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To the THREAD -4 of Sirf Meri Ho...

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                                                                     PART -53

Priya replied Ma , you don't need to search for choti bahu ...she is there already in this .. showing his mobile...Ape rooted in her spot seeing Her Bhai coming in ..His smile vanished seeing them.except Ape nobody noticed when she about to spell , Priya hit him ...And Ram ...while panting see ye Rishab ..her words  paused in her larynx seeing the rage in her eyes , she wiped her sweat off , she composed herself .but the damage was alredy done , she bites her lowerlip , spelled shit...

In his towering rage ,his legs flipped towards her ,her slimy legs regressively stepping until she hits the wall.Her pupils dilated seeing his fury eyes,she holds her breath in her heart ,swallowed a big lump in her throat.His face a mere inch far from him, she closed her eyes unable to gaze at him.she heard flipping sounds of paper .He levered her hand thrushed the papers in her palm .He backed off a step shoving his hands in his pants ,He stared at her .She unlocked her doe eyes to check what it is .She opened  it ,It's her  blood report ,The Hb level is 6.0indicating in a dangerous sign.She swallowed hard to gaze at him.

Her Words stammered ,she stumbled Woo ..I..meds..I mean Im taking medicines properly .And I had taken good nutritious food also ,her feeble voice is hit his nerve sharply . her trembling figure glued to the wall.not knowing his reaction . Her eyes were ready to rain the tears .

Huh" you are taking care of yourself , You taking medicines properly ..Should I belive that .His voice echoed in her ears ...

YE..her larynx promptly stopped before saying yes ..

What you thinking yourself , You are a sick Grosshopper , Do you know how Aneamic you are . Do you know ,his lungs  weaving up with his breath,And the doctor told simply ...what some long time anemia...what was that word prolonged ...shit..what ..

Prolonged ..F**k with it ..His fingers threded in his hairs .leaving a sigh ,,..What the ...

Ha Yes ..It's Chronic anemia ...MPriya Ram Kapoor ,You are suffering from Chronic that damn anemia..

You anemic girl, the Ram kapoor Wife ,The great business man wife suffering with Chronic Anemia .

Holy Hell..he clutched her arm ,do you know what my image ,do you even know what my image ...

Damn it .I will buy total Mumbai for you .i will buy 100 floors building for you ..I will buy a Jet ,what the hell you want I wil buy with in seconds .thrw it in your feet with in seconds , his face dangerously neared her ,his nails almost piercing in her soft arm,F**cking this ...But how can I buy your health .

God how can I buy your health ha,his hands cupped his own face kneeling down infront of her,after a complete one minute silence he roared  slowly ...last time when the doctor asked for blood transfusion what you told ...mimicking her voice "No mam , I will have supplements "getting up from his place

His fingers tightened around her arm , luring her more to him , and I supported you .that she will have healthy food and and increase her Hb . and like a stubborn man I .. I allowed you to do whatever you wish for despite my warnings .Despite of my warnings  you will roam , you will play SHUTTLE , you will run , you will jump .even though you feel giddiness or black  outs  you will neglect  and drinking 1 glass of glucose water .You feels like a super female .and shots like a Saina Nehwal .Wahhh slapping his hand on his thigh.

His voice trailed off seeing her tears . his fist tugging to his thigh in a dimentional way to control his anger But his anger raised seeing them Priya  if one more drop from your eye ,I will kill myself , she swallowed her sob hardly , wiping her tears away stared at him as angry as him.And do you know what is your punishment . she shivered under her lions gaze .

your punishment is My silence ..Priya going to touch him say something ,he said Go to hell .. and walked off  to the dining table calling his mom ..Im hungry will you serve me  or not .

After a raging fearcy outburst he simply  went and sat for lunch ..Who on the earth will do that .Krishna ji serving him , he asked ..Iam I alone in the home  he yelled at the top of his  lungs.In no min every one seated around the dining table including priya.Priya fingers were trembling ,she can't cry .she can't speak also while he is in this rage ,Rishab too feeling sorry because of them only it all happened .Karthik and nuts were too petrified seeing his anger .This is the first time they were seeing his raging avatar .

