OS: Ek Khwaish...Jo Adhuri Thi!

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Hi folks!
I've mostly been a silent reader here & read the works of the wonderful writers of the forum.
On request from a dear friend(she is present in this forum), I decided to write a OS on Raya. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Ram has been staring at his laptop for the last 15 minutes, but the reports of his latest investments failed to make an impact on his mind, which would otherwise be number crunching. One phone call, it took her just one phone call to drive him down the streets of despair & helplessness he felt every time he thought about her. And he thought about her almost always, when he wasn't working or interacting with a family member.

He heard her voice after five weeks today, she sounded desperate on phone.
"Mr. Kapoor, mujhe aapse milna hai. It's urgent. Please inkar mat karna."
He had agreed to go & meet her after his work hours. What Ram failed to understand was why Priya wanted to meet him now, just two days before their divorce was about to come through. Ram's mind went back to the incidents of the past two months, incidents which turned his life upside down.

It all started with Natasha & Kartik's fall-out and the subsequent domestic violence case. Mayhem followed as Priya left home & then filed for divorce after Kartik was cleared of all false allegations. Ram admitted he had made a terrible judgement on Kartik regarding the issue, but nothing he said could avert Priya from her decision. Then came that fateful day when he saw his mother again, on the occasion of Founder's Day at Kapoor Industries. Priya had invited his mother, the person whom he hated with all his heart, the person who was the sole reason behind all his sorrows. Ram could not fathom why Priya would even consider his mother being innocent & instead point fingers at the lady who had stood by his father & him when his own mother had deserted them. Ram knew although his step-mom wasn't the warmest of persons, she could not be evil. But then, there was so much of Priya which Ram could not comprehend even after almost 9 months of marriage. Heartbroken, Ram had asked Priya to leave & surprisingly, she obliged.

Ram had decided he would accept all terms & conditions Priya put forward and set both of them free from this relationship. Another shock awaited him, when Priya told him in clear-cut terms that she wanted nothing - neither shares in any of his business ventures nor any sum of money as alumni. She would do just whatever he asks her to. Since it was a mutual decision and considering Ram's power & influence in the society, their lawyers deduced it won't be difficult getting a quick divorce.

Over the last five weeks, Ram had refused to discuss the topic with anyone. Neither Dadi's pleas to get her Bahu back, nor his Choti's requests to at least hear out their POVs moved Ram. His best friends Vikram & Neha had quietly slipped away and when he tried to contact them, he was met with a stony silence. Ram had resigned himself to his fate, until today when the call evoked the painful memories & the loneliness he had been drowning in pegs of scotch over the last month.

"Chuck it." Ram threw his pen away in frustration, closed his laptop, took his blazer, car keys and left for Priya's home.


Priya looked down to the trail of traffic and the steady rain from the balcony of her apartment as she sipped her adrak-wali tea, while contemplating the twists & turns life threw at her way. After leaving Kapoor Mansion, she had rented this accommodation in West Bandra, a 15 minutes' walk from her classes. Her father was shattered when the news of her & Ram's impending divorce reached both families but her mother had been quick to blame her for trying to act smart and thus endangering her marriage. She knew she could not return to her Papa's house, as it would not just be awkward but also uncomfortable for six adults to live in a 2 BHK flat.

Priya had accustomed herself to solitude over the past few weeks and could not help but ponder how blissful this monsoon could have been for Ram & her, if life wasn't such a mess. And then today's events played back & forth on her mind. She had to inform Ram. There was no way she could hide this from him & she won't. She was apprehensive though, thinking of Ram's reaction. Her soon to be ex-husband could behave pretty impulsively in certain matters and it was difficult to make him see reason then. A slight smile played on her lips as she remembered all those occasions when they used to fight over silly issues like breakfast & choice of programme to watch on TV. Oh! What she would not give to get back those days.


The sound of the bell brought Priya out of her trance.


Priya opened the door and found Ram standing in his usual steel-grey business suit, his tie undone. Although his eyes were weary & he looked tired not just because of work, but all that had been happening in their lives, he was still ruggedly handsome. A chill ran down her spine as she realized it was impossible to look away from his captive eyes.

Ram could not help but stare at Priya the moment she opened the door. She was the love of his life, the only person who he knew genuinely thought the world of him and yet, all his ties with her would be severed come day after tomorrow. Priya's eyes always spoke volumes, just as they were letting him know at this very moment that she had missed him. But her face was radiating with a glow, which he had never noticed before and whose reason he couldn't exactly pinpoint.

Iss Lamhe Ko Rok Doon
Yaa Main Khud Ko Iss Mein Jhonk Doon
Kya Karoon..Kya Karoon..Kya Karoon...
Iss Lamhe Mein..Main Kuchh Bhi Jaanu Na...

Priya tore her eyes away from his and said in a soft voice, "Aaiye, andar aaiye."

Ram quickly gazed through the living room as he entered. It was a simple, cozy place quite similar to Priya's tastes. What caught his eye were two photographs, one of theirs with Neha & Vikram when they had gone over to the Shergills' for dinner and another was hers with her Mom & Dad.

"Aap baithiye, I'll get you some coffee."

"No...it's okay. I don't want coffee right now. Tum batao, kis vajaa se phone kiya tha tumne mujhe," Ram spoke in a nonchalant manner.

"Mai..woh...darasaal...woh...hua yeh hai ki.."

"Priya..please. Jo kehna hai, saaf saaf kaho. Mere paas tumhare paheliya bujhane ke liye waqt nahin hai. Let me guess, you need something??" Ram tried to mask his nervousness through mock anger. The moment he had seen Priya, his heart had given away. All he wanted to do was gather her in his arms & escape from this treacherous world. He wanted to get lost in her eyes, which once held the world of promises in them & today, just spoke of sadness & longing.

"Mr. Kapoor, I didn't mean to disturb you. But, yeh baat, I need you to know this. Please bear with me, just one last time."

There was something in her voice which made him look at her.
"Bolo Priya, mai sun raha hoon," he said solemnly.

"I...I am pregnant, Ram," Priya said with a sigh as tears dwelled up in her eyes.

Ram couldn't believe his ears. To say he was stunned would be an understatement. He gaped at Priya with his mouth wide open as words failed to come out.

"I just got the reports this evening. Phir I called you," Priya continued, before breaking down into sobs as she sat on the sofa.

Ram had gone numb. Priya's words were re-playing in his mind again & again. He was about to become a father. He & Priya were having a baby. The one dream, which both of them had given up on, was finally coming true now that they were standing at crossroads with their lives and when their relationship was about to end.

Ram dropped down on a knee in front of Priya and cupped Priya's face with his right hand as his left hand clasped Priya's right. He couldn't help himself from asking, "How many weeks??"
"Six," pat came the reply.

Tose Naina...Jabse Mile
Ho Sudh Budh Khoyi, Hai Khoyi Maine
Haan Jaan Gawaai, Gawