Ye Hai Mohabbatein 30th January written update

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Mr iyer gets phone from cyber investigation office, officer tells him mihir surrendered himself and he want to talk to he give phone to mihika .he tells her he surrendered and he accepts her every accusation .he knw that she knw very well that he didn't do this.and tells her about ishita's condition that she wont marry raman untill he dnt surrender himself. And tells ishi that she won and say yes to raman.he keeps d phone saying i love u to her.she s listening to everything, and cries, ishi asks what happend so she replies mihir called her frm police station.
Raman tells his lawyer that he want mihir out of jail soon and find d reall culprit.romi s tensed hearing this .
Mr bhalla came there is very excited, he tells them ishita said yes to wedding. Lawyer tells good now he will get ruhi's custody, he congratulates him and leaves. Mr bhalla tells raman that ishita want to meet him alone.
Coffee shop
Ishi raman is sitting and doesn't speak anything (hilarious cute scene ROFL and cute title bg music) they starts their funny arguments. He said he s getting married jst for ruhi's custody, ishi replies ,she jst for ruhi's happiness, so raman tells then her relation will b only of ruhi's mother, she says she dnt want anything else frm him .
He said sirf ruhi keliye, she too tells sirf ruhi keliye and they both had competition of telling'sirf ruhi keliye ' ROFLROFL he gets Mr tondon's phone frm london. He askd why did u called, anyproblem in deal .tandon told raman why he always talks abt work only, he called to tell that swetha saw a dream, that ishi raman r again getting married,, he tells him to giv phone to'bhabhi'.Mr tondon tells abt his wife's dream to ishi, she asks does shwetha saw that dream n morning LOL then he ask her if raman s taking care of her or not.he talks to both of them and cuts d call. They again starts sirf ruhi keliye .ishi blackmail him to behave nicely with her or else she will call tandon n london. She leaves saying sirf ruhi keliye (pal pal bade yeh hai mohabbatein)

All bhallas r sitting n hall.Mrs bhalla says they r ladkewale so they wont go to iyer's place.and tells to Mr bhalla to tell iyer's to come to their home.simi tells every function will b n according to their custom, not iyer's.Mr bhalla tells discuss whatever there only, shagun should not know that ishra r getting married, orelse she will do anything to stop d wedding, mrs bhalla tells she wont go anywhere, not even@ ishi's home
There, Mrs iyer tells thay wont go to bhallas home, instead they hav to come there, bala & vandu supports her .Mr bhalla tries to make them understand that he s telling them jst to go to their neighbours, Mrs iyer dnt agree .

Raman s irritated seeing wedding preparation, he calls ishi and she asks what, they starts their nokjhok, he tells her to come to court within half an hour and disconnect phone.she says she wont go
Both fathers meet at varandha, they r sad that their families dnt agree to meet, they makes a plan...and both families met at society hall (omg both families were standing like 2 cricket team, lagaaan style LOL they enter in hall, there a baba s giving message of togetherness and love. Hearing this Mrs bhalla tells they r ready to come to ishi's home.Mrs iyer happily welcomes them .

Raman s waiting for ishi@ court, she came there. He says she s 5min late, she ask him why he called her there..he tells they r getting married for ruhi and they should get married fast, they starts their nokhjok and heads to court.

Both families r@ iyer's place, having filter coffe and snacks.they r discussing abt wedding plannings, Mrs iyer & Mrs bhalla starts arguing over rituals, kalyana mandapam, dancing, foods etc etc LOL both fathers handles situation

Lawyers said for court marriage they should give notice a month ago, and seeing their age they dnt seems like running away frm home LOL again they starts their nokhjoks, lawyer commented that they aren't married yet still fighting like hus wife and asks them to leave .they comes out, he blames government, very cute scene. Shagun saw ishra coming together frm court, and wonder what they r doing there, and thinks if raman was trying to take ishita in his side.she calls ishi and asks where she is, ishi tells lies, shagun tells ruhi s missing her so called and she cuts d phone and thinks why ishita said lie .
Precap: shagun tells ashok that ishita fooled her with her innocent face.ashok said she was with him in that hotel shagun tells she will go to ishita's home and will find out whats happening!

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sirf ruhi keliye ROFL ROFL that was fantastic, hilarious, very cute episode, loved every scenes ROFLROFL still cant stop laughing ROFLLOL

p.s : forgive for any mistakes guys Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-01-30T13:13:54Z
Thanks for the written update!
It was an awesome blossom episode!
Loved all Ishra scenes! :)
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Posted: 2014-01-30T13:26:13Z
Thanks for the update...i was getting a little too impatient to wait for the 11pm show here in the UK!!! Star
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Posted: 2014-01-30T13:51:49Z
thank u so much...
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Posted: 2014-01-30T17:27:41Z
Thank you very much for written update. Appreciate you time and work.
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Posted: 2014-01-30T19:10:51Z
Thank you so much.
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Posted: 2014-01-30T19:38:19Z
Thanks for written update dear...
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