Rangrasiya 31st January: Written Update (It is Paro v/s Rudra)

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Part 1

Rudra is shocked to see Paro. He goes to her asking as to why she came back when he freed her. She keeps looking down. He holds her forcefully and asks her that when she is being talked to, better make an eye-contact. She says that where could she have gone, BSD people killed her parents long ago...and then her best friend and now her husband. She has no one she can go to. Rudra is frustrated and says that her mami is there, why did she return from the door. Paro looks up and then gets up as Rudra becomes panicky of what he blurted out. Paro asks that how come he knows that she returned from the door, she knew that his concern, her freedom, her return to Beerpur was all fake and a plan to trap her and her mami, the moment she would have met Mamisa, they would have arrested her both. Rudra says that then she thinks she's smart enough. So why has she come back, just to tell him how she is one step ahead of him this time. Paro says that she has come back with a hope that one day he would realize what wrongs he did with her, hoping that one day "the jallad" in him will die and the human will come out, one day when his heart of stone will melt. Rudra ask then what will he do. Paro says that he will ask for forgiveness and then she won't give it to him. Rudra says that she didn't come in hope, her return is a big mistake, now she will be chained...until she blurts out something. Her return is her captivity.

Rudra's senior chides him for his decisions about Parvati and Tejawat. He tells them that he doesn't care what they decide, BSD has no relation with all this...and now nothing should be related to them. He leaves. Rudra's junior says that they might be wrong and the girl could be innocent. Rudra denies any possibilities because that girl belongs to Beerpur and there a child is taught to hate BSD from birth.

Part 2

Rudra's father opens Paro's room and quietly keeps the stove and sits down. He starts coughing. Paro offers him water but he takes his cough spray. He sits down and starts making chapatis burning the first one. Paro smiles softly seeing his helplessness. She offers to help him but he denies first. Later he agrees. Paro makes perfect rotis. His father says that woman are designed to make rotis. She offers him pickle but says it must be bitter as the person who made it. He asks Rudra? But he didn't make them. Paro says the woman who lives outside. He comments "Mohini" she guessed it right. Paro makes rotis for him. She goes to put off the stove when he tells her to make some for herself. Paro recalls Rudra telling her that there are tons of stuff in this room with which she can kill herself. But before she does that, Rudra will burn entire Beerpur. Rudra's father tells him that she is a fool enough to come back considering how he treats her, in front of people. What if someone from Beerpur comes and asks her to return, will she go? He then laughs off that she hasn't thought of it yet.

Mohini's DIL gives her father-in-law aarti when Mohini comes to tell him how the workers have not turned up yet. Sumer and Samrat are trying hard but to no success. He says he will talk to Rudra tomorrow, Mohini says why tomorrow...why not today? She chides her DIL to bring tea for her sasur. Rudra's father comes out and Mohini's husband(I dunno the name) goes to offer him aarti. Mohini chides him saying that why not give him property papers and all money too...along with the aarti.

Part 3

Mohini's husband offers Rudra's father prasad. He whispers asking him if he saw if she poisoned this or not.

Paro is thinking that she doesn't know what made her turn back, and how long can she blame bholenath and her destiny. No one has seen the future, but she promises him to not shed a tear then, because she has nothing to loose. She caresses her rudraksh and says that she is going to fight on his trust bholenath. Send her some message so that she comes to know that she is right.

Rudra's father comes in and closes the door behind. He tells her that she looks religious by face. He offers her prasad. She takes it happily and eats it closing her eyes in prayer.

Rudra comes back home at night. He asks if he took his food. Rudra's father says yes. He sees the food and says that he was once refusing to come here and now he is eating her food. Ranawat says that not Mohini but this girl, she made rotis with tied hands. I offered to open them but she said that jallad will tie her again. He offers Rudra to marry her.

Precap-- Tejawat tries to make his people believe that Paro is dead. They tell him that she is alive. Thakurain is delighted and asks where did they see her. They tell her she was in a bus going to Chandangarh. She is happy.

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