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D.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s I.s.h.q
t  h  e     g  a  m  e     o  f     d  e  s  t  i  n  y

[this is RR version of my own ArShi SS : Dangerous Love]


She twirled around to check herself for the one last time in the mirrior and just like in story snow white she asked "mirror mirrior on the wall, I want to see the person I love the most", and then she closed her eyes to see Varun's teenage face. She opened her eyes and saw her reflection and blushed furiously. Biting her lips she wondered why is it that she always saw Varun's image as a teenager when he has grown into a handsome and dashing man? Probably she thought, it was the exact age she realized her love for him for the first time, who happened to be her secret friend since she was 8 years old, a friend who came to meet her during night at their innocent secret place.

Parvati, lovingly known as Pari peeped though the window and saw the mango tree standing proudly between the two houses. It has being the foundation of their relationship and now they were going to get married soon and was time to produce their babies and see them grow up like like the boy Varun has been who would enjoy every summer gathering mangoes, romancing with their partners during monsoon getting drenched, reading books during autumn and enjoying families organizing picnics around the tree. In seven days they were going to have their engagement and today, Varun was thinking of announcing the good news in the entire haveli. Her tummy performed a flatter thinking about the marriage. She was an orphan and how she wanted to have her own family whom she could call her own. She was going to start one very soon with her life partner, Varun.

Her heart was pumping against his ribcage, the feeling she felt when she touched Varun's hand for the first time under that mango tree. Pari was just 13 years while Varun was 16. He was sad for some reason, which he never disclosed. To give him her warmth she threaded her fingers with his and immediately knew, she was born to love that boy, now who has turned into a full-grown man.

Once again she checked herself in the mirror and pouted. "he forgot my wish", she sighed unhappily. "I wanted a red lehenga instead of this purple one. But maybe he has reserved that for our marriage", and she did not want to spoil his surprise.

With a twinkle in her eyes she headed downstairs to attend the Dawat organized by Varun.

Chapter One

The sweet November breeze was whispering across his skin. Closing his eyes he gripped the railing of the balcony he took a deep breath to inhale the smell of ocean. The crowd inside the ballroom faded immediately when he made his way towards his favourite place. Lazily he opened his eyes to check across the whole area when a sweet mesmerizing voice broke his meditation.

"Hi!", there was excitement, a bit of hesitation and definitely nervousness entangled the way she spoke. His knuckles turned white as the grip in the railing became stronger.

He glanced sideways and then fixed his eyes towards the horizon without reciprocating her.

Paro frowned a little unable to understand Varun's silence. Wasn't he not excited as much as she was? No this can't be. He wanted to be with her as much as she wanted. He went to Delhi for 3 days and after he returned he only sent the parcel, which content the purple lehenga the one she was wearing but he did not meet her. First she thought he wanted to see her in the dress in the evening so resisted to meet. But now when she was there right in front on his eyes, he didn't spare a single glace towards her. Why?

She took a step forward and immediately saw him tense due to the movement. She flinched once again and then without warning slipped her tender palm round his muscular biceps.

Jolt of electricity went thorough her body even though his arm was covered with black full sleeve kurta. Instead of the fabric she as if felt his skin. She was forced to remove her hand and unconsciously check it. Her skin tingled with sensation, which she had never felt. It was much stronger than what she felt under the mango tree, something primitive.

And then he turned to face her. His dark brown eyes meet her honey brown ones and they felt the connection. Passion was an understatement what Paro could see. It was unadulterated. How can a man change like this? Varun was a simple and warm man, but right now he was full of passion, just like God came down right from the heaven to drive her crazy.

"Hi!" he said in a husky tone. Strangely everything about him looked so different, his voice sounded different, more deep, more passion filled.

" look handsome in the black kurta pyajama. I always dreamt of seeing you in  just like this. It suits you".

He looked down to check himself before returning his gaze towards him. "you like it?"

"Ofcourse I do. I really like the way you dressed tonight.

"How are you Pari?"

Did he deliberately purr her name to make it sound husky or was he really feeling vulnerable as she was equally? She thought.

"Nervous. I mean like this after you know..."

"I was dying to see you Pari".

Something terribly changed, she thought. Her name has never sounded so seductive before.

"Me too", she breadth out unable to control her heartbeat which was now galloping like a race horse.

"How much did you miss me Pari?"

Why was he asking like that? What was the matter with him? So many questions in her mind, yet she didn't want to interrupt the moment between them. She liked it. Oh she loved it.

