Rangrasiya 24th January: Written Update (Rudra's Faces His Past)

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Part 1

Rudra holds Paro tightly and says hate me...fear me...because this fear and this hatred will make sure that you are alive. Your life is precious to me. Hate me...Fear me. He holds her and starts dragging her towards the BSD Jeep. He asks his sub-officer if all the BSD officers and everyone is convinced. He says yes. Rudra confirms if everyone is convinced that this girl is dead. His officer says yes, everyone saw that Parvati was there in the jeep when it blasted off. Nobody came to know that they had put a dummy body in place of Paro. Paro is stunned beyond words. She mutters that she is dead, for her loved ones she is dead. The officer asks her to stop running away. Paro says that let her run off. Already everyone thinks that she is dead. Rudra holds her and then makes her smell a handkerchief with chloroform. He thinks that her death news was necessary to be sent to Tejawat, now her life is safe. He puts her in the jeep. The officer asks where is he taking Paro. Rudra says there's one right place.

Tejawat calls a village meeting and says he is their criminal. He couldn't bring their Paro Baisa back alive. Paro's Mamisa cries. Tejawat says that he knows that BSD did this. If not then how come ONLY one jeep which had Paro blasted off...and how did that BSD officer who was with her is safe till now. He promises to take revenge. He asks the village if they can let go off this matter. Everyone says no. He asks if they will company him. All of them say yes. Tejawat gives them hope and bids farewell. Mamisa hugs Thakurain and cries. Thakurain consoles her saying that Paro was like a daughter. Mamisa pleads to Thakur sa to bring Nandini to her...or make her contact her...she wants to share some words with her. Tejawat agrees.

Part 2

Rudra stops his jeep in front of a big haveli. He goes back to his past. He sees young Rudra crying refusing to not leave this haveli. He hears his dad asking him to come along. Rudra goes to his Mausi Mohini. She tells him that she is his mother's sister, so she knows her well. She won't come back ever. She who never loved or feared God, how can she love children. She will not come back. Rudra's father asks her as to why is she telling such things to a young boy. Mohini says that she needs to tell Rudra that her sister didn't even love him, forget anyone. She won't come back. Rudra comes back to his present. 

He throws open the door and sees a swing. He remembers his childhood when he played near it. When he tried to escape food. He goes inside. Everyone stops seeing him. He asks everyone except for the family members to leave. Some people try to protest. He fires and shuts them off. Everyone goes into hiding. Rudra looks around the house to see if it is empty. Near the dining table, he remembers his mother feeding him.

Part 3

Rudra aims the gun at Mohini and her daughter-in-law and asks them to come inside. The bahu tries to protest and asks why is he coming in without any introduction. Mohini says "Rudra". Rudra is shocked. Mohini says he is her sister's son. Her bahu is scared when he rudely asks them to come inside the room. He is about to lock them when Mohini asks how she recognized him. Because he has borrowed his mother's eyes. Rudra locks them in a room.

Tejawat is reading something. He asks his help to tell him how did the jeep blast off. His servant tells him that someone from the other side of the border tried to revenge. Tejawat asks him to tell Paro's Mami that they are trying to contact Nandini. He then tells him there's no need to contact. Just don't tell this to Thakurain.

Rudra picks Paro in his arms and takes her inside the house.

Precap-- Rudra ties a rope and says that the part of the house on this side of the rope belongs to Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat and the other side belongs to you and your family. IF anyone tried to trespass, the consequences won't be nice. His relative tries to convince him calling Beta. Mohini says that he has not come here as a son, my two sons will be back tonight and then he shall see.

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thank you! waiting for the rest.

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thank you!!! <stalker fan>
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Thanks for the update..!
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Thanks a lot for the fast WU.
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thanks fr the update
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Sorry if this has been shown already, or if there was an article indicating this, but does anyone know who is playing Mohini's sons?
Thanks :)
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Thanks for the update!
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