All were eating quietly , there is pindrop silence ,Priya silently having her food ,trying hardly her tears .

How on earth I will stay with out talking that too with him ..My life  she gazed at him,while he served more rice on her plate .She quietly ate that thinking hardly how I should make him cool,but asusaul she hasn't get any idea ,not even romantic one , if I will go for romance , he will deffo kill me ,with this thought she grinned broadly ..Ram who fiished the lunch seeing her grin, he stromed to his room .

Every one gathered around Priya , Krishna ji " why beta , what happened "

Rishab sounded very low "If you are not feeling well you could have tell me na bhabhi "

Apeksha butts in " Bhabhi Iam scared to see you , you were not even responding even Ram bhayya slapping your cheeks "Her eyes teared seeing their love ..

Karthik & nuts , we are petrified seeing bhai's anger , see still my legs are trembling ,showing his limbs karthik commented .everyone had a laugh . They were pampering her  .Ram who was on top floor, watched the scene so fondly .

He splashed some water on his face , the cold water smoothened his face .The doctor words echoed in his ears ,his fat figure starddled on the bluewall ,

"Mr.Kapoor , even though after using all types of management she is not doing well ,Iam sorry to say but this anemia is prolonged ,I mean its from 2  years without proper treatment ,Seeing Ram's fearful look , rest I will explain after the reports.

When he went to collect the reports , The doctor showing the reports , If she is continuosly having 6 and 7 I mean the fluctuation is not good enough to live a normal life.why iam indicating is , I clearly know how desperate your pair wants to have a child,Actually she is continuosly having the same levels reminding her old reports , As I thought  we can manage with supplements but right now we need to transfuse blood to her .because the last time and this time there was not much improvement There is no problem in transfusing the blood than after she will be good with good nutrition as well as suppliments,and she is suffering from chronic anemia , that's why when she exaggerated or in any stress ,she used to have giddiness ,black outs,and when she collapsed the oxygen circulation was not enough that's why she became cold too ,there were prolong and it will effect even though If she gets pregnant too ,[she stressed that word ,it pierced Ram's heart ,because he read an article about anemia especially in pregnancy it will effect on the baby too ]

so better we should start nessesary treatment ,This is like slow poison ,some people don't have symptoms but your wife Is so having clinical symptoms, we should not delay ,after the transfusion she might feel better.I will arrange the required things, you convince her to come for blood transfusion.when he came to kapoor mansion thinking he should manafy her to convince , seeing her running and jumping his heart raised ,remembering how she collapsed in the morning ,his eyes filled with rage when she is panting for breath , he don't know what all he said to her , but he scared to listen something from doctor about her health . The warm towel slided down on his face wiping away the wetness . He closed his eyes once again alone tear escaped from his eye landed on his cheek .

Ram changed in to kurtha , Priya came to their room by now fidlling with her dupatta , rishab ,karthik ,ape were standing at the room door ,Krishna ji and nuts sat beside them on a sofa.

Priya seeing them , they are forcing her to talk with Ram , Her extremities are trembling to meet him ,But she can't stay seeing him in this way.She called out "Ram" so feeble ..

He heard it ,was searching some file in the closet .

Ram "Again she called out keeping her trembling hand on his shoulder "

His heart sunk in deep folds with just  a touch of hers.but he cannot show his face because she will guess it .whatever it is ,he should be strict with her now onwards . He didn't say anything .walked from there leaving dejected priya behind .

Karthik ,rishab signaled once again ,She is feeling miserable while he is completely avoiding her . She is following him wherever he goes , he went to study ,while he leaving all these hide aside , when priya is leaving behind ,karthik catch hold of her , telling do something di, he is so angry ,

Priya glared at them , I know he is angry , and im not even getting any idea how to manafoy him, and you duffers not helping me in this ..

