He got little injury in his back n shoulder but he care less n saved all off them  n send them from the they want to resgister a police complaint first...

 but the biggest shock of his life when he noticed his life is standing...Tear stricken  face...but suddenly he look alarmed as her duppatta caught fire , GOD knows how...he just pull her n freed the duppatta n with that force both fall down n they just rolled in the desert when within few feets when the big blast n the bus caught fire...Paro tremble n hide her face on rudra's neck who is panting n yet witnessed as if its nothing ...but he Thank Almighty to give safe Paro n safe those travelers ...but he looked down to found paro is shivering ...he try to get up but Paro clinch to him tightly n nodded no when rudra whisper we  r fine me na...

Paro nodded yes n slowly rudra get up n then scoop her in his arms when paro just snuggled in his arms like scared kitten when rudra also took her happily...he knows how much scare was he...he never scare but he scare to loose her n this girl is crazy n drove him mad with her antics but now he can't scold her ...he need to make her understand...he took her n placed her in his jeap when paro said "mere saare saman jal gaye ..."

Rudra said "we will bought it's not so imp  ...Bass tum thik ho..."

Rudra hugged paro tightly almost crashing her bone n said" mere jaan nikal dia tha tumne ,phir aise kuch kya na mein ..."

Paro nodded no n said "kabhi nehi par kye kare can't stay without..aapne iye kaise jaadu kar dia..."

Rudra cupped her face n wipes those sweat n said "jaadu toh tune kya mujhpe .tere pyaar ka Jaadu.."

Paro smiles but her petite finger caress his face those rough beard those mustache as if try to gain the sense that he is with her.when her eyes devouring her...his fear..the man who never fear but scare to loose her...may be this is called love... a feeling which bind them which make them face worse yet to fight n come out as winner...

Paro still sulking when rudra nuzzle her cheek n said "waise without cloths it'll not so problematic for us na..."

Paro look at her devil husband with full shock then turn crimson red...

They reached by this time Paro called back to her home ...

Later they reach home where all welcome them...they has chit chat little n aftr the dinner they retired where Rudra hide the matter as he don't want to make anyone tensed of Paro face any problem , as he will talk to her ...about her sudden running away make him smiles n proud as their love is like this magnet but this is so impulsive n if anything happen. he don't want to think n pray to Almighty for everything fine now 

At night,Paro is sleeping on Rudra's bare chest after their passionate moments...she noticed him sleeping...n smiles to her husband n hold his Rudrakashya n n whisper I love u ... remember how she first met Rudra ...

To be continue the First Meeting of Parud will in next OS.


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Posted: 2014-02-04T05:05:37Z
Hi all
posted the first os of PARUD

pls check it n give me ur view
feel free to give me ur review

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ths is awsm,,,,,,,,,, ufff meetng...plzzz update soon...Clap
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Lovely OS Embarrassed
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