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PaRud SS

Paro aka Parvati held by per misconception of Arms Dealing but Paro is innocent but Rudra is not aware where paro has misconception about Rudra was killed her Husband...
Rudra make a fake encounter to hide paro from Tejawat who is the actual culprit ...n Rudra took paro in his house where she held captive there...
During this time both Fight with each other but both hurt also ...they felt soft corner for each other some time has deep attraction to protect but their ego stopped them 
Paro tried to couple of time to escape but later she one day succeed but that day something happen n her life change n along with Rudra 

Character Sketches:-

Parvati :-An innocent Villager , who want to live simply n enjoy life who Worship Lord Shiva n dream of her prince charming , simple husband n simple home with him but Destiny choose something else for her

Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat:- Major in BSD , Has lots of baggage from past ...for that he turn bitter n sour towards life n women...he loves his county n his duty...he is angry young man hot blooded but still has many mystery 

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From Paro's Point of View

Paro is sitting near the window n looking at distance...when Rudra putting something inside the cupboard...she turn n noticed him...he is in so much rage...his jaw cleaned...muscle of arm tight...n body look intense...she so much want to wipes those tension those pain from him.she smiles sadly what a tragic twist came in her life which change her life drastically for good or ...

She sighed once ,how she trapped here...once ,she want to ran away from here n tried n that horrible night...she succeed to escape but ...she faced hard reality...she still remembers the day

Flash back

she some how reached half way when bus took a break n she came down...she suddenly heard some noise...n it's coming from near by bush...she try to ignore but then a faint sound  n it's make her worried...she try to look here n there n she noticed reflection then some noise of bangles...

she try to move there n slowly she did n asked meekly who is there...hello..who is there ...her heart is beating loudly...though still she tried n peek little to see a woman lying there n badly injured...heart beat fast n she is sweating...along with feeling terrible...she just entered n try to call that injured woman but when she get no sound she try to make her see but her face cover with blood dust n hair..her cloths r disheveled n she is looking half conscious ...she try to call for help but then she don't know whom to call n suddenly she remember Rudra...n think if he was here then he can help her but y she wants his help ...she shrugged off the tension n though n try to make the woman pull when she heard again a voice for whom she is now praying...

 Flash back end


From Rudra's Point of View

There Rudra Pratap Ranawat  who is struggling with cup board to take out his kurta but his mind is busy to think or analyse something else on his   mind which making him angry more n more but on whom he should...he hold the cupboard tightly...his veins r boiling in rage...he want to break those...killed those traitors...but he is tied by protocols...he turn n look at Paro ,parvati n feeling an intense feelings n remember that night...

Flash back

Rudra got furious after finding out that his one n only Witnessed Parvati was missing...he quickly called aman n start to search her...

Rudra:-this girl is irresponsible...idiot...can't she listen to me once ..she had to ran away...if that Tejawat will see  , he will just kill her...damn her so called trust on that Man...

Aman:-sir parvati jee thinks her as GOD father...those villagers don't know much.

Rudra:- ha n aur marte hain...chal age dekhte hain oh pagal lerki kaha gaye kaun jane...she will make me mad...he about to turn when he heard a faint voice then a louder one..."Rudra"

He turns n find her but what is this y she is looking so pale, so scared n tensed...

He almost ran towards her  ignoring Aman almost...He quickly reached n hold her arms n almost drawn her towards him as if want to hug but then said with gritted teeth.. pagal hogayi thi kya samajhti hain tu aapne aapko. Iye kya naya shauk hain ?pareshan kar dia mujhe.tujhe pata hain bhi ,kya musibat hain tujhe pata hain na tujhe adat se ho gayi mere baat na maanne ka ha...

Paro just try to say something but her voice stuck some where n aman stunt to hear his boss...he don't know it's cause Paro is their one n only witness or ...he quickly shrugged it off ...

  Flash back end

Rudra come back from his thought with the loud knock on the door n that make paro also jump from her seat...

Both look at each other...n then Rudra went to open the door to find his father ...

Rudra:-kya hain...

Dilsher ignores him n went to meet paro n asked her how is she?

Rudra shook his head n think y his father was so keen to know about her well being when she was a witness n trait rudra this time just get more frustrated don't know y n y it's so tough to accept her as traitor y  can't she accept y he is feeling she is innocent but then...

He groaned inwardly n went away... n shut the door with thud...n make paro flinch when Dilsher said he was tensed n worried for u n then the way he got u...

Paro felt herself guilty don't know y but she doesn't want to be reason of his misery but y...she is feeling like this...

Rudra came out n heard faint voice n his sharp ear got alert to hear something evil...


To be Continue




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Intresting story...
Very nice characters scach...
Please continue soon...
And pm me...

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Nice ;)
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Interesting please continue soon and add me to your PM list
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very intresting
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Originally posted by riddzykhanmalik

Intresting story...
Very nice characters scach...
Please continue soon...
And pm me...

Thanks riddzykhanmalik
thankd for liking the start n Character sketch 
will continue soon n pm u also surely 
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