PaRud SS: Manzil Ek!! Part Two (Link on page1)

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Rudra fell on the plush leather couch. He put his hand on his forehead trying to calm his brain down from all the stress of  his job. He opened the first button of his uniform shirt. He looked over to his right and saw his sister sleeping on the couch probably because she was waiting for him as always. 

Rudra: saakshi?

Saakshi woke up and looked at her brother. "Arre bhai aap aa gaye. Hum kabse intezaar kar rahe hai. (You're here? I've been waiting for forever.)

Rudra:  kaha hai woh? (Where is she?)

Saakshi: kaun bhai? (Who?)

Rudra: woh... woh ladki jo humari gavaa hai. (That girl that's our witness.)

Saakshi: oh woh bhai woh andhar humare kamre mein hai. Soo gayi. Takh gayi tee bechari aaj hum usse bahar lekar Gaye te. Uss ke... ( oh her!! She's in my room. She fell asleep, she got tired cause I took her shopping today. She doesn't...)

Rudra: tu usse bahar lekar gayi thi. Maine kaha ta na ki uski zindagi ko khatra hai, tejawat ko pata chal Gaya hai ki woh zinda hai. Tujhe kisne kaha ta ki usse bahar lekar jaye? (You took her outside? I told you to not take her outside she could get killed tejawat knows that she's alive. Who told you to take her outside?)

Someone walks in. 

Aman: sir Maine! (I did sir)

Rudra: tumse kisne kaha... (Who told you to...)

Aman: sir woh bechari ke paas koi kapde nahi hai, 3 hafton se wohi pehna hai. Aur Maine saath mein BSD officers bheje te. ( sir that girl hasn't changed her clothes for three weeks. And I had sent BSD officers)

Rudra felt bad for yelling at his sister. But she had already forgotten it and set up dinner, since she was used to it. 

Rudra: aayi Ab khana kha lijiye! (Come and eat dinner now!)

Aman: mein chalta hoon!! ( I'll take your leave sir)

Rudra:Ab jab aa hee Gaye ho toh khana kha kar jao. (Now that you've come so far, come and eat dinner)

Even though, Rudra was a strict boss for everyone he had found a friend in Aman. Someone who he could indirectly share his feelings with. 

Rudra and Aman sat down to eat. They filled their plate and as Rudra was about to put dal on  his first bite he looked at his sister

Rudra: tune kha liya? (Did you eat?)

Saakshi: aapke bina humne kabhi kaya hai. (Have I ever eaten without you?)

As he was about to put the roti into her mouth he heard a scream from paro. He dropped the roti and ran towards her with Aman and saakshi following close behind. He banged open the door and saw a man with some type of bottle tryin to make paro drink it. He ran up to him and knocked the bottle out his hand. He started beating the man up, while Aman tried to stop him and saakshi held onto paro. 

Aman finally managed to make Rudra stop so they could use him to get proof against tejawat. 

Aman hand-cuffed him and held onto him. 

Rudra looks at paro "tu theek hai?" (Are you ok?)

Paro coughs but then nods to let him know she's fine. Ever since she found out tejawat's real face. She unknowingly started to shatter the glass between her and Rudra. 

Rudra poured her a glass of water, and she drank it. 

Aman: sir Hume yaha se nikalna hoga. Tejawat ko pata chal Gaya hai ki Parvati yaha chupi hai. (Sir we have to get out of here fast because tejawat knows we are here. And so is Parvati)

Rudra nods his heads. He looks at his sister and tells her to pack all important stuff because they were leaving in an hour. 

Saakshi got up to leave as paro did too saakshi looked at her and told her to sit down again. 

Saakshi: bhai yehi hai woh aap ko kuch nahi hone de gai. ( bhai is here. He won't let anything hapoen to you)

With that she leaves to pack stuff with Aman behind taking the man to BSD headquarters. 

Rudra called the headquarters and asked for an undercover car. 

Rudra wanted to leave to pack his own stuff but he knew that he couldn't leave paro alone. 

Rudra: tum bhi apna zaroori samaan bandh lo. (You pack your clothes too

She nods and starts packing her clothes she had just gotten today. 

45 minutes later

Rudra, Paro, and Saakshi were outside waiting for Aman to bring the car. 

A black Toyota RAV4 comes in. 

Aman comes out of one car and hands Rudra the key. 

Aman: sir aap aur Parvati iss gadi mein jao aur mein saakshi ko lekar jao ga. Humare ek informer ne tejawat ko ye khabar dee hai ki aap aur Parvati ek BSD van mein jaa rahe hai. (sir you and Parvati can go in this car, I will go with Saakshi. One of our informers has told Tejawat that you and Parvati are going in a BSD can)

Rudra nods without saying a word and heads over into the drivers seat. He puts the stuff in the back and walks back to Aman and the two girls. 

Aman gives the car keys to Saakshi.

Aman: aap apna saaman gadi mein rakh di jiye. ( you can put your stuff in my car) 

Saakshi grabs the keys to the car and leaves to put her stuff in the car. As Aman turns to leave he hears Rudra call his name from behind.

Aman: yes sir?

Rudra: uss ka khayal rakh na. Usse ek bhi chot nahi lagni chahiye.

Aman nods and walks off into the opposite direction of Rudra and each car heads into a different direction but with the same destination. Manzil ek!!

Precap: Rudra is on the phone with Aman when he hears a blast on the phone. Parvati saves Rudra from getting shot.


Hello everyone, 
   This is my first SS on Rang Rasiya forum. I hope you enjoy it and please comment below to receive PM's for the next part. Sorry I know that there is not very much PaRud in this part, but I just wanted to set up the settings of the story. Next part will be PaRud galore!!!!

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Really nice... Please cont... Please PM me next part
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Great start! Do continue
Pm me the update as well plz :)
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Posted: 2014-01-28T16:22:53Z
Oooh write more and soon! :D
Do you do Pm's?

If so, highly requested!

Loved it..and thank you for the translations. Def. needed that!
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Posted: 2014-01-28T19:00:20Z
gr8 beginning...eagerly waiting for more PaRud add me to ur pm list...
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Really nice... Please cont... Please PM me next part
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Nice start. PM me next part please.
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plz when ever u update add me for pm
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