Rangarasiya Written Update 28 January 2014

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RR  28 Jan 2014


Rudra comes back to his father who is drinking who says  welcome Rudradev  you came back as you remembered  you old  handicapped father. Rudra throws away his glass and packs father's clothes who asks him why don't you ask me how I am. I brought you up and this body like an ox that you have is because I fed you. Rudra says who you always fed me poison and burnt potatoes.(loved the mocking dialogues between father and son  ) Father says  did you meet your mother in Chandangarh .did she take your aarti tell me you always had this belief , if you want to throw me in the well why did you pack my belongings... Rudra tells come home..  Fathers says you said it once but don't even think about it I will not go my dead body will go..Rudra scolds his father neither am I bad nor you good where I go you will stay there  as long as I am posted there or I will forcibly carry and take you  father says I am your father and brought you up again Rudra says you fed me potatoes and he  makes his father go with him giving his crutches and tells him give me a chance I will be a good son .

Mohini asks Mythali(DIL) where her sons are and she tells her MIL  she gives towel to her FIL  .Chacha tells complaining Mohini his wife to be calm as he does not have a mother. His  wife mocks and scolds her husband  saying I did not send her away and says I brought up my sons well and did not let them became unclouth .That is the reason they love and respect me. My Sumer can do anything for me  but your nephew is dabaang  officer let my Sumer come he will show Rudra his place.

Paro is sitting with her eyes closed ,, some noise and it's a mirror in the room which shows Paro many face of hers she smiles and then is sad. Sumer comes shouting  and Mythali opens the door its Sumer who is shouting and bad mouthing  Rudra  Mohini goes to him saying her weather is now ok LOLFather tries to control. Sumer comes  looks at the ropes meanwhile his elder brother comes and asks is everything ok  and  Sumer yes but it will not be ok for Rudra ,his mother further incites him saying he occupied your room Sumer then tries to break open the door which has been occupied by Rudra  to hide Paro .His father stops him. Paro is scared .Rudra comes at the last minute  and catches hold of Sumer pushing him and saying go away.


Rudra says this is my room and Sumer says  this is my room they remember some childhood fight  Sumer says I always used to regret the incomplete fight between us . Rudra  remembers  him saying his mother ran away and Sumer says you still have the mark on your forehead...  which Rudra got when his teacher tried to stop him he hurt himself at the desk.  Rudra gets mad  and throws him in the water and both fight Chacha and Samrat  stop them saying to keep peace. Brothers  don't fight Sumer says my brother is Samrat sa not him  Chacha says he is my brother's son and your elder brother Chacha says  this is also his house if he has come after a long time he must have some solid reason . Sumer says when his mother left uncle then his father slaps him  .Chachi calls Sumer and Samrat . Chacha asks Rudra ,who is locking the room to come and eat  Mohini  says what air as Kitchen is in the side when  he tied the rope.

Rudra says Ranawat is outside I will bring him in .Chacha says my brother came and runs out meanwhile Dilsher  is outside saying I wont go in . Hawaldar cries and goes  near saying bhaisa Dilser does not want to come but showing his son says he forcefully brought me ...Chacha says  you are my Ram ,come with me and both brothers have a affectionate tu tu main main  and hug each other... Chachu I waited for you like Bharat ..Rudra watches this affectionate meeting between the two after twenty years ...as younger brother takes blessings from Dilsher and they hug.,,,,, chacha says so many years passed away no one will remember the incident or say anything. Dilsher says  all will remember and walls will start talking as soon as I go in .


Chachi  sons DIL have a tete a tete(meeting) how to manage Rudra  as they have build a business  and they will have to share and the house is also in Dilsher's name their father is a devotee of his elder brother and a truthful man  so its better to keep quiet  for some time find out  why they came back and then spoil the weather for them as Rudra is a big officer of BSD  their father a small time BSD man

When Dilsher comes in Mohini quickly puts her ghoonghat and sarcastically says she is happy and praises Gods ...both you and Rudra are always together  Mohini calls her children to take blessings of elder uncle when Disher tries to stop she says the entire whether is spoilt and she touches his feet and asks her children to take blessing and also introduces to her daughter-in-law  Rudra is watching all this drama


Chachi says Bhaisa you did not change nor your clutches and Chacha  tells him this is his  DIL...Mohini says  this is your Tau mausa FIL but don't ask about his wife as she ran away but it is not his fault and  our relationship that is not gone with her and asks Rudra whether his father will sleep this side of the rope or the other side.

Rudra comes and takes a reluctant father to the other side and Chachi mocks her husband for touching his  feet  If you want to celebrate the return of your brother s homecoming   then OK bring 5 kg milk and wash all their feet and also the crutch  but it should not affect my sons and takes her bahu for putting the cots so  that  they don't face bad weather.LOL The boys smile at their mother mocking the father  

When Rudra  goes  into the room and he does not find Paro searches everywhere and  his father notices her on top of the almairah and Rudra says why are you up .Paro because of rat. Both are stunned at her answer  and Rudra goes to help her despite her  refusal and Father says you did not call me for marriage ...as she comes down precariously  then Rudra cant stop himself from helping her and  Paro in his hug a softening  in Rudra's expression and eye lock between them with  RR song in the BG WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Dilsher is watching with interest.

PRECAP Rudra says sorry could not gather proof against you  can go tomorrow and then gives her food  LOL  its burnt rotis and allu curry Paro's hand is hurt tied with a white cloth so saying I only know to make it this way feeds her  Scene looks so sweet  he trying to feed her forcefully and she surprised.

Like the dry humorous sarcastic talk and gruff affection between father and sonLOLLOL
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for the awesome WU Hug  

RR is getting more and more interesting and entertaining day by day Day Dreaming
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks and really appriciate your writing..Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you so much for your written update.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks a lot dear, God Bless.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Nice update. Yes, loved the father son convo.
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Posted: 6 years ago
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Your writing sounds something interesting for me...Paro was up there because of mice...LOL
indeed those outside two bros are the ones...jo garjte  hain woh baraste nahin

second thing which grabbed me is...if that cousin fought with him in school and he is like prepared by his mother to tease Rudhr ,it means she is the sole reason of his mother to flee or something...

Third , typical property problem and all...so house is the confliction in between them...Zan, Zar , Zameen...old but still among us..

Thnx for the PM ChalhovSmile
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