Karthik ; Idea ,you prepare chocolate clairs and obviously he will fida for her .

Ape : Ha ha bhabhi you strain doing chocolate clairs than he will make kapoor mansion hell .

Priya : hearing ape , haa kepping her hand on her head , yah your correct ape ,hmm what to do .biting her nail , he came to his room ,everybody shocked to see him ,No one expected his quick arrival , he stood there folding his hands on his chest keeping the file in it . his eyes followed on each of them ,everybody downcasted their eyes . Rishab nudging priya but as she didn't understand what he is telling ,she stood there answering him slowly , wo.. we are .. ha.. talking .. about ,rishab you tell ,

Ha bhai we are actually talking about ... karthik you tell na ..

Karthik.. me .. yah me ... actually we are talking about how to man..rishab kicked his leg

Aaawww hoo ..ohh we are talking ... nuts and ape giggled .

We are just talking bhai ape completed he sentence ..

Ram sarcastingly said , oh you are talking ...

About what ?he quipped the question ?

Ape scratching her hair , oh its just about something ..that actually ...[lolz bechari all are booked at once ]

Whatever your talks if you move aside I will do my work , will you please ,he asked very gracialyy including his sarcasicm , Priya who was on the way she tried to move away ,but she stood there straightly facing him , her hearbeat pounding on her chest .  she asked why don't you ask me to move aside ? He gazed at her confusingly grinning inside .

His raging mood flyingly enterd him again ,he moved towards her , she moved backwards seeing his intence gaze , after three steps he headed another way because she moved inside their room .

Rishab whispered bhabhi you missed golden chance , he could have talked with you atleast in anger ?

Priya who relieving her breath , please rishab you don't know when we facing his rage I feel like im walking on burns .uff drinking somewater , ram is doing his work  observing all their drama .he is enjoying as well as worried for her . She is looking damn pale , after knowing her reports he wants take her in arms and embrace her in his cage forever .

Kaashhh she could listen to me .. closing his eyes on his armchair .. Priya walked briskly there .

" Ji Suniye ,Iam so sorry , forgive me this time , next time onwards I will take care surely , please I cant stay with out you please , it's all about rishab , he was in love , he hide this from us , so we are teasing him seeing his girl friend photo ... " she said in one breath ...[closed her eyes ]

Rishab who was listening their convo ...Finish ..Rishab beta tu gaya ...he was about to step out ,Ram called him ,he slowly walked hiding behind priya , he is very nervous ,

If you are in love why don't you tell your favourite bhabhi haa. Call their parents will talk about that ,Rishab jumped with joy kissing her bhabhi ...awww bhabhi you are best thank you somuch ,

Ram stood there angrily , I have to like their family and I accepted why you are kissing your bhai raising his temper he asked rishab..

Because if she wont tell you don't know na that's why ??thank you and he ran from there reached there hiding batch who were stalking at the door .

Ram who was walking away from her , gulping her tears priya clasped his hand tightly why don't you listen to me once , I told iam sorry .

It wont happen again , I can't stay without talking with you , please im begging you talk to me .

Why ? he questioned ...

Because I love you , I can't stay her voice frailed of with sore of tears .

Ohh really , I said stay in the room itself , what you did ha ,coming near to her

What the hell you did ...

Priya slowly "I stayed in the room only , see I played indoor games only ,just to tease rishab we moved out ,that's it ,iam sorry folding her ears, with glistering teary eyes she pleaded him"

Seeing her like a school student obeying her mistake ,she stood there infront of him, he moved to her , holding her chin .

For not talking about 1 hour you are feeling this much , if something happen to me what you do

Ram , for everything there is a limit , why you are talking such things , I told you im sorry , and how many times I should tell iam so sorry , iam extremely sorry , im begging you from past hour and you are adamanant ,and and you are so stubborn and

And what ? you felt pain hear pointing her heart ., hai na you felt pain here na .She nodded her head as positive .

