Yeh hai mohobbatein written update:-27/1/14

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Posted: 2014-01-27T11:26:53Z
~Written Update~

The episode starts with, Ishita's father makes her mother eat a ldoo and asks her to get ready as today evening they have to meet the larka wala's. Raman's mother tlls him that he will be going with her someqhere today evening soo he should not make any plans.. Raman says that you are going to see a girl for me, I dont want to marry already I am very tensed becouse of ruhi's custody case and her mother says that we are thatz why finding a mother for her and makes him understand. Ruhi's friends are saying that her mother and father are soo nice...and she says that he is not her father, her father lives in another home and she says them that I will make you talk to them and aks amma to bring phone and clls him, she tells him to talk to her friends and they intriduces themselves, ruhi says thank you to ramn and cuts the call.. Raman is crying after talking to ruhi... His father console him by saying that you are crying for your daughter, I know that I havnt talked to you frok past 6 years.., you were alone fighting wth evrything, just to shagun you can be a rich man and becouse of that I lot my son, u became successful but you lost your childrens, I will not le you do more mistakes I have found a mother for ruhi and you will meet her, after closing all the doors maybe god hs left open a window for you.. And raman agrees amd the entire family shares a group hug... Ishita is saying to her father that appa till now only amma wanted to make me marry but now you too, how will we face another rejection. He says beta I have done this for your happiness and ishita agrees. And leaves for clinic. Raman says to his lawyer that we can prove that ishita has a mean relation with ruhi, she Is using her.. A women is to the judge of ruhi's case and tells her that ishita cannot be a mother and she broke her son's alliance with her due to this and moreover she is she is desperate to marry a rich man, ishita is using ruhi to het raman bhalla and says ishita is filling ruhi's ear for the bhalla family.the judge says becouse of women like you our society is soo backward, u broke your son's alliance witha well qualified doctor like ishita becouse she cannot be a motherband is not easier to fill a child ear..I have seen how much ruhi loves shita.. And the judge leaves.. Shagun books her spa appointment and plans to take ruhi with her as she cannot leave her alone. Ishita gets a call and the person says she wants to meet her.. That was the judge. The judge tells ishita about that lady as she is a important witnesses. And says someones wants to show you low infront of us who can use all this aginst you... And you might know all this better who can do this.. The lady is sitting with raman and tells him that judge was getting angry on her, and the laywer says it can affect our case adversely. The lady says that her son shouldn't know all this.. Ishita comes to Raman's office and goea to his cabin and says that raman you should be ashamed of yourself, how can you call my sisters mother in law, Ramans asks her to lower down her volume but she says that your staff should also know that how bad person you are
. -Break1-
Ishita says what you know, that I havnt choosed anything for ruhi, a big responsibility was given to me I knew that on one side thier is her family, dada, dadi and on another side thier is hier mother who lives with her friend which is not an ideal condition. But what you did, you use others weaknesses to make yourself win, you have hurted me many times, you have insulted my amma, my sisters dignity was at sake, I will not give ruhi to you at any cost. Shagun dosent know how to take care of ruhi but you have given her nothing.. You dont deserve her.. She says to him that you are an irresponsible person and you are not a person with whom a women can live under one roof. Raman says thier are many girls who wants to marry me, ishita says that thy want to marry you for your money they dont know who you are.. Ramana says what you did in court infront of my daughter a drama.. Ramam also says I am glad that subbu got free from you and pratiek also got saved, what do you think I forced subbu's mother... You know what you are the one who uses others to fullfill her emptyness, you were rejected, you are rejected and you will remain rejected.. Ishita gets appa's calls and tells raman that thier talks are not over yet and leaves..
Ishita is in her car and calls her appa and tella him that she is redy for this marriage and thy should tell the family that she is ready. Her father asks her that why are you soo angry amd she says nothing appa, amma everytime said that I should get married soo you should say yes, I am ready.
Ruhi asks ishita is she getting married and ishita yes yes.. Then ruhi says, then you will stay with him and then how will you meet me...
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Posted: 2014-01-27T12:12:26Z
Thanks for the WU 
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Posted: 2014-01-27T12:22:56Z
thanks for the written update! :)
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Posted: 2014-01-27T15:46:28Z
Thanks for the update.
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Posted: 2014-01-27T22:31:39Z
thanks for written update dear...
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Posted: 2014-01-27T23:30:51Z
Thanks for the WU...
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Posted: 2014-01-28T04:59:48Z
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