"I can't tell you how much", Paro dropped her voice deliberately making it sound low and dangerously attractive.

"Then show me" he took her hand and gazed her fingers then very slowly he dipped his mouth to place a warm peck against her fingers and he was rewarded with an audible gasp.

Paro close her eyes to feel his lips against her skin and all of a sudden she became alive. Her lips were parted and her breath coming out in the form of short gasps.

He took her hand and placed it on his shoulder then very slowly tugged her towards him until she was few millimeters away.

"Look at me", he commanded. And she did

"you are beautiful", he said touching her cheeks with his thumb.

"Oh you touch" Paroi hopelessly awed and tucked her lips in between her teeth.

"Don't punish them", he touched her chin to bring out her lips and Paro's heart skipped a bit seeing him looking at her lips.


"Shh!" he placed his warm to silence her "let me see you first then we will do the talking.

Weren't his guests waiting for him? He never left his guest unattended. She was excited as well as afraid. Excited because she was seeing the new side but afraid because of the obvious reason. If he continued to assault her like this they will definitely end up crossing the barrier tonight, before their marriage. She also knew after looking at him today she was more than sure that this was the man with whom she wanted to share her each and everything. Specially her most precious thing, her virginity,

Her chain of thoughts broke when she felt his thumb against her lips and hopelessly she tried to lick her suddenly dried lips and ended up tickling his finger.

She saw him close his eye when she unconsciously did that and take a long deep breath as if he too was waiting for this moment.

He took the final step to join her and then tiled her head to kiss her on her right cheek simultaneously brushing his thumb at the corner of her lips. He repeated the same on her left cheek then hissed between his teeth.

"The moment I waited till eternity. I want to kiss you on you lips. Would you want me to devour you the way I want to?" he asked cupping her cheeks.

Paro was half dead already feeling his strong, firm lips on his cheeks, all rational thought flew away. The only thing she knew was that if she doesn't allow him to kiss her, her heart will stop beating.

"Kiss me please before I die".

And then he claimed her lips. The first contact was something, which Paro could have never imagined. It was so powerful, it was so electrified and yet it was just a touch. He worked on her lips devouring it like it was the best thing to have on the earth. Her hands slid towards his neck to touch the base of his hair while his hand slowly dragged her towards him to fuse each other.

When the kiss grew stronger, she opened her mouth to give him access and he took that opportunity to explore her sweetness.

They knew what they were heading towards cannot take place like that, in the open air, anybody can come and see them and he cannot afford to do that. Not for him but for the woman in his arms. He knew Paro was traditional kind of girl and that what kept alive his attraction towards her. So he cannot jeopardize her reputation.

With immerse power he pulled back and thankfully he was still holding her otherwise she would have falling in a heap. The aftermath of the kiss was even more dangerous. She was totally blank and her foot felt wobbly.

"Paroi we cannot finish what we want to do here", he stated.

"My room?" the words slipped from her month like she had no control over them. She never said such words, but today everything was going the other way round. Things were happening the way she never dreamt off.

She saw him raising his eyebrow and before she could take back her words, he picked her up in his arms and said, "guide me".

In what way she thought? She was novice when it came to physical intimacy. She can never guide a man like him. He still looked easy 3 days back when he headed for Delhi, but tonight he looked dangerous and out of her league.

When he was about to take the front door she stopped him as asked him to take the back door instead so that no one traces them.

"Don't you think everyone will wait for you?" Paro asked him.

"Do you think we can wait after what we shared right now?" he pinned her gaze and held it for couple of minutes.

She blushed furiously thinking what lay ahead.

"Do you want to stop it Pari? You need to tell me and I promise I will stop".

"No" she said in a hurry and then hid her face against his neck.

He opened Paro's room then closed the door securely checking the lock last time and headed towards her bed.


Her body ached sweetly after their lovemaking. It was not a nagging pain, but the sweetest reminder how special the night had been. He was so careful and so slow taking care. She felt like a wax doll treated with great care. And then came the blissful moment when they became one, each their heights together.

She could smell his aftershave and she love it. She promised herself that she would never wash the bed-sheet in her life so that when he had to leave for work she will sleep in it and inhale his musky perfume. It will also remind her of their special moment.

They made love all night and in the morning. She was tired but nothing like falling apart in his arms. She felt so alive, she felt like a woman for the first time, satisfied and utterly pampered.

