OS-safety in his arms

Posted: 2014-01-18T18:30:40Z
Paro screamed and screamed, waking Rudra from his deep sleep. He was out of his bed and was running towards Paro's room before his brain registered what was happening.

He opened he door and saw Paro huddled against the wall sobbing her eyes out. His heart twisted. Without giving into practical reasoning, he silently moved towards Paro and picked her up in his arms and walked back to his room with sobbing Paro. He carefully placed on his bed and saw that her fingers were locked on his rudraksha.

His eyes flew to her, but her eyes were closed tightly. She was chanting the mantra over and over again. He laid down next to Paro facing her. He was reminded of the time in the hospital, where she had nightmares. He was keeping a watch over her like a cop over the prisoner. She started to whimper ad within seconds turned to a full blown screaming session.

He had run towards her ,trying to wake her up, But she wouldn't. Ultimately her trashing hands found his rudraksha and she calmed down as if by magic. when RUdra tried to get up, she whimpered and held on to his RUdraksha hard.

"just like now "mused Rudra.watching the sleeping Paro. Asleep with not a worry in the world. How am I going to sleep with her next to me??wondered Rudra??Finally after eons, he finally fell asleep.

Paro could not sleep the next night. She acted nonchalant during dinner. False Bravado. He had seen through her charade. He even offered to stay with her all night. But she refused. Said she is brave enough. But now in the middle of the night, she was not so sure. She was terrified. She looked back again and again at her bed, Hoping to drive away all the demons there. After walking and debating for a long time, she made up her mind. Silently she moved to Rudra's room. He was sleeping on his side with one arm outstretched.

He was alerted by the creaking door. But not so much as a hair moved. He kept his breathing long and even.Paro moved into the room, slowly moved towards the bed and stood there watching his sleeping form.

Silently she went to his side ,laid down on the bed, with her head on his outstretched arm.
she stretched her hand towards the Rudraksha in his other hand. As she reached his hand, she stretched her finger to grasp the rudraksha. His hand moved back. She tried again. His hand moved back again. This time his hand did not stop moving backwards. She looked up at his face and eyes locked. His eyes smileless,sure and serious. Her eyes pleading.

His hands kept moving backwards till it reached the quilt covering his torso. He picked it up and covered them both, brought it back to her chest and covered her. All without breaking the eye contact.
he left his hand on her stomach. She lifted her hand and placed it over his. Slid her finger over his hand and grasped the Rudraksha. Their eyes remained locked.

Slowly her eyes drooped, grew heavy and finally closed. Her breathing grew even and heavy.

Rudra had a faint smile on his face. Giving into his instincts, he leaned over and kissed her on her cheek. He did not move. He could not bare to break the contact. He stayed in that position for a long time. Then with a heavy sigh moved his head back and placed it back on the pillow and closed his eyes. Their breathing mingling with the warm Rajasthan BreezeEdited by DN2012 - 2014-01-18T18:28:42Z
Posted: 2014-01-18T18:36:34Z
Very nice Clap
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Posted: 2014-01-18T18:38:41Z
Originally posted by mpat

Very niceClap

Thank you very much...
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Posted: 2014-01-18T18:39:31Z
Really sweet.
She reminded me of a little kid... she needed to feel protected.
Rudra or the Rudraksha... she needed both.
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Posted: 2014-01-18T18:40:44Z
Originally posted by sarita_barun

Really sweet.
She reminded me of a little kid... she needed to feel protected.
Rudra or the Rudraksha... she needed both.

Yes I thought so too. hence the OS.
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Posted: 2014-01-18T18:47:05Z
Originally posted by rashika

Nice os

Thank You
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Posted: 2014-01-18T18:52:23Z
really really really sweet Embarrassed
write more! 
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Posted: 2014-01-18T19:18:30Z
Originally posted by aruni50218

really really really sweetEmbarrassed
write more!

Thank You very much.boring weekend and I am daydreaming and night dreaming ofRudra and Paro... Big smile
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