Than how should I feel priya ? when I saw the  report showing your dangerous sign , haa

How I should feel when doctor told you need time to conceive because of your this problem .

How on earth I should feel  when the doctor is telling about blood transfusion .

Tell me .. she was shocked to hear this ..

Don't you know how much I love you , how much I love you , god damn it I love you till the world end.his grip loosened on her .

Even though even though if you conceive ,his eyes blinked his tears slided on his cheeks , I don't want to spell those things ... if something happens to baby how you feel and how I should face ..

Every day .. every day  you are asking for baby hai na ... she nods again

Than where on earth it will come when your health happened to be like this ..If something happened to you I will leave this breath right away .She closed his mouth with her fingers.

Please Ram don't say that ,I know that I have to increase my blood values but I really don't know its effecting on you and indirectly our future .

Everybody is in tears our side the room,Krishna ji motioned away all of them from there to pacify them,closing their door she went away with kids .

Priya continued I love you so much leaning on him  , im not that dare to leaving alone , what I should do tell me I will do whatever you tell .Hereafter I wont do anything against your words .

She knew what kind of torture he went thrw , she kissed his forehead after listening to him, she don't have anything to say nor she could say something to stop him or hold him .

Ram hugged her , his face in crook of her neck both let out their tears out , when she heard his sob, he took his face in her both palms , look at me she asked ..

He gazed at her with tears , I love you Ram ,somuch , wiping his tears away , I love you so much , kissing his forehead , until you were there with me , Harm will afraid to come near to me  .

I soo love you taking his lower lip in her lips nibbling it away to glory , he protested first , her hands gripped on his kurtha , her one leg raised from its place , she leaned on him , thanks to his weight ,he very easily protecting her from fall, she bites his lower lip held his both lips , possessing his mouth in her , her tongue mating with his , she is tasting his every corner , pouring her sorry , love in that  , her hands fisted in his hair , teasing him more , she counted his teeth with her tongue , angling his face according to her wish , she is trying to soothen his pain with her tongue especially with the kiss . She hugged him tightly kissed him on his lips like there is nothing important in the world ..,she broke the kiss pantingly she went and closed the door , so when I should go to the hospital , he replied as tomorrow.

Than make love to me ... priya straightly said him .

WHAT ??h e is stunned to hear it from her .

You heard it correct Ram ? make love to me , right now,  iam .. I need you ,he gazed at her ,she was lustful and desirable .. she removed her clip coming in his way ,

RAM: Nooo .. noo .. you should not stress ... I can't

Priya : It won't be stress , it will be plesureble for me , slipping her dupatta ,looked at him very huskily

Ram:His jwas dropped seeing her wavy hair , desire looks , god she is so angelic ...No priya , don't come .

Priya ;She smiled hearing him , its bewitching , detaching her kurtha buttons ,believe me nothing will happen , Iam asking you , please she slipped her kurtha .

Ram:gasped seeing the view infront of him.please priya ..

Priya : giving her enchanting smile ,slipped her legging too ..

Ram : His inners growled under his boxers , But as adamanint thinking about her health ,don't stress your self ,scratching his temple , it wont be good for your health , he was in dilemma seen his priya in new avatar .

Priya: now she is almost skin to skin , today you have seen my report but yesterday you have done na ,so why not now , I know when I will admit in the hospital how it will be , just let me enjoy today , with you , I want to feel you , separating his kurtha buttons , shrugged off his kurtha.she hugged him tightly .

