OS: Destined to Meet

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Hello Everyone! I heard a story long before, toh using the concept of that story i have written an OS . since i am an honest thief toh pehle bata rahi hoon k chori ka concept hai LOL

I have used different colors so that you dont get confused while reading. Do read my colorful Os LOL

Ram was coming back to Mumbai, India after 5 years to attend the engagement of his best friend Vikram.  The name of the city took him back to the memories of a girl whom he met at a bus stop. Yes he used to travel in bus as he was not that rich but now he has established himself as a successful businessman.

It was Monday, first day of the week. Ram was as usual waiting for his bus, the 8:30 bus which takes him to the college. He was looking here n there when suddenly a girl caught his attention. She was dressed in white salwar suit and her hairs neatly tied into braid.  Ram was feeling attracted towards her. He kept looking at her. She was continuously looking at her watch.

"shayad bus ka wait kar rahi hai", Ram sighed.

The sound of the bus horn bought him back to reality.  Ram didn't want to board the bus but he unwillingly get into the bus. To his surprise, the girl too boarded the same bus. The bus started its journey. The girl was standing near to Ram with 4-5 people between them. Ram closely observed her face as if trying to read it. All he could read was fear n nervousness.  She was looking innocent like a child. Ram wanted to know her name; he wanted to know about her. He was thinking whether to ask her name or not. Before he could ask her name, his stop came and they both departed.

Next day, Ram was very excited hoping to see the girl again. He paid attention to his looks, dressed properly after ages. He had a thought going on in his mind, "agar wo aaj nahi aayi toh?" but then he had little hopes, "shayad aajaye". He dashed to the bus stop and he was waiting for the girl. With each passing second, his hopes were dying. After few minutes he saw the girl coming towards bus stop wearing pink color dress. She had some books with her,  "shayad padhai kar rahi hai", Ram concluded.

"aaj toh iska naam jaan kar rahunga", Ram decided. Ram was unable to decide the reason for his behaviour. "Why I am behaving this way? Why I am so desperate to know her name? Kahin mujhe pyaar toh...nahi aisa kuch nahi hai, I am just curious aur koi baat nahi hai"

Bus arrived, they boarded the bus. The girl was standing next to him.  Ram noticed that girl still had nervousness written all over face but little less than yesterday. Ram, gathering all his courage, asked her name.

"Kya mai aapka naam jaan sakta hoon?" The girl stared him for few seconds and then turned other side without uttering a word.

Ram found her behavior very rude.

"Itna attitude! Kya samajhti hai khudko? Naam hi toh pucha tha? Shaadi ke liye thodi na pucha tha?"

Ram decides that now he'll not look at that girl neither think about her. But his heart betrayed him, it refused to obey him. How much he tries not to think about her, he end up doing same. This whole thing atleast taught him how to dress up, his taste of clothes and styling changed for better. How much he denies it but the fact was it was all to impress the girl.

He smiled remembering how his friends used to tease him.

"hero lag raha hai, kya baat hai", "lagta hai kisi ladki ka chakkar hai". The girls who never looked at him now wants to be friend with him, asks him for a coffee. Ram was least bothered about their attention. Ram wanted to know the girl's opinion; he wanted to know whether girl has paid any attention but unfortunately he doesn't know, neither there was a way to know.

They used to travel in same bus but Ram never tried to speak to her again.

One day bus was over crowded; Ram was standing very next to the same girl near bus entrance. He was trying hard to balance himself so that he doesn't have to touch the girl for support. His reason was, "bhadak gayi toh".

Driver suddenly applied brake and in order to save himself from falling out of bus, Ram kept his hand on girl's shoulder and gripped it tightly. After balancing himself, he realized where he has kept his hand. He immediately removed his hand. He was trying to read her mind, her face but couldn't do that.

Next day, Ram had to go to college early. He reached bus stop and there he saw the same girl sitting. He can't wait for bus so he decides to take a cab or auto. He thought of asking the girl to join him as their route was same but then he thought, "mai kyu pucho? Wo manage karlegi"

But then his heart went against his wish n he asked her, "chaho toh mere saath chal sakti ho, mai chod dunga tumhe"

He waited for her to reply and when she didn't replied he hired an auto and went off.

