WU Rangrasiya-20th Jan2014 -Episode 16 - Fiery Paro emerges

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So sorry for the delay!!

part 1

Episode starts with Rudra scolding Paro for staying quiet and protecting the very people who disowned her and didn't stand by her. Then tells 'anyway what is new about it? ur mami and u both r women' he continues telling that women wreak havoc and go away without looking back and basically they also proved they r of the same kind.

And she quietly says,'and u also proved that u people r truly BSD' and Rudra looks at her in shock.
She says, 'Raja thakur sahab was completely correct in what he said'
A furious Rudra jumps on her asking 'what did u tell?'

"Animals, murderers, merciless devils! And this is not the first time that u have ripped everything from me."
Rudra grabs her and 'killers?'

Paro continues, 'and whether i accept this fact or not if the villagers open their doors for me, u people will enter from the same doorways and i wonder how many lives u will take! For one widowed Paro, the whole village from becoming widowed was avoided. the villagers did the correct thing. '
Rudra asks, 'oh ya, they left u to die here right? ya ur villagers did very correct thing'

Paro says, 'I already answered ur question. And what would those innocent helpless people do?'
Rudra rasps, 'I don't know what innocent, helpless people do, but i know exactly what the animalistic, murderous, heartless monsters will do! I have showed too much restraint! Now enough! The treatment for a guest is over!' holding Paro's mouth he says, 'before opening ur mouth to each food, u will have to open ur mouth to answer everything! u can drink as much as water as u want. but to stop ur hunger..' and he overturns the table in anger and he locks up a shaken Paro and leaves.

paro is alone and crying in the room.

Part 2

Thakurainsa and mamisa are crying together and Thakurainsa asks why she wasn't told that Paro came to the village today. She could have just taken one look at her.  Mamisa cries telling that, 'If one saw her, only by seeing her breathing in and out only will one know she is alive. Apart from that there is nothing alive left in her'

Thakur comes and mamisa quickly stands up and Thakur apologizes for it and tells that as said before its required to make this sacrifice.

But mamisa cries telling that her Paro has had bad fortune.. she first lost her parents, and then her husband was taken from her and now the village.. Thakur stops her and tells that its not her bad luck, but the fault of BSD as they took everything from her.

Thakurainsa pleads to find someway to save her, and Thakursa says that 'should I sell myself, or the whole village? I love Paro as a daughter too. But to bring my daughter back home I will not put the lives of every man and woman in risk. Today had I allowed the BSD to step inside the village, tomorrow they will enter the same lanes and then enter our homes. And then u will get to see the blood of the men of the village and the honor of the women in the gutters.'
Mami cries telling she understands what he is telling, but cries for her innocent Paro. Thakurainsa stops her and tells that nothing will happen to our Paro and looks pleadingly at Thejawath and he looks uncomfortable and then says he will look in to what he can do. And says that for that to happen even u will have to leave Bhirpur.
Mami happily agrees and he says that for her to go and live in Jaipur in their home and he will somehow manage to snatch paro away and bring her to her. Thakurainsa is happy.
mami thanks him on her knees... and after Thakur leaves mami and thakurainsa console each other that their Paro will be with them, safe and sound.

Thejawt is alone and one of his guards come and ask that is it true that he is going to bring Paro home, and that too alive?
He says that Paro needs to be finished off soon and to find someone to go to BSD headquarters and finish her off.

Part 3

Paro is alone in the room and she is praying trying to keep herself together, and Aman switches on the voice recorders in the room and he and Rudra watch her.  And she after a while goes to drink water only to see its over.
Aman tries to take water to her when Rudra stops him and fills a glass of water and takes a sip himself and then asks him to give it to her.

Aman goes and gives the glass to her and she drinks it in one go as she is parched.. Aman comes back and Rudra says to him 'she is our only witness. Keeping her alive means keeping our expectations alive. Whenever she is given water check it through me and give. '
Rudra says he will meet him later and leave

WHY??? I ASK WHY DO I ALWAYS GET Laila Rudra scenes to write! As if watching it once wasn't enough! OuchLOL

Rudra calls up Laila and then goes to meet her, she talks about how every1 is talking about him in Bhirpur and keeps chattering when she sees he is hurt and panics. But he doesn't allow her to do the bandaging and she exasperatedly tells even she doesn't know why she puts up with him. he is a scorpion. And a scorpion shouldn't be brought up, but rather be trampled under the foot and finished off!
Rudra says that its the usual for the 2 of them.

Laila gives him a drink. And asks he doesn't love her, nor has he come to get his wounds bandaged and asks why he came. And when he remains silent, she says she can understand then says what baffles her is as to why he has locked up the bride and asks if she is beautiful?
Rudra reprimands her and and she says that she knows about his thoughts on that. they talk and end up sleeping together.

Part 4

New day. Thakur-Thakurainsa r having breakfast. Thakurainsa is upset n not eating and he cajoles her and makes her happy. And their conversation leads to how she came to him years before trusting him.  And they have a romantic conversation as he tells that he doesn't feel like its been ages since meeting her and it feels as if it was 24hrs before. and they hug. Just as Thakurainsa asks the name of the new BSD officer, Thakur is called and he leaves without answering the question

Part 5

Paro is on the floor curled in to a fetal position. She is croaking in sleep as her throat is parched and she cannot speak clearly due to lack of water. She is telling the same mantra she said to the camel in her nightmare and this time its about peacocks taking away her pain and flying away and she is crying as she croaks this.

Tejawat gets an update from his guards about a highly reputed hitman set on taking Paro out. And he is a BSD one itself the guard says.

The hitman goes in and checks if Rudra is there by the officer on the outside.

Rudra comes to office in his bike and he seems to be dizzy. And someone opens the door to Paro's room and walks in. She in her sleep is whispers asking for some water.

Rudra asks another officer if there is a guard with the girl n gets an affirmative reply.

The man who entered Paro's room walks stirring dust and Paro starts coughing and episodes ends with Rudra watching her from the one way mirror (probably) as she whispers for some water.

Rudra kinda limps in to the room only to fall down unconscious. Paro holds a gun at him and seems hysterical and cries out 'he is the one who killed. he is the one who killed. He is the one who finished everyone and burned everyone' She seems to have mixed past and present once again.

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Finished. And again so sorry for getting late :(
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thanks, sunara.

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Thanks very much for the detailed WU.
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Thanks Sunara. Thumbs Up
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Thank u so much 4 fab WUBig smilexxx
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Thanks a ton Sunara fir the wonderful detailed update...
Again I.missed the epi... Cry gharwaale watching some other stupid serial...
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oh .. again laila scene? Angry ty sunara wont watch this today .. Dead
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