Ram understud her intentions .A slow sexy smile appered on hisface , he kissed her feverishly .priya pushing her body against him , His hands managed to slip away her tiny clothing too . he cupped her round curves ,squeezing them tightly ,seeing her angelic sexy face at the time , his tingue rolled down on her nipple to areola covering half of her mound he is enjoying the feast ,the other hand tightening on the other curve ,his half eyes brooded the tiny gap also , she enjoying his feel on her body , his touch on her curves , his taste on her bosy , his tongue ravishing her sexy curves she arched her body the way he required ,His finger trailed off all the way landed on her most sensitive area , her legs thredded with the touch of him , his finger slowly moved circularly ,when he heard her moan ,he nade it faster , his tongue on her round curve his other hand on her hair , his finger ministrations made her writhle under him , she feel the cramping in her abdomen and pelvic muscles, he biting her curve , god you are so ready priya .. she moaned Rammm... ...i want you ... Holding her wrists tightly by her side , thrusting in her ,

She groaned .. oh yes ...

Ram ministrations continued ,she asked him .. hard ..

He thrushed her deeply , listening her moans his manhood thrudded in her skillen fold with a ease , I so want you Ram , please deeper ,He enjoyed this side of priya ... he is enjoying her , filling her with him completely making moves , really great moves ,,,

I love you Ram she moaned  , his stroke increases ,she felt the sensation building up , feeling only him , just him . seeing his lustful face , her insides quivered quickened groaning loudly she touched the zenith and fallen back on the bed , his rocky movements continued for a min , he pick up the fast phase sinking in her completely he fallen on her bossom .

Oh my that was so erotic Ram .. she breathed .

You are so angelic Priya , I love you , twisting her curve with his lips , the laid down until he satisfy with her meal .His lips leaving her skin he sighed I so wanted to taste this . She looked at him with wonder , halling his hand ,that's for only for our baby , he made a pouty face , I know but I really wanted to sucking her curve again.

She smiled seeing him,holding his chin , but baby needs milk,

Kissing her I know but atleast while love making, my hands are very greedy to touch this .squeezing her mounds .sleeping on her bossom, he pleaded her , until she said sure hedidn't stop pleading.Ruffling his hair , feeling her smooth skin he slept on her bossom so peacefully .

She felt his weight , slowly she made him lie down on the bed , she cleaned herself taken bath .she is looking like white lilly flower.He woke up with a start not feeling her beside him .Usally it's her tea time but she is drinking some juice .she turned hearing the flipping sounds of the bedsheet .

Good evening she smilingly wished him .That was enchanting .he too wished her Good evening stretched his arms, she cosily nestled In his arms.Hugging her kissing her hair I love you so much Priya .

I too kissing his chest ,I too I too love you ,She very well know his racing heart ,To lighten up his mood come on lets go and fresh up ...

He stubbornly said no I wont .. please she pleaded ..

If I wont ...

An idea sir ji ,simple I will click some snaps in this crampy hair ,half naked body , my sindhoor mark on your chest ,awww you are looking so cute my golu, taking out her mobile .

Eyyy don't ..please he ran to washroom leaving giggling priya in the room.

The sun rosed from his place .Everbody is ready to leave for hospital. Ram took her to the hospital ,She was nervous as well as scared .her past memories hunting her when she transfused twice.she closed her eyes stepped out from the car .There sudhir was waiting for her .she ran to him ,He hugged her ,her tears rolled down but she controlled .

How much ever she dared also she felt paniced seeing the things which going onside of her bed ,the doctor told the instructions left the room, the sister came to her asked how are you feeling . im fine sister .

Turning to Ram kapoor so sir if you all leave I will start the procedure , Ram said her sudhir will stay beside her ,I will wait here I already has taken permission you proceed .

Ok sir , sudhir nudged Ram to be with her atlast both are with her , sudhir standing on her head side combing her hair with his hands , Ram clasping her hand in his squeezed to assure her .

Priya don't look at that side ,look at me Ram pleaded her ,She closed her eyes Tears started to flow away she didn't feel any , it was so smooth and sister said its done , Priya pened her teary eyes asked sister , its over really , I didn't feel any pain , Thank you so much priya mumbled ..

Doctor butting in to the convo , haa thanks you should tell to your husband ..

