FF: Love will find it's way Part 9 on Pg 25

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Hii guys,

I am here with a new story again from my favorite writer and after a lot of pestering...
Hope you guys like it and looking forward to your comments and opinions.Here goes the story...

Part 1

Credit: Neha

Priya twirled and twisted once more in her warm blanket. It was a cold morning in Michigan and Priya had no intention to get up so early. She was anyways a late riser and the winters made her all the more lazy. She pulled the blanket more closer to her. Just then the doorbell rang disturbing her sleep. Priya pushed her head more into the soft pillow as she recalled her conversation with Jay the previous day.  The doorbell rang again and again and Priya finally got up and walked to the door. She lazily opened the door to find Jay leaning against the wall hands in the pockets of his track pants, smiling at her..

Priya: Go Away Jay..i am not done with my sleep..

Despite her protests Jay stepped inside, closing the door behind him. 

Jay: Come on Priya..we discussed this yesterday..we are going jogging..now get ready.

Priya: No i am not..i am still in shape..why torture yourself? And besides its so cold. Priya rubbed her hands together to further strengthen her case. She watched as Jay walked over to her kitchen unfazed. He poured water into her coffee machine and put it on. 

Jay: Here is the deal..if you come with me we will go to that fancy Indian restaurant you wanted to go to and i will let you eat anything of your choice.
 Momentarily Priya was tempted by the offer. Jay watched as she raised her one eyebrow a sign that she was thinking about it. Priya weighed the options..she had been after Jay for a month now to go to that restaurant and now he had finally agreed. 

Priya: But its so early Jay and so so cold..

Jay brought over the coffee for her. 

Jay: Here take this..it will make you feel better..

Priya looked at Jay, her boyfriend of 2 years. His mother was an Indian and his father an American but being born and brought up in USA he was every bit the American. His day started with coffee..though Priya liked coffee but it was tea she more craved for. Since getting together with Jay she rarely had tea. She took the cup from him as he sprawled on her bean bag. 

Priya and Jay had met 2 years ago at the students gathering. Priya had come to the US to pursue her masters in Marketing. Although she had her share of occasional relationships back in India, this was the first serious relationship she had got into. There was something about Jay that attracted her to him. As she took the first sip of coffee she glanced back at the clock. It showed 5 45 am. The sudden ringing of he cell phone made Priya spit out the coffee. She grabbed her mobile wondering who could be calling at this odd hour. The mobile flashed Papa calling..Papa she wondered..why was he calling her at this hour..he sure knew what time it was in US..She hoped everything was alright back home. She took the call..

Sudhir: Priya, are you awake? 

Priya: Papa, whats the matter? 

Sensing her tense tone Jay immediately came by her side..

Sudhir: Nothing important Priya, i mean it is important. I just wanted to tell you to check your email. I have sent you something. 

Priya heaved a sigh of relief. She pushed Jay aside as if her father could see who she was with. 

Jay smiled at Priya, he cannot see me..he mimed to her..Still Priya was uncomfortable, she distanced herself from Jay and walked over to the window. 

Priya: Papa, please don't create suspense..tell me.

Sudhir: Priya, don't get tensed..its just that now its just a few weeks for your education to be completed. You will be back in India soon and i just thought..i will start looking..

Priya: Looking for Job? 

Sudhir: No beta..job you can look for yourself..i am talking about your marriage..

Priya: Marriage? Papa you are calling me so early in the morning to tell this? You are so impossible..

Sudhir: Priya, dont be so hyper..hear me out..Check the mail and then tell me..

Priya: Bye Papa..i ll talk later. 

Priya flung the phone on the Bed and looked out the window. It must be around 4 in the after noon in India. Her dad had chosen to not only wake her up but further even thought about her marriage..

Jay: Priya..please change into you jogging suit..we have to go..

Priya: I have to check a very important mail. 
Priya opened her laptop and sat on the Bed.

Priya: Can you believe my parents are thinking of my marriage? 

Jay: Why? I mean don't you get to think about your marriage?

Priya looked at Jay once. His family stayed an hours distance away from him but they seldom visited him. Also Jay only went over for Christmas and Thanksgiving. As far as she knew their phone calls were frugal..almost once in 3 months.

Priya: I get to decide but we have a different system. Parents have an equal say in the decision. Priya keyed in her password and opened her mail account. True to his word there was an email from her Dad. She laughed at the subject line..Check him out it read..Her dad did have a whacky sense of humour. 

She skimmed through the mail. Her dad had met him at his guitar classes. and had found him to be a good match for her. The guy was an IIT graduate..and belonged to a good family. His picture was attached in the email. Her father had signed off saying that the guy would mail her..

Priya hovered her mouse over the attachment contemplating whether to open or not. She loved Jay and it was a matter of time before she told her parents, besides IIT was a big no. She was in a brief relationship with an IITian a long time back and it had left a bad taste in her mouth. 

Priya clicked open the attachment and a photo stared back at her. The attachment read Ram Kapoor and she looked at him again. He had chosen to give a candid picture of him or so he had thought. He was looking at the setting sun seemingly oblivious of his picture being taken. His face did not offer any hint of smile. Whereever this picture was taken must be high altitude and in windy conditions as his hair was flying in the wind. Surprisingly he had no spectacles which was a miracle going by his IITian background or maybe he was not wearing one now..

Jay came over her shoulder.

Jay: Is this the guy? 

Priya: Yep, Papa met him at the Guitar class..

Jay: And he decided that your strings match? 

Priya laughed at that.

Priya: Jealous? 

Jay: Huh? Why would i be? 

Priya looked at him closely. He was saying the truth when he said that. Sometimes she wondered if Jay truly loved her. He was not jealous, not possessive. He believed in giving each other space. He was a typical American guy but she would not have minded a hint of jealousy...

Jay: You name your people on computer parts? 

Priya: What? 

Jay: His name..RAAM. ..KAPOOOR...RAAM is Random access memory..

Priya let out a chuckle..

Priya: No its the name of one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu..Lord Ram..

Jay: Alright..now if you are done can we go? I have the class at 10. 

Priya closed the laptop. There was no need to panic as yet..she had the option of saying no to this guy and moreover her Dad did not know the big secret. She had applied for a job and even got it. She would be joining 2 months from now.  Yes, there was no worrying at all..JOB. Green Card and marriage to Jay..there was no going back to India..USA was where her life would be..She happily changed into her jogging attire and ran after Jay unaware that in 24 hours from now her life would change completely. 

To be continued...
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Posted: 2014-01-29T04:20:49Z
intrstng concept...!!!

contn soon...!!!
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Posted: 2014-01-29T04:23:00Z
beginning is interesting
priya has boyfriend and her father has sent her ram kapoor details
let's see wat happen next
continue soon and thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2014-01-29T05:11:43Z
nice start!!!
continue soon!!!
and thanks 4 pm!!
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Posted: 2014-01-29T05:13:21Z
Hmmm love story and nt that complicated as ur other ffs start hahaha btw ram and priya,eagerly waiting for next part...
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Posted: 2014-01-29T05:41:58Z
Wow. Wht a great start.. one more ff from my fav writer.. continue soon... thanks for one more story from her.. eagerly waiting for hw this story unfolds.. thank u very much shanaya. Clap
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Posted: 2014-01-29T05:51:18Z
Very interesting start dear.  Please continue soon.  Thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2014-01-29T06:26:52Z
Thx for the Pm.
Oh my Goodness altogether a different priya, jolly, cool yet her roots connected to Indian family values n parents. Good to read raya n their love story.
Totally a different concept, u r descriptions of IITian is truly justified. 
NIce beginning.
Looking forward.
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