OS #3 ||I love you!||

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Holla Amigos! I was super bored because of non-stop studying so thought of writing this OS. It's crappy and you all are free to throw tomatoes on me. 
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||I Love you||

Weeks paased away. Lots changed between Rudra and Paro. Rudra wasn't the same old ruthless and cold-hearted person anymore where as Paro who once hated 

Rudra immensely, her emotions towards him also changed. Paro's innocence was proved in front of Rudra but Tejawat still refused to know her thus she had to stay with Rudra as she had o where else to go. Dilshed also loved paro as his daughter and somewhere deep in heart he knew that Paro was the suitable girl who can handle his son Rudra. Dilshed noticed the change between Paro and Rudra ever since Tejawat's deadly attack on Paro. Paro did escape from his clutches but during that Paro was badly injured. 

Since then Rudra took great care of her. Rudra never scolded nor he treated her badly. Paro even got to know Tejawat's truth since he himself tried to kill her; but due to lack of evidence Rudra couldn't arrest him. Rudra somewhat started to feel something for Paro. Since that attack, both of them spoke only 

when they had to. Other than that they didn't speak. Before Paro felt uncomfortable when Rudra was around her but now she didn't get that feeling. She felt 

secured and safe by his presence. Both developed likings for wach other but were afraid to confess. 

"What if Paro doesn't like me?" "What if Rudra doesn't feel the same?" 

Both were thinking the same. Sometimes Dilshed felt like slapping those two for not talking to each other. Their love for each other was quite evident in their eyes but both were hesitant to talk to each other. Then Dilshed thought of something. 

When Rudra reached home and the first thing he did was to go on to check on Paro. Dilshed knew that and Rudra would first go to Paro's home so he followed him till her room and the moment he entered her room he slowly locked the door and he went away to execute his further plan. Rudra entered Paro's room and saw Paro wearing a red and black lehenga also her hair was wet. She just took a shower and was trying to dry her hair. Rudra was struck in awe seeing her natural beauty. She looked breathtaking. Suddenly Paro felt someone's presence and she was shocked to see Rudra there. "You?" Paro asked. Her voice brought him out of his trance. "Yes actually.. I.. I .umm" For the first time Rudra was speechless. He was caught staring at Paro and that too Paro herself caught him. "Actually?" Paro was trying to figure out what he was trying to say. Before Rudra could say anything the lights off Paro's room went off. It was 

Dilshed who turned it off and he hoped that tonight they will express their feelings for each other.

Paro got scared suddenly and out of fear she hugged him. For Rudra and Paro it seemed like time has stopped. The hug was just a simple hug which happened out of fear but little they knew something big was about to happen. Paro never felt so much safe and secure before. Rudra felt heavenly. Rudra hugged her back tightly. Both were feeling cosy within their embrace. But soon Paro backed out and she was really embarassed. "Sorry.. actually. I am afraid of.." "Darkness" Rudra completed her sentence. Rudra tried to leave the room but the room was locked. "Who locked the door from outside?" Rudra thought. Paro was confused. "Ranawat! Ranawat! Open the door!" Rudra was screaming now which scared Paro. Rudra turned back as he got no response from his dad and saw Paro scared. 

"What happened?" Rudra asked. "You screamed so I got scared." Paro said innocently. That innocence made Rudra fall for her. Paro cleared her throat again as she felt awkward by his intense gaze. "Damn!" Rudra cursed himself. This was the secod time she caught him. The window of Paro's room broke open due to the force of wind because of that her hair was on her face. Suddenly Rudra started to advance towards her. paro didn't notice that since she was busy fixing her hair. Paro was shocked to feel Rudra's hands on her face. Her head shot up and she went stiff the moment she felt his hands on her skin. Rudra tried to fix her hair as it was blocking the view of her etheral face. Once he was done fixing her hair he cupped her face and went near her. Paro gulped down by their close proximity. "Rudra.." Paro tried to move away but Rudra didn't let her budge even. "Paro please! Listen to me. I tried to tell you this from past a few days but I couldn't" Rudra said and Paro was listening carefully. "Paro... I love you." Rudra almost whispered. Paro's head shot up in shock. Rudra thought she was angry at him and said, "It's ok if you don't." Rudra said it in a broken tone. "What if I say I do?" Paro asked him teasingly. "Yeah it's ok.. wait what?" Rudra thought he heard her wrong. "I said what if I say I love you?" Paro said teasingly with a smile. Rudra was on cloud nine. "You love me?" Rudra asked like an idiot. "Yes" Saying that she hugged him and he hugged her back. Their new journey started from that very moment.

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It's awesome !! 
Keep writing more !! Thumbs Up
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Beautiful os
just loved it
it's so serene confession 

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Wow.. Ab sunday ka full use hoga..:)
Awesome OS.. Just love it.. There are few more to read..:)

Thank u dearTongue
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Originally posted by nainasharma123

Wow.. Ab sunday ka full use hoga..:)
Awesome OS.. Just love it.. There are few more to read..:)

Thank u dearTongue
thanks dear
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Originally posted by Punya13

Lovely os
thanks dear
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Loved it Big smile
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