She gave a questioning look ,This sister is from another hospital  , Ram kapoor passed a message who has the talent to prick smoothly without the patient letting know , I will give a good price to that sister , so yester day our hospital flouded with sisters , in the whole she was the best so we chosened her .

Priya eyes rained in a thankful note towards her hubby .he very well understand this , he assured her closing her eyes .. so all went well with a good note . sometimes it pained her but she sweetly accepted ,the next time also even though her hb increased to 8 they have transfused again,she was taking well care of her self .She beaming with unknown glow everyday ..

Ram kapoor brings nuts back to their mansion for delivery . The did baby shower for her . she is looking extremlybeautiful with her bump, in a golden colour kanzeevaram saree , with full of jasmines and sindhoor , she is glowing to heavenly . everyone blessed her with a healthy baby and life .

Ram called soumya parents talked with them , after completion of their degree we will leed for their marriage,everyone clapped .Rishab introduced priya side hugging her , she is my bhabhi indirectly my mother , priya had tears in her eyes listening to him,

Soumya took blessings from her and Ram. Everyone was happy .

The days are passing very beautifully ,kapoor mansion is thrilling its each corner with laughters ,teasings ,captivating pair love, one of the lovely rainy day , Krishna ji dadi went to meet daljeet parents , Ram& karthik  went to their  offices , Rishab went to his college .Ape went to meet sonal. Nuts having her lunch with priya . she is telling her "bhabhi iam not feeling well "

What happened nuts ,any problem priya concernly squeezed her left hand.

Don't know bhabhi kaash even if my mom is there with me ,she wouldn't look after me like you ,

Priya patting her head, shhh nuts , you are like my sister ,now stop worrying keep smiling ,

Nuts smiled , im happy but this lil rascal is playing superfast today .his kicks are too heavy ,she gets up after finishing .. she is feeling some liquid movement seeing the mark on chair , she called bhabhi ,priya rooted in her place seeing the spot and she held leaning nuts in her hands .
Hope this you feel long update .Wink

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OMG Sooo much anger I felt hot blazesAngry Angrywhen I was reading his words in rage.poor Priya was trembling.
Everyone was chupchap even KK Ji..So true RB RAm please stay calm until he is cooled down.
But was LOL when the gang was giving some stupid reasons.Ouch
Thank God Priya dared to talk with him I was wondering whether he will respond or not..Thanks he did.Smile
I can so understand his concern and pain about Priya's ailment.
Wowww Priya you were different today..loved the sensuous romance.Embarrassed
Ram Kapoor takes care about even a prick for his wife.So true he can buy whole Mumbai for his lovey dovey wife.
Rishabh got his love matter settled.Thanks to his bhabhi.
So Nuts is gonna deliver in next update.will be waiting to read asap.

Congratulations gals.You are truely awesome.Keep giving us updates dont worry about ending in near future.After all We watch soaps with out content for months..We will be more happy to read FFs with content for years..
Loved this update totally totally totally.
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Posted: 2014-01-24T07:31:30Z
Congrats 4 new thread

LOVELY Heart UPDATE WinkSmileEmbarrassed
AWESOMESmileWink...Priya in her hot avatar EmbarrassedWink
CONTINUE SOONDay DreamingHeart
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Congratulation for the fourth threadHug

first of all now onwards I am not guessing...my all guesses are falling  flatOuch
this update really very very awesome...superb update.
love this raging ram so so much...uff...seeing his anger I become scared...
only Priya can handle him...KK also scared to talk with him.
so sad ...priya is going through this much pain...
must say both are very very romantic...beautifully penned down.
good...Blood transfusion done.
now what happen to Natasha...pre-mature deliveryShocked...see again I am guessing... I hope this time I guess it correctlyLOL
thanks for PM...continue soon
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CONGRATUALTIONS!! Di for new thread.. Party
Keep rocking..Clap

Will comment after reading..
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Posted: 2014-01-24T08:02:38Z
tooo good what a way of showing care i hope priya health gets better soon ,and god bless them .
Thanks for pm
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