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Posted: 2014-02-03T06:47:44Z
Note: My story is going to be completely different from the storyline of the show. There will be some similarities considering the characters, setting and the basic theme but the plot is different. 


1. Major Rudra Pratap- His personality and persona is just like his name Rudra; He is wild, terrifying and vanquishes evil which in his case are the terrorists and enemies of his country. A prominent BSD officer, he has won many awards even at the young age of 27 and his tales of bravery and patriotism is famous among the BSD. Rudra does not believe in love and prefers to be alone rather than have company. He does not believe in marriage and scoffs at the thought of getting married and starting a family even though his father tries his hardest to get him married. He has a very dark past where his mother left him and his father and he lost his child bride in a bomb blast. The child bride is Paro who had survived the blast and moved to her mami's place in Birpur.

2. Paro- Parvati, a beautiful girl who grows up to be an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. She refuses to marry because she still believes that her husband from her childhood is waiting for her. The  thakur has instilled hatred in her about the BSD and she believes that they were the ones who rigged the bus which was carrying her parents. She gets extremely scared whenever she sees an of the officers and has a lot of nightmares about them. Only her mami and cousin Nandini know the truth about her childhood marriage but refuse to let her go and search for her husband. Not wanting to pressurize her, they don't force her to marry but when thakuriyan forces Paro to write her name for the naag puja and her name gets chosen, she is forced to take impulsive decisions. Her best friend is Bindi and she has a sort of rival in the Thankur's daughter; Meera.

3. Meera- Adored and spoilt rotten by her parents, she is charming and graceful and treated like a princess. She however is also extremely arrogant and self-centered and only thinks about herself. Her bapu sa allowed her to study in the nearest college near the village where she studied only so he could marry her off to a wealthy, preferably royal family. In college she wore light salwaar suits but after she returns home, she again is forced to wear choli and ghagra. She gets jealous from Paro because her mother loves her a lot.

I will update later.

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4. Bindi- Paro's best friend. She is a bubbly, vivacious girl who is full of life. She belongs to a large family of traders and also hates BSD. She has been in love with a fellow villager called Ram and both have been in a secret relationship for the past five years. However Bindi's marriage had been arranged to some other trader in a nearby village, leading her to elope with Ram. Both decide to travel to a city far away from their village. Bindi runs before Paro's marriage but gives her the confidence to take hold of her own destiny.

5. Thakur- Ruthless, cruel and power hungry , he can do anything to establish total control over Birpur. He does this by spreading negative rumors about BSD and indulging in illegal activities. Every year he sends a girl from his village across the border. This marriage is used to hide the smuggled goods taken across the border but nobody ever really comes to know what happens to the girls. For this reason he never allows his daughter to participate in the naag puja and to avoid questioning from the villagers had also sent her to college for three years. 

6. Thakuriyaan- Graceful and powerful, she is the one person who can influence her husband. The epitome of elegance and sophistication in Birpur, she rules her haveli like a benevolent queen. She loves Paro like her daughter but is more partial towards Meera even if she doesn't show it. Her utmost loyalty is towards her husband. more than her children and she genuinely believes that her husband is always right.

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