One day that girl n Ram were sitting on the same seat in the bus. The girl started searching something in her bag. She was taking out things from her bag n in the process she scattered her belongings. Ram was just looking at her confusedly. He asked, "kya dhundh rahi ho?"

"phone...mera phone nahi mil raha hai", She replied.

This was the first time that Ram heard her voice. He found her voice sweet but tensed.

"mere phone se apna number dial karo", Ram suggested.

But the girl continued taking out n keeping in the things. This irked Ram.

"sab log dekh rahe hai, aur tamasha mat karo, apna number dial karo", Ram said angrily and kept his phone in her hand.

She dialed her number and her phone's was found beside her feet on bus floor. They reached their destination and passengers were getting down the bus. Ram's eyes fell on the ID card lying on the seat. It was girl's card, he shouted for her but she was gone. He read her name, "Priya Sharma". A smile crept on his face. She was medical student of XYZ College.

"ye college toh mere college se thodi duri par hai", Ram said to himself. He kept the card safely in his pocket n decides to return it tonight at her home.

Ram was cursing that thought, that moment, that night as he blames himself for destroying her career, her life.

"kash mai us raat uske ghar na gaya hota toh yun uski zindagi barbad na hoti", Ram sighed.

Somewhere in delhi, Priya was packing her bags for Mumbai.

"tera jaana zaroori hai kya?", a lady asked Priya.

"maasi hum already discuss kar chuke hai na is baare",Priya replies

"mai nahi chahti k tu wahan jaye,bas baat khatam", maasi replied.

"par kal raat toh aap maan gaye the na maasi", Priya pouted.

"raat gayi baat gayi, mai ab keh rahi hoon tu nahi jayegi", maasi replied sternly.

"agar maasi ne mujhe jaane nahi diya toh mai kaise mil paogi us se?pata nahi kaise dhundhugi usey", Priya thought.

"maasi agar mai nahi gayi toh Neha ko bura lagega", Priya tried to convince maasi.

"lagne de bura, mujhe unlogo pe bharosa nahi hai", Maasi replied.

"maasi wo mere chacha chachi hai", Priya defended.

"isiliye itna bura sulook kiya tha tujhse", Maasi replied.

Priya leaves her packing, sits with maasi, takes her hands in her hands , "maasi mujhe pata hai aap mujhe unlogo ke paas nahi bhejna chahte, aaj Neha ki sagai hai, uski life ka itna bada din hai aur mai nahi gayi toh usey bura lagega, please maasi"

"tu nahi manegi na?", Maasi asked

Priya nods her head in no.

"ziddi ladki, theek hai ja aur apna khayal rakhna", Maasi agreed.

Priya hugs maasi and thanks her.

"waise tu kab kar kar rahi hai shaadi?", Maasi questioned her.

"meri shaadi kahan se aagayi beech mai", Priya asked

"chahe kuch hojaye is saal teri shaadi karwake rahungi", saying Maasi left the room.

This was not the first time that Maasi asked her for marriage, Maasi has been persuading her for last 3 years and Priya has been avoiding it. Maasi even asked her if she loves someone but she denied. But the truth is She do love someone not from now but from past 5 Years and the strange thing is she don't know anything about him not even his name. How can she this say to Maasi that she don't know the name of the person to whom she love.

She went back to the time when she first saw him.

Dressed in mismatch clothes, long hairs and grown up beard, he was gazing her as if he has never seen a girl. She was already nervous as it was first day of her college and his gaze made her even more uncomfortable. The sight of bus relieved her but it was temporary because he too boarded the bus. Next day he asked her name. 

Priya smiled remembering her reaction. She took him to be a flirt and turned other side avoiding his question.

From next day, he started maintaining some distance from her. This quality of his attracted Priya. Had he been the flirt, he would have persuaded her but he distanced himself from her.

She recollected how he changed his looks: clean shave, trimmed hair and proper dressing. She wanted to say him that he looks handsome but couldn't do so.

Her smile gets broader remembering his first touch.

 That day bus was over crowded and due to sudden break applied by driver he kept his hand on her shoulder for support. She smiled unnoticed by him. But when he looked up, he immediately removed his hand as if he has seen a ghost. Priya didn't understand the reason for his behavior.

