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Her bare feet slowly moved upon the smooth cold wooden panels of the house.The corridor was dark and bleak. She could hear a buzz of activity downstairs but she did not pay any heed to it.She was no longer part of the normal world. She existed in pain and it seemed only for pain.

She could see many doors to her right which were still left unexplored even after almost a month of being in this huge house. Yes, she had counted the sunsets and sunrises. It was the only thing that hadn't changed in her life. The only thing that was really habitual in this world.

To her left were those large windows which led her vision to the huge garden. She found it beautiful but quickly dismissed the thought. Her wistful gaze would be enough to burn it to ashes. Because beauty and color were not meant to be hers to behold and feel.

So, she waited.

She leaned her head against the misty glass frame of the windows watching everything turn to dark.

He did not return yet.

He had brought her to his house. The BSD officer. Rudra, he had said. They couldnt keep her in jail, without any proof of her crime so they had moved her to some kind of army headquarters. He had been there too and had never seemed to hold back from expressing his distaste at her presence. She had felt suffocated there. It had been a fortress of men, all just like him. Or so she had thought. Because none of them took her home with them, when called away from Birpur on a mission. She hadn't objected. Because by then she had learnt the truth about the Barat that she had been a part of. Of her husband whom he had saved her from.


She was at his uncle's house. He had an uncle and an aunt with whom her interactions were limited. His cousin brother had tried to talk to her but if her silence wasn't enough to discourage him, she had seen Rudra shooting his burning glances at him which was enough to fend him off. The cousin sister didn't seem to like her much.

Yet she was left alone with these people all day long till he returned at night. He visited her room every day. On the good days they would sit silent for a while, till he would walk away. But on the bad days...

There were days when she would end up screaming. The horror would catch up with her sometimes and she would shout and scream, willing the world to admit that she was here. She was alive, she was breathing but it had become so painful to do so. This wasn't just losing her parents, her sister, her maami, her village. She had lost her identity.

He would come up to her during those days too and just stand there and watch her. And somehow that would help her a bit.

 She wondered why he never said anything to her. He could have atleast told her to stop screaming. But he had somehow stopped showing any emotion towards her too. He made sure that she was physically fine, of course. And she had heard him tell his sister not to disturb her like she usually did with her snide comments.

Somehow he seemed to be the only one on earth for whom she was alive and breathing.

He was the only one whom she seemed to have any feelings for now.

She no longer hated him.

He scared her.

But she relished the fear that she felt for him.



She turned around to look at the old clock.

He had not returned yet.


Where was he? She remembered him come into her room this morning to tell her that he was going with Aman on a small mission. She had said nothing, and he had left, adding that he would be back by 8.

But it was 9 already.

She was cursed. Because she couldn't imagine what would happen to her if he did not come back. She did not have anybody else or anything else left. She would go insane. The devils in her heart would rise and finally succeed in tearing her apart. Her breathing quickened and she had to bite down on her lips to keep the screams back. Her hands shook as they tried to hold on to the wooden frame of the window and suddenly her knees couldn't handle her weight.

She slid down to the floor and closed her eyes. A trembling hand seized the rudraksh on the other.

And she waited.



After what seemed like an eternity to her she heard that familiar sound.


The sound of his army boots scraping upon the polished floor in a pace quicker than usual but not as quick as her heart wanted.

She jumped up and rushed along the corridor towards the shut door on flying feet. She grabbed the ornate handles and pulled the heavy panels open.


Rudra Pratap Ranawat was greeted by a warm bundle that threw itself on to his broad chest and coiled frantic arms around his neck. He could feel her hot tears wet his uniform but he did not care.He could sense the desperation in her grip on him.He could almost imagine her scolding him for being late or something along that level of normalcy.

He drew in a deep breath of relief. The ice had finally thawed.


Ok that was...not really that good. It has been very long since i wrote and Paro and Rudra arent 2 easy people to write on but i am so in love with them that i couldnt help it.Also exams going on so i really go Wakda during this time LOL

Read and review guys .I promise to be better next time :)


P.s This is my first actual post on the forum so Heyyy ! :D

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WOW Thumbs Up
waiting next OS
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:06:55Z
Absolutely amazing!! You're right in saying that rudra and paro aren't easy to write on but I must say that you've done a commendable job.
And best of luck for your exams :)
Do write more, would love to read it!!! :)
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:09:07Z
Wow!!! amazing OS!!Hug
Looking forward for you future works
All the best for your examsThumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:09:37Z
beautiful os the last line was just perfect
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:15:28Z
Good os plz write more
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:20:07Z

I loved it 
really i loved it 
Paro's pain written really well 
adn the last part was just awesome 
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:29:57Z
That was an amazing OS!
Loved it :)
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