~ :: And We See the Light :: PaRud OS~

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::And We See the Light::

~Parud OS by Priya~

This OS consists of some chance encounters that brought them close..
Might seem a bit rushed. But still its supposed to be an OS. So hear you go!

Its been eight months since it happened. Four since she moved to this place, home for the oppressed. The BSD had been kind enough to move her into this sanctum for women which they ran through government funds. They had been noblest, she corrected. Where would she had been if not for these noble army men? May be she'd take to the streets to earn a living. That was what she'd have done. Thankfully she was spared from doing so. Thanks to the Almighty.

It had become a routine. She'd get up, finish her daily chores, pray in the small temple with in the army quarters then would spend rest of the day in silence. Sometimes she'd join the other oppressed women in the house for meal. Other times she'd starve letting the physical pain take over the mental one. He'd pay her a visit or two. What was his name? Rudra, yes. It started about three months ago when he decided to drop in, asking about her well being out of his guilt. Those visits became more frequent these days. She'd catch a glimpse of him during one of those nights he patrolled. They didn't speak much though. It was just a small connection, born out of the situation. She was alone, he had been alone all along; she realized.


Rudra on the other hand would keep an eye on her just to study her. One closer look, any one would realize she wasn't any typical woman. She had been that way. It had been six long months since she was disowned by her village, four long months since she entered the army women's rescue home. But she remained the same. She'd talk less, cry into her sleep and spend lonely nights longingly under the moon. He'd never acknowledge her though. Not even when he saw her shivering a bit as she sat on the bench outside the house.

One winter night.. he decided to talk to her. It was an extremely chilly night and there she was sitting on the bench, gazing at the moon hugging her knees all the while.

"You should go inside..."  he whispered from behind as he approached her spot, "you might freeze..."

She didn't look at him but just wiped her tears.

"Seasons change. Time isn't the same always. Like wise people aren't the same. One is good, one isn't. You shouldn't judge all women just because you're betrayed by one.."

Anger welled up inside him, but he composed. How dare she teach him such stuff? He was not a kid who'd listen to her blabbering. Here he was moved a little, seeing her suffering in the chill and walked over to give her some advice, which she returned tactfully. Wordlessly, he stormed off leaving her to struggle.


A week later, he found himself close to his deathbed only to be saved by a woman. He had been on a mission in which he injured himself and landed on the doorstep of a tribal woman. She looked uncivilized, deprived of her rights in the small tanda. Yet she saved him with her little knowledge in medicine. All he could do was thank her as she guided him to his camp through the forest.

One is good one isn't.. You can't judge all women..

Her words echoed in his head.

Hell! Her voice wouldn't just fade away even after all these weeks. And over the top he had started feeling guilty even more guilty for all that he did. He has suspected her, manhandled her, did not even apologize when he got to know she was innocent. Did not even meet her in proper.

And so he met her on another typical winter night. She was in her usual spot, looking lost, obviously feeling lonely.

Kyu koi nahi hai maare liye.. Why don't I have someone who'd hold me as I fall!

 He heard her speak while sobbing.

He cleared his throat. Then said what he should have said long ago.

"I'm sorry. Sorry for all that I've put you through.. May be you were right."

"I forgive you!" the reply was an instant one.

"God saves those who will forgive, who will love. God gives them love.."

Her voice was thick but had a deep meaning to it.


Another night he gave her one of his cloak as he couldn't see her thin  figure shivering under moonlight anymore. He was patrolling that night when he saw her.

"Wear it. God doesn't like one who punishes one's own self.."

She didn't respond. The following night however he felt good to see her wearing it.

His field work schedule was cropped to a drastic low level. He found himself operating from the base. And that gave him more time to go down and see her.

He dint know why he went. But every night he'd go there trying to find an answer as to how she found solace under the starlit sky. Did the moon take her loneliness away with him every night?

Everyday he'd sit beside her on the bench stargazing by her side. They never spoke. One day she broke the silence.

"the stars keep me company. Its nice to have someone though, who's alive. Don't you think so? No one should be left lonely. Everyone needs to see the light.."

Unsure of what to say he agreed.

"One is lonely until he lets someone come to him. I guess now you are not lonely." He told her one day.

 " so open up!"

And she did. He could see she was coming out of her shell, talking with other ladies, indulging in activities other than stargazing. She'd talk about random things, her opinions about life with him. And he began to enjoy her company. What was this bond that kept them together?

"Why won't you let someone come to you?" she asked one night.

You dont want to be lonely. Do you?

No he didn't. And so slowly he began to open up a bit. Her antics brought him smile. They spent longer hours under the moonlight, talking occasionally smiling. Well she was the one who smiled always though..

~ A few nights later~

"Look its dawn.. Oh I can see the light!" she screamed happily, her face glowing in the din sunlight.

"I see the light too.." he smiled for the first time after ages glancing sideways at her.

And she was the reason behind it. She took his loneliness way. Her hand moved to hold his as she smiled up at him.

And finally they saw light...

 ------ -  --------------- the end ------- --------------------- -----------

Thank you for reading this. Its just a random idea. I hope some of u like itSmile Might be lame I know... My first ever Parud one.
N oh please do leave ur comment.Embarrassed

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Such a beautiful heart touching OS !!!
Do write more dear :)
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Posted: 2014-01-20T08:18:58Z
Beautiful OSClap
Thanks for sharingHug
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Posted: 2014-01-20T08:24:05Z
That was really touching1

Great workHeart
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Posted: 2014-01-20T08:27:34Z
Nice One. It was so connected and apt.
However, if you allow me, I would like to add that it was a bit rushed too. This could be part of an FF and much longer cuz in the end I was left with the feeling "And then...?"
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Posted: 2014-01-20T08:34:17Z
Originally posted by NicklausBarbie

Such a beautiful heart touching OS !!!
Do write more dear :)

thank youSmile
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Posted: 2014-01-20T08:34:26Z
nice writing. 
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Posted: 2014-01-20T08:34:41Z
Originally posted by IAmMayFlower

Beautiful OSClap
Thanks for sharingHug

thanks dearSmile
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