OS:The Massage

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Coming home from work, dealing with rich bitchy people at star bucks is really hard. To make matters worse, when you have a sexy college standing right there next to you, giving you orders, making you wet just by the sound of his voice, how do you even concentrate on what you have to make? He ain't no tall, dark, handsome cliche every girl's dream. But the ripped, broad, Greek sex god, biceps as big as your waist and long ass legs. Those luscious lips that are giving orders when i could be doing so much more with them, and those hands instead of clicking buttons on the register  but exploring my body. I needed help and I needed to get him out of my mind before I went nuts. Unlocked my house, threw my bag on the couch, pushed my pumps off, changed into tracks and headed towards the spa. What I needed right now was massage, to get my mind off the stupid sexy ass.

I was laying backwards, on my front, in the spa pants with my bra on, waiting for my mas-sager to come in. I didn't even choose the mas-sager I wanted but told them to give me the best one, preferably a guy.  The door clicked opened and someone walked inside. I just felt like it was him, it couldn't be, I had to stop thinking about that ass before I turned completely insane.  I closed my eyes, not bothering to even glance at who was going to touch my body. I relaxed under the hot towels that covered my body now. I laid there naked with only steamy towels covering my body.  I heard the mas-sager rub his hands together with oil, and began to rub my legs which were now slick of oil. Those hands that touch reminded of me of him again. I just couldn't even think, the touch was making me shiver and the only person that made me shiver was him. He was the only one who had the ability to make shudder under his touch. It couldn't be! I closed my eyes, I was getting wet. OMFG! I just hoped the person wouldn't realize.

I sensed his hands nearing my thigh, nearing my sex. No! Now I was certain that it was a guy and if he realized that I was wet! Oh my god! I had to stop him. It was so difficult to stop myself from being wet! His touch was driving me nuts.  I tried changing my position but his hands held me down firmly. Well Fail! I tried to shake and wiggle, but he just held down my legs once again. I was about to get up when I heard a growl. Almost like a moan, it couldn't be. It was him. Did he have the hots for me too? He worked here? He just saw me half naked. He's the one who was touching me, and continue to touch me in places where I dreamed that he would lay his hands on.

Was I imagining this? Could it really be happening? Just as I was about to say something I felt as If his touch got gentle, more like a caress then a massage that would ease the fatigue from my muscles.  Was I giving myself away? I didn't look. I clenched my eyes shut, and he turned me over. Now, the front of my body revealed to him. He definitely noticed that I was wet! Ugh! I couldn't embarrass myself more.

"Paro relax!"

That husky voice that quivered through my ears, that voice was the voice you used during...  I opened my eyes and found myself starring directly at him. Rudra Pratap Runawat. His name was enough to make me wet. Not much was needed to make me desire him in my bed with me alone.  But what shocked me was... It couldn't be. Was it really lust that conquered his face? Was that desire for me in his eyes? My heart skipped a beat.  His intense stare was definitely going to make me explode. This was not good. I envisioned it differently. I was supposed to make him feel like this not him being the dominant one. His hands descended closer to my sex. Was it that obvious from my face? My breath hitched ready for him to touch me but he didn't, he was close but moved back down and then came closer again. He kept doing this. I was so going to strangle him.  He was supposed to be massaging me not seducing. I swear I wanted him right now right here.

His hands moved towards my chest, he took the towel off and replaced it on my legs. My heart was beating quicker than a cheetah running after his prey.  He rubbed more oil on his hands, and licked his lips.  I could just kiss the living hell out of him right now for torturing me like this. He began from my shoulder and headed down. He went around my chest not too far yet too close. I wanted him to touch me, f**k me hard. Just as I thought he was going to touch me he moved the towel over my chest.  The steamy towel relaxed me. But it wasn't helping much. I glanced at him and he was smirking. He knew. He knew the effect he had on me. I wanted to murder him. I was so embarrassed. This wasn't what I wanted. i wanted to get rid of the sexual tension in my body. But matters just became worse by coming here for a damn massage.

Oh, f**k, I thought.  I needed to leave before I did something else. Right now I wasn't even aware if the towels were on me or not! His hands were working around my sex. Oh how I wanted him to just plunge his fingers inside of me.  My c***s were throbbing. He touched me I felt it. My eyes shot open and looked up to him. It wasn't my illusion, he did touch me!

"Sorry!" he said. That's all? It that all he was going to say after torturing me like this! My hands were shut tight. My hands were turning white because they were clenched so tightly.  Just as I closed my again, he touched me again, my body jerked. That's it I couldn't take it anymore. I got up, threw my towels off and slapped him hard. So hard that my hand hurt! It served him right.


When he looked back at me, his face glistened with anger. Before I knew it I was pushed against the wall. I grunted.

"Don't you tell me that you did not want that? You didn't dream of me touching you all over!"

"I'm going to teach you a lesson, so next time you won't think of disobeying me!"


Next time? There was no next time! Hell there wasn't even a us!  Before I knew it he put my hands behind my back, and bit me on my lips. I could feel his erection against my thighs. Fighting for air, fighting to be released from his pants. My reactions were instant and very evident.  My eyes rolled back, this was too much. The way he was kissing me said everything. I let out a clear, but low groan of pleasure. His fingers released my hands and reached towards my sex. His fingers brushing against me, he was running them up and down. As he pulled back and looked at me. I did the most unexpected, I smiled and he smiled back! He kissed my collar bone and...

"so how many kids are we having...?"

Authors Note:  I know this was something that no one was expecting thats why I wrote it,Sorry i know it was horrible. This was the best i could do in thirty minutes! Thanks for reading and dealing with a horrible piece of work! But do like and comment! i have written better stuff trust me im not a bad writer this time i dont even know what happend! lol! Plus I had this written for another couple but i liked better for Parud.



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Posted: 2014-01-18T10:27:15Z
That was great, how can you say that this piece was not good, it was great!!
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:12:02Z
oh my gawd...so sensuous!!..trust me nobody would be expecting this!!...and it was beautifuly written...rudra and his seduction!..uff lovely osSmile
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Posted: 2014-01-18T14:03:42Z
Originally posted by ipkknd-fan

That was great, how can you say that this piece was not good, it was great!!

Aww thank you so much!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-01-18T19:11:09Z

This os was quite hot, very hot. Blushing

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Posted: 2014-01-18T20:52:18Z
It is some thing new and hot os...Edited by Punya13 - 2014-01-18T20:49:52Z
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Posted: 2014-01-18T23:31:33Z
Woah, that was HOT. 

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Posted: 2014-01-19T00:15:32Z
wow Hot , Sizzling, Sensual os
it's grt 
loved it
Do write more
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