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Hi All, 

Because of Certain  Constraint I was not able to Post updates of TUMKO DEKHA TO - Season-2 

on my wordpress blog. I am Happy to inform you  that TDT-2 is now being updated in my new blog address tdt2rayaworld.blogspot.in.

I am updating TDT. 

Thank You ince again and Sorry For the Endless Wait. 

------ Saras.

Here is a Small OS for all of u . 

Message from Saras di .

Forever  Mine...OS on episode 159


Heads Hai..heads hai..Ram yelped with joy and gave Priya a big hug..he was smiling..there were tears in his eyes..Priya looked at him, surprised and puzzled. Ram took her hands in his and said..

Ram: Priya...mein tumse kuch kehna chaahtha hoon..pata nahin kaise kahoon?

Priya: Kya hai Mr Kapoor, aap itne sharmaa kyun rahe hain? What are you going to say?

Ram looks into her eyes..Priya...I...

They hear footsteps at the door..it is Ram's step mother Niharika..Ram lets go of Priya's hand. Priya moves away from Ram. Ram looks irritated at his special moment being spoilt.

Niharika looks from Ram to Priya totally puzzled.

Niharika: Ram tum toh kal aaney wale the..phir kya hua? Oh yes! I know you came here for Nutz' fashion show..hai na? I knew it! You love her so much..

Ram: Ma..I came here today..not for Nutz fashion show..that I could have attended tomorrow anyway..aaj kuch special hai..anyway you won't understand..excuse me..

Niharika looks like she just ate a dozen lemons! She turns to a subdued Priya..and tells her sternly..

Niharika: Priya...tum mere saath aao..we need to go to visit Mrs Malhotra. And please let us go and get some good clothes..look at you..

Ram turns back and says: Oh..sorry ma I forgot to tell you..Priya is not going with you..I am taking her with me ..and shopping..yes I will go with her and Ma..Priya looks great to me! Chalo Priya..der ho rahi hai..let's go..bye ma

Priya: Mr Kapoor..yeh...aap..kya bol rahe the..where are we going and Ma se aisee baat aap kabhi nahin karthe..hum jaa kahaan rahe hain?

Ram: Kitna bolti ho tum? First shopping..then ghar..phir we go out..don't ask anything more ok..

Priya sees a new Ram ..she is surprised and steals glances at him in the car..she missed him so much..it felt nice to just be with him..Ram sees Priya looking at him and smiles happily..

Ram thinks..Priya..I know you feel the same way about me as I feel about you...Today I will make you mine...forever!

Ram takes Priya shopping and gets her a lovely black saree. She smiles happily and thinks how nice it felt to feel special. But her mind keeps going back to what happened in his office a while ago..what if his mother had not interrupted? What would he have told her..he looked at her differently..she had butterflies in her stomach!

Ram: Mrs Kapoor, for once you seem tongue-tied! Kya hua? Kuch zyaada soch rahi ho?

Priya: Nahin..woh..bas..I was very surprised to see you at the office.


Ram: Aur?...

Priya: Ghar aa gaya!

Ram laughs loudly..ok Mrs Kapoor point noted..I have a few calls to make..go and wear that saree and dress up real nice..well you always do.. we are going out..

Priya: yes I will but where?

Ram: No questions.

Priya goes to the kitchen to leave instructions for dinner while Ram goes into the bedroom..

Niharika is furious and wants to make trouble..she walks after Ram

Ram looks around at his room- it was his room before...now it was theirs..she made it theirs with their special moments captured on camera..moments where they slowly became friends...and then there would be many more..Ram had to make a few calls..he turns around to see his mother..

Niharika: See..what she has done..you went away for a week and look she changed your room..

Ram smiles happily..yes ma she changed my room..she just made it our room..I LOVE IT!!

Priya hears this as she enters the room and Niharika walks away angry and disappointed!

Ram: Priya...I simply love it..it feels like home finally! Chalo let's go now...jao Mrs Kapoor..I cannot wait any more.


Part 2


Ram makes a few calls from his study while Priya goes to change into the beautiful saree Ram chose for her..

Priya (thinks) Ram...this feels like a dream..your call..your surprise at office..taking me shopping and now this...what is all this I wonder?

Priya twists her hair into a bun ..admires herself in the mirror as she wears a lovely long earring ..she smiles as she wears a bindi..Ram and his OCD about her thedi bindi..it brought back memories of meeting him at the restaurant..he was so different then..but now..

Priya (thinks) Did Ram change or has the way I feel about Ram changed..I cannot but help gaze at him, I love everything he does..I can watch his smiling face all day..his guffaw..scratching his temple.. Priya just goes into a trance lipstick in her hand..she is too busy dreaming of her man to notice him stand quietly at the door with a naughty look!

Ram: Priyaji, you are sure you want to wear that lipstick? But mutters  softly...usska kya kaam it is going off anyway ;)

Priya turns around hastily...

Priya: Mr Kapoor..yeh ..woh..aap ?? Kabhi  aaye?

Ram: Haan mein..I came as you were lost in thoughts...you had a lovely smile on your face..I did not have the heart to disturb you par kya karein we have to leave now..but ussey pehle..

He walks to her, takes out a beautiful chain with a lovely diamond pendant  from his pocket..and looks at Priya and says..May I?

Priya is too tongue-tied to say anything..she just nods yes..

Ram's hands brushes her neck as he leisurely clasps the chain..Priya shivers as his touch sends goosebumps.. Ram just comes closer and takes a deep breath and pulls of the pins from her hair sending her hair cascading down her back..

Priya: Mr Kapoor..yeh aapne kya kar diya..

Ram: Laughs...Priya...your hair looks lovely like this..and ...you look lovely in this..AND...meine abhi tak kuch kiya hee nahin!!!

