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 Hey everyone I am LikithaCool! So this is a first on RangRasiya ForumShocked! Nervous about the reaction definitely but at the same time terribly excited for the response tooConfusedStar
So coming to the FF, this is a historical romance,heart-wrenching saga. I really hope you like it and enjoy it!

Here it comes,

~The Accidental Romance~



"She couldn't turn away from the eyes that held her. Eyes as deep, as Dark as the night, yet there was something that sparked with warmth, that kept those eyes from being cold." 

The evening sun waved goodbye pleasantly to the glooming world. The trees, the animals knew the night would fall upon soon. As the birds still sang and the cool wind blew,Parvati sat on the steps on her house and looked up. The sky looked beautiful and heavenly. The sunset in Rajasthan was something that a person could never forget in life, the sand glowed in a dimmed presence. But, today was different. She looked up with moist eyes, pained face.


She felt betrayed and cheated.


"paro..?" her mom said as she sat next to her.


Parvati turned her face away unable to control her tears. "you could've asked me once" she said calmly making it evident that she was upset.


Her mom looked at her flustered. "i have told you a hundred times that this is how it is done, he's a nice me.." her mom assured. Well, it wasn't very assertive I guess.


Parvati looked unconvinced and she looked down. Her mom went inside angrily. Seeing her behave like this, Parvati couldn't control her urge to run away and so she ran , with all her strength, with all her energy till she collapsed suddenly on the soil sweating. She looked around, the surroundings weren't  familiar. Where on earth was she?


Millions of trees held her captive, it was almost dark. She looked around terrified thinking of some way that could lead her back home. But , this 17-year-old girl was too scared to even think of moving around. She was trapped in a dense forest with a completely blank brain.

She moved around courageously expecting animals or something scary to show up and she was astonished when something different happened.


She then heard people shouting, making her flinch. She tried running but soon the sound came closer and now she was sure that some people on horses were approaching her. She looked back but found no one. Where are they? But she ran again forcing herself to take the next step. Before she could cross even 10 steps, something hard hit her head and she felt everything blur and fell with a thud.


15th  century Rajasthan was an alluring place, it wouldn't be wrong if someone called it heaven too. Being one of the most beautiful places ever in the history, it never stopped to amaze. Rajasthan in the 15th century was divided into 2 kingdoms further with each having a powerful king. These two kings too pursued the enemity like their ancestors did. The two kingdoms Rudrabhoomi and Durvarashtra were hard on one another. Century-long battles didn't do anything but drifted them apart. They were constantly trying to beat each other and acquire the rights to rule Rajasthan as a whole kingdom.


Parvati woke up ...slowly opening her eyes. She looked around, she was startled and scared but too tired to get up. She saw that she was in a dark had black walls made of stone..but her bed was rather soft. she saw that except for a long mirror and this bed, there wasn't anything in the room. Now that really scared her. gathering up all the strength she got up and sat on the bed. Her hair was open, her clothes misplaced and her head was swollen. She was surprised these people didn't kill her because till now she had guessed that she may have entered Rudrabhoomi by mistake. The path to Rudrabhoomi from Durvarashtra passed througha forest.


Just as she was about to get down from her bed she heard someone unlock the door. She looked up at once, the door creaked open and a tall , broad-shouldered man walked in. He was unusually handsome and his moustache just made him look more perfect. As he came closer, she actually noticed him more, his muscular well built caramel body, his rugged face and scars on his bare chest. She looked down embarrassed.


The man came in confidently towards her and spoke up "kahan se ho tum?"


She looked up terrified and then answered "Durvarashtra". His fist tightened but strangely he didn't feel angry. He felt some kind of a different alien feeling. His curious eyes traced her fair, beautiful impeccable face. He mustn't have seen such a  prepossessing face ever in his life. He was mesmerized. He was a man who had seen and felt many women, but she was different. Something in her , made her irresistibly attractive. He moved closer and sat on the bed.


"hum log Rudrabhoomi se hain..aur tum tho jaanthi hi hogi..ek baar agar koyi Rudrabhoomi par paav rake tho hum use jeete-jaan jaane nahin denge"


She looked at him surprised and shocked. Fear filled each and every cell of her body. Unable to control himself he came closer which made her blush for some godforsaken reason. He did notice it.


"main tumhe jaane nahin doonga" he whispered huskily in her ear. Her body shivered due to his intimacy and the passion in words stirred her mind.


She looked up innocently , he looked into her pale eyes for sometime and then he said "tumhare liye kuch kapde bhejtha hoon..pehenkar neeche aajao.." and he left the room.


She was sure that he was a bandit from Rudrabhoomi. But why did he not kill her? Why did he offer her clothes? Why did he not ouch her or try to do something to her? Was he a bandit actually? Where the hell was she stuck!?


Do like and commentTongue and include some suggestions tooEmbarrassed and please give me ideas for a bannerConfused. would definitely love some volunteers!Wink


1. Chapter One

2. Chapter Two

3.Chapter Three

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Rudra as a king and Paro as a village belle !This is nice please do continue !
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Posted: 2014-01-22T12:39:10Z
interesting concept,,,,i'm guessing that rudra is a king or atleast next in line for the continue soon and add me to ur pm list and accept my buddy request...
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Really good keep at it
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Lovely Start ; D
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Posted: 2014-01-22T15:34:15Z
Great start!
Plz pm me the updates :)
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interesting first part continue soon please!
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