She stirred to face him and smiled seeing the boyish expression in his face. Very carefully he kissed his temples and then suddenly her eyes fell on her blinking phone. She frowned and checked the time. It was almost 7.30 in the morning.

"Shit!" she uttered and reached the phone, which fell on the ground and slid under the bed. She totally forgot to change it from silent mode and then she forgot to take it along with her when she saw Varun standing in the balcony.

She picked it up without looking at the screen. "hello!"

"Hey Pari, where are you? I have been calling you since yesterday night. Are you alright?".

"Hey Varun", she smiled thinking about their intimacy and then her eyes fell on the man sleeping next to her". The colour on her face drained unable to understand what was happening.

She checked the caller ID on her mobile screen and then checked at the man whose legs were still tangled with her.

""... she stammered over the phone..."where are you?"

Varun frowed and looked at his phone, "in my room aur kahan?"


"that's the reason I was calling you Pari. I had to go to the panchayat for some emergency and Aman had to handle the program. I tried to contact you but you never picked up. So I asked aman to let you know so that you don't panic unnecessarily".

"What are you talking about Varun. I mean Kal raat..."

She saw the man steer in his dreams exposing his shirtless chest. How is it possible she thought? Varun is right beside her then how come Varun be on the other side of the phone?

"Pari are you there? Paro...hello..."

"Kal raat you were there in the balcony" Paro said unsure of what she was saying.

"Me? No. I went straight to the office. I didn't even come home. Oh you must have seen him".

"Him? Who?" Paro clutched the phone tightly fearing to hear what Varun was about to say and what she was suspecting.

"Parii I forgot to inform you that Rudra is back".

Hearing his name the receiver dropped from her hand to the floor.

Rudra flinched at the sound and woke up, "what's wrong he asked in a sleepy tone".

"Oh my God... Oh.My.God" she held covered herself. "this can't be true..."

Rudra tried to reach her. "What? What cant be true sweetheart?"

"Tell me you are not Rudra", Paro desperately pleaded. "Tell me I was dreaming. Tell me whatever happened it was just an illusion".

"Tum bol kya rahi ho? I am Rudra, I am real, we made love to each other yesterday night, everything is true.

" no no..." Paro got up from the bed holding cover. "I cant make love to you..i thought you...".

And then everything made sense to Rudra. She thought he was Varun. She made love to him thinking about Varun. He felt disgusted. He felt used. He felt pathetic and more over it was a worse than what his mother did with him. 

Paro closed her eyes, how could she mistake to recognise Varun's twin brother Rudra. They might have been identical twins but was her love for Varun that shallow that she failed to recongnise the man she loved and ended up giving her most precious assest to the man who was forbidden?

Characters as of now

Rudra and Varun : Aashish (double role, twin brothers)

Paro/Pari/Parvati : Sanaya

Laila : Ankita

P.S : No pms will be sent for this story as i hardly write on this couple. Please do post your views. This story is no at all similar to RR background but there will be ethenic touch in it. Otherwise it's a modern story.

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Wow... didn't know you wrote as well appy! Multi-talented LOL
Great start though. The backdrop seems interesting and intriguing! 
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Originally posted by |Persephone|

Wow... didn't know you wrote as well appy! Multi-talented LOL
Great start though. The backdrop seems interesting and intriguing! 

Gun, I am known in the forum for my FFs ROFL more than my edits LOL
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I like it do update soon
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Originally posted by appy_indy-KD

Originally posted by |Persephone|

Wow... didn't know you wrote as well appy! Multi-talented LOL
Great start though. The backdrop seems interesting and intriguing! 

Gun, I am known in the forum for my FFs ROFL more than my edits LOL
Lolll spare that poor soul maybe she is new but girl u better read her stuf 
One night stand n other stories i read all of them n she is a brilliant writer LOL
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Originally posted by humsafar

Originally posted by appy_indy-KD

Originally posted by |Persephone|

Wow... didn't know you wrote as well appy! Multi-talented LOL
Great start though. The backdrop seems interesting and intriguing! 

Gun, I am known in the forum for my FFs ROFL more than my edits LOL
Lolll spare that poor soul maybe she is new but girl u better read her stuf 
One night stand n other stories i read all of them n she is a brilliant writer LOL

i am flattered and gun is not new... just that she knows me as a graphicer

she has been mod in many forums so ya Embarrassed
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Appy as usual fantastic.
You are too good.
Love it like all your other work.
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Originally posted by shane1

Appy as usual fantastic.
You are too good.
Love it like all your other work.

thank you Embarrassed
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