Priya can only gape at this new Ram..not the Golu..but why was he behaving this way?

Ram takes her hand in his and asks with a smile..Chalein Mrs Kapoor?..

They walk towards the beautiful black BMW..Ram waves off the driver saying he would drive the car ..Opens the car door for Priya, makes sure she is comfortably seated and drives off with his love.



Part 3


The powerful car makes its way through the slow city traffic..Ram whistles happily as he drives on..today errant drivers or incessant honking doesn't bother him. Priya wonders what her Mr Kapoor is upto? Where were they off to?


Outskirts of the city... Priya has a question mark on her face..Ram  just says just relax ok? I am taking you to a beautiful place. She just smiles and nods..looks out of the window as the air gets colder.

The car comes to a halt in front of a gate ..Priya realises that she had slept! Ram drives through to a quaint little cottage..a lovely garden in front with blooming roses...Priya looks at the house with awe- it did look like something from a picture postcard..

Priya asks: Mr Kapoor yeh hum kahaan aaye hain? Yeh kiska ghar hai?

Ram takes her hand and points out to the entrance...It says Kapoors...Ram and Priya! She cannot contain her surprise..

Priya: This house is ours???? When did you buy it?

Ram: Priya, this is ours- just for us...our little home away from the maddening crowd, away from prying eyes..bas you and me!

Chalo..he holds her hand and opens the door..

The house smells of fresh roses and has a warmth in it..The living room has a huge picture of both of them taken at the Maharashtra Gujarat border and many other pictures of theirs...only Ram and Priya...no one else.  Priya is wide- eyed with wonder..


Ram: Priya tum fresh hoke aao..dinner is ready!

For once Mrs Kapoor cannot say a word!  She comes out to see Ram set a table for two in the patio overlooking the hills..scented candles light up the place and the red roses spreads love everywhere.. Priya walks into the patio.

Ram: Priya..I know you have a lot of questions about today..why I came back so early? Why all this?

Priya : Hmm

Ram takes out a ring from his pocket..Priya I have fallen in love with you...deeply and madly..I wanted to share this with you..and I wanted to make this special for you..I don't know if you reciprocate my feelings but I know you care for me a lot..for me that is enough. I wanted you to know that I cannot imagine life without you..Ram is emotional and has tears in his eyes..

Priya, I never knew that I would say these words to a woman one day..but yes I love you very very much..you are my friend, my soulmate. But having said that..Priya, please don't feel afraid that I would force you to take this relationship forward..I will always be your friend first..whether you love me or not..I know it has taken 6 long months to realise what you mean to me.

Priya cannot hold back her tears anymore..she just hugs him. Ram is taken aback..he holds her tight..tears flow freely . Ram finally pulls her away and wipes her tears..She wipes his tears..

Ram:  Priya...why did you cry?

Priya: Ram, I fell in love with you..a long time back..did not express my love to you..I was dying every minute thinking that I would never hear you utter these words to me..

Ram: Priya...Darlinggg...you mean you have also been in love with me all along..you brat..itna time waste kiya?

Priya: Arrey Mr Kapoor..meine kahan waste kiya..aap hee ne kuch kaha nahin..isliye...and mein kaise kehthee?

Ram: Acha dinner karein? Badi bhook lagi hai!

Priya (thinks) some things never change..itna romantic mahaul..itni badi moment share ki and he is worried about aloo paranthas!

Ram( interrupts her thoughts) haan pata hai..itna acha romantic mahaul, itni badi moment aur mein khaaney ki baat kar raha hoon!!

While Priya opens her mouth to say something, Ram just walks over to her pulls her and seats her on his lap..She blushes furiously..

Ram nuzzles her ear and says softly..aaj naa bahut kuch karna hai...dancing...singing...wagaira wagaira..haha uskey liye taakath chahiye meri jaan!

Priya jumps up and says Raaam..yeh kya aap..

Ram: Hein you called me Raaam...aaahaaa tho Mr Kapoor ab Ram ho gaye!!! Haaye I can't wait..aagey kya bulaogi? Darling? Honey?

Priya: Ishhh aap bhee na..

Ram: Ok ok let us eat!

They have a leisurely meal talking, laughing..reminiscing about the early days of marriage, the awkwardness!

Priya clears the dishes and goes to the kitchen..Ram follows her..stands behind her and slowly puts his hand on her waist..turns her around and kisses her..their first kiss..sweet..full of longing for each other.

Ram looks at Priya..she sees the desire in his eyes. She nods quietly..Ram carries her towards the bedroom..a simple room..no fuss ..no white swans or flower petals everywhere..there is no cake..just a couple of scented candles and two souls deeply in love yearning for each other.

Happy and sated a long time later..Ram looks at his wife Priya...plays with her hair and says..Forever Mine.


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yesterday only I was reading season 1 episodesHeart...and see what I got today thank you for writing this I miss those episodes so much...very very nice OS ClapClap
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Posted: 2014-01-19T11:14:53Z
Oh fab...that was just amazinggg
can we have more such os plzzz
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Posted: 2014-01-19T11:23:18Z
Its beautifulll. Season 1 kee memories refresh ho gayi. Pls say thanks to saras on my (sparky) behalf for reliving those priceless moments
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Posted: 2014-01-19T11:57:37Z
wow it awesome 
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Posted: 2014-01-19T22:26:29Z
lovely i already read it in rkr but it feel fresh now also 
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Posted: 2014-01-20T00:03:56Z
very well written :)
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Posted: 2014-01-20T01:09:49Z
Beautifull update Saras..
Very refreshing nd sweet take on that epi..u made us remember the most cherishable memories of Season 1..
Loved it..
Hope u'll write more like this..
Thanx Sanju for sharing with us.. Hug
Will read TDT2 too on blog.. Big smile
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