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Posted: 6 years ago
This is really Awesome... Love Saba and Adil...:)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by aqsam

This is really Awesome... Love Saba and Adil...:)

Thank you so much.Big smileHug
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by DANGGG

yup do try its awesome just the starting epis are hard to watch cause its confusing and slow but i think even that is imp to see because in the initial epis they are building the characters. but yeah after that its hard to resist. 
The story starts from husna (sajal ali) who is pregnant and no body from her family wanna let her in house and she doesn't have anywhere else to go. she ran away form her house to marry a alcoholic who told her he won't drink or touch alcohol ever and be a true Muslim if she comes with him and so she leave her house behind and runs away form him, his  brother goes to find her to kill her but dies in an accident and his father gets the news and he dies from a heart attack so her mother thinks that husna is dead for them.

 but later she com back because his husband tried to sell her to someone else. she was preggy too. so outside her mom houses she delivers a baby girl and dies. and so the story is about pari ( sajjal ali ) who's gramma hates her but she is really close to her cousin sister rukia who is mother figure for pari. but pari isnt normal like everybody else she is abnormal in someway.

pari sees that every body loves rukia and feels neglected and that one of the reason of her weird behavior , there is a guy who comes and marries rukia ( saba qamar) who pari liked as a friend so she is even more hurt which effects her brain and behaviour even more . 

there is aa guy who fell in love with pari in love at first sight and pari likes him too. she met him even before rukia's wedding but before rukia gets married she tells the guy  to take him to her father since no body wants her here and her rukia is also leaving , but from the wedding day she start to think of her self as rukia.

later when that guy who likes pari, comes to take pari to let her see her father finds out she too moved to city with rukia to rukia's husband house , when rukia and pari comes to see her mother and nani the guy kidnapps pari and takes her away so she wont go away form him again.  thats the story so far.

i know there must be a lot of error and all but i am not a good story teller lol 

its must be very complicated to read what i just wrote but yeah u should give it a try.

and m in like the second last epi of mata e jaan after that i will first watch mera raqeeb then esa bhi hota haiWink

oh damn that was a one long comment lol 

Was this Pari's story or Sannata's?Embarrassed slightly confused.LOL Though, I will try and give Sannata a try.Wink
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