Priya's smile vanished thinking about the unfateful day that seperated her from him. It was the same day when she was searching her phone and in the process lost her ID card. He came to her house to return the card and end up humiliating himself.

Priya's packing was done and she started for Mumbai. She was going to Mumbai after 6 years. She was praying to God to at least bring him in front of her eyes for once. Ram too landed in Mumbai. Vikram's driver was waiting for him; Ram gets into the car and they started for the venue.  Ram was again lost in his thoughts,

That night Ram rings the bell of Priya's house. A boy opens the door.

"Ye Priya ka ID card, bus mai mila mujhe, kya aap usey de denge", Ram said.

Hearing Ram's voice, a lady came out.

Lady: tum Priya ko kaise jante ho?

Ram:mai nahi janta usey, mai sirf card dene aaya hoon

"khub samajhti hoon, card ke bahane tu usse milne aaya hai", lady shouted.

All neighbours gathered due to her shoutings.

"dheere boliye", Ram requested.

"ye toh yahan aane se pehle sochna chahiye tha, aaj kal ke ladko ko toh bas ladkiyon ke peechne ghumne aata hai", lady shouted again.

"aap galat samajh rahi hai",Ram tried to explain. But lady was hell bent on not listening; she didn't pay any heed to Ram's words and continued her bantering. Ram turned to go away as soon as possible but he could still hear the voices.

"bin ma baap ki bacchi samajh kar ghar par rakha aur ye to hame hi badnaam karne chali, ladke ki himmat k wo ghar tak aagaya", lady shouted.

A neighbour, "saari galti ladke ki thodi na hogi, zaroor ladki ne bhi kuch kiya hoga"

Another neighbour, " bilkul thaali thodi na ek haath se bachti hai"

Ram was feeling very bad; he blamed himself for all this. He held himself responsible cos of him Priya had to hear such nasty things.

Next day, he was at bus stop. A boy came and gave him a letter and a book. Ram opened the letter,

"kal raat jo hua wo nahi hona chahiye tha, meri wajah se aapko bahot kuch sunna pada, mai bahot sharminda hoon, hosake toh mujhe maaf kardena...kal raat chachi ne saari kitabein jaladi, padhai bhi band karwadi; ye ek kitab reh gayi jo aapko bhej rahi hoon, meri maafi samajh kar rakhlena"

After reading the letter, Ram's guilt increased thinking that because of him Priya was deprived of her education. He thought of meeting her once but he backed out as that would only add to her problems.

Ram caressed the book lovingly. He keeps the book near to him, always...wherever he goes.

Priya steps in Neha's house. She remembers how that night her chachi burnt her all books, how she was confined in a room. One day Neha somehow contacted Maasi, made her aware of Priya's condition and then Maasi took away Priya to Delhi along with her.

"tum aagayi Priya", Neha hugs her excitedly.

"yes, mai aagayi", Priya replies smilingly.

"mujhe laga tha ka maasi tumhe nahi aane degi", Neha said.

"kaise nahi aati apni behen ki sagah mai", Priya replies

"chalo jaldi se ready hojao, guest aana start hogaye hai", Neha takes Priya to her room. Priya gets ready and then Neha introduces her to Vikram and his family.

Ram asked driver, "tumhe address toh pata hai na?"

Driver answers, "haan sir mujhe pata hai,  hum bas pahonch gaye"

Driver turned the car into a street which was familiar to Ram. It was same street where Ram came 5 years back.

"shayad address galat hai? Ek bar Vikram se puchlete hai", Ram suggested.

"Vikram sir ne yahin ka address diya hai", Driver assured him.

Driver stops the car right infront of Priya's house, "hum pahonch gaye sir". Ram didn't know how to react, he went blank. He was wondering, "kahin Vikram ki sagai Priya se toh nahi". He was scared to death.

"Are you sure k yahi ghar hai?", Ram questioned.

"yes sir yahi ghar hai, aap andar jayie", driver replied.

Ram went inside the house and Vikram received him.

"kitna waqt laga diya, kaha reh gaya tha", Vikram complained.

"traffic mai aur kahan", Ram blamed traffic.

"kaisa hai tu, aane mai koi problem toh nahi huyi?", Vikram asked.

