Rangrasiya Written Update 22nd Jan 2014 ~Rudra saves Paro~

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The moment she felt the Rudraksha she stilled. Rundra slowly whispered to her to calm down and she relax in his embrace. Even though she was quite Rudra couldnot take his eyes off her angelic face. Her gaze fell on his lips which was dangerously close. Paro panicked seeing Rudra so close to her and started protesting. She shouted at the top of her voice to call someone near her and get the dangerous man away. The doctor who intend to kill Paro arrived and asked Rudra to leave so that she relax.

The doctor warned him to stay away from his patient but Rudra refused to go away from her stating that she was his suspect. The doctor too called him a butcher like paro.

Paro requested the nurse to release her. The nurse told her that she haven't eaten a single thing and unless she takes food she won't be released. Like a kid paro's eyes lit up hearing the assurance of her going home.

Rudra kept an eye on her from a distance, when he saw her speaking to a nurse who helped her out arranging her tubes. He suddenly heard her melodious voice. Not able to understand what was going on, Rudra came inside and asked her why was she singing. Aman told him that Paro mistook the nurse's accent that Khana to Gana samjha.

Rudra ordered Aman that Paro will not go anywhere from the hospital.


Mohini, wife of the constible whom Rudra respected taunted her husband for being worthless. Mohini disrespected his brother-in-law's despite of her husband's repeated request.

Mohini's daughter in law came to ask them whether everything was fine, Mohini bad mouthed her as well. Her husband asked his daughter-in-law about his son Samrat when Mohini reminded him that they have another son and he was also fine.

Mohini fumed hearing about Rudra's arrival and wished he never come to stay with them. Her husband said he was admitted in the hospital and that he wasnot well. He wished to bring him in their house to take care of them when she swore not to let him enter their house.

Dilshan's brother reminded his wife that Rudra was part of their family and happened to her own sister's son when Mohini refuse to aknowledge her sister and called few names against her. She promised herself not to let Dilshan's blood to enter their premises.

Rudra's chacha got disheartened and left his wife alone.


The doctor injected poison through Paro's saline when Rudra caught his neck and demanded his answer he pushed him and he escaped and but rudra followed him. The doctor wore one of the BSD's dresses so that he could enter the hospital without anymore suspecting him.

Despite of his terrible state he didn't fail to trap him. Rudra straggled him but he reached to the operation equiment and poked him inside his stomach. Rudra ordered other BSDs to follow the man while he stuggled to reach to Paro. He instantly disconnected the saline channel to stop the poison from spreading.

After few minutes Paro woke up when the head of BSD asked whether she was fine. Paro freaked out looking at Rudra. Rudra was forced to move away from him. Paro pleaded to release her and let her go to her house. She was ashamed that despite of her husband's death she was still in her marriage outfit.

Precap : Rudra dragged Paro across the field when her mangalsutra dropped somewhere. She snatched her arms to find it when Rudra pulled her once again and almost pinned her with him.

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Thank you for the written update.
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Thank you for the WU
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Thank you for written update.  Appreciate it.
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thanks for the WU...
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