Ram was desperate to see the bride; he wanted to know whether she is his Priya, his love.

"apni fiance se nahi milwayega?", Ram asked Vikram.

Vikram takes Ram with him to introduce him to Neha.

"ye hai Neha my fiance aur Neha ye hai mera best friend Ram", Vikram introduces them.

"ye hai teri fiance?", Ram asked surprisingly.

"haan", Vikram replied.

Ram congratulated them, he was relieved but his eyes were searching Priya and he hears her sweet voice,

"Neha maasi tumse baat karna chahti hai", Priya said while giving phone to Neha. Neha excused herself. Ram turned to look at the source of voice and found Priya standing right in front of him. Their eyes met, they both couldn't believe their eyes.

Ram noticed that Priya has not changed a bit; in fact she was looking much prettier than before. Her enigmatic eyes, warm smile everything was same.

Priya noticed that he has put on some weight, he looks plump but he looks cute this way.

They came out of trance when Vikram introduces them.

"Ram ye Neha ki cousin Priya hai aur Priya ye Ram hai"

Ram forwards his hand for handshake, Priya slowly raises her hand but Vikram dragged Ram with him to introduce him to others.

Both wanted to talk to each other but both were surrounded by guests.

Ram was sitting with Vikram and Priya was serving guests with soft drinks.

"mujhe washroom jaana hai, kaha hai?", Ram asked Vikram

"mujhe bhi nahi pata, ek minute ruk", Vikram replied.

Vikram called Priya and requested her to take Ram to washroom. Finally they got the time alone. After going out of hall, away from crowd, Ram says, "mujhe washroom nahi jaana hai, mujhe tumse baat karni hai"

Priya was just listening to him.

" mai bahot sharminda hoon, meri wajah se tumhari life kharab hogayi, tum aagey nahi pad saki, tumhare sapne toot gaye sirf meri galti ki wajah se, kam se kam maafi mangne ka mauka toh diya hota", Ram poured out his heart.

"aapki koi galti nahi hai, rahi baat meri padhai ki toh meri Maasi mujhe yahan se Delhi le gayi, wahan maine apni studies complete ki aur ab ek reputed hospital mai doctor hoon; yahan Neha ki sagai ke liye aayi hoon", Priya replied all his answers in one breathe.

Ram smiled at her chirpiness.

"hamara introduction toh theek se hua hi nahi", Priya said.

Priya forwards her hand and introduces herself proudly, "Hi, I am Priya, Dr. Priya Sharma"

Ram shakes her hand, "Ram, Ram kapoor"

"kitna bolti ho tum", Ram teased her. Priya blushed at his comment.

Ram dragged Priya along with him outside the house. Priya didn't understand what's going on. Ram took out the book, given by Priya, from car and started writing something on first page of book. He, then, gave the book to Priya. Priya read,

"agar pehli mulaqat mai hi itni baat ki hoti toh ab tak intezar nahi karna padta


Smile spread on Priya's face, tears make their way on her cheeks, and finally her dream became reality. She hugged Ram tightly.

i hope k sabko story samajh aayi hogi aur koi bhi confused nahi hua hoga, incase u r confused you can do one thing "read it again" LOL

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Posted: 2014-01-19T23:37:02Z
Yayyy me firstParty
bht dino k baadd chance mila haiLOL
superb os...
wah wah...
ye to sarif chor haiLOLEdited by Mini1991 - 2014-01-20T02:30:34Z
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Posted: 2014-01-20T00:23:26Z
wow suprb darling just amazing like ray like story
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Posted: 2014-01-20T01:10:11Z
Awesome update
and thanks 4 pm
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Posted: 2014-01-20T01:23:20Z
superb os dear 
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Posted: 2014-01-20T01:52:23Z
That was a beautiful OS dear...I loved it...Keep writing...Clap
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Posted: 2014-01-20T02:09:49Z
That was fantastic dear .. copy ya kuch bhi ho Raya magic filled in this update with your style of writing loved it to the core ... 
Thank you for posting and pm tooo .. 
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Posted: 2014-01-20T02:16:12Z
story was nicely blended.
i love the story very very muchClapClap
end was short and sweet. but u if u add some more in ending it ll be super sweetClap
thank u
hoping as many OS ll publish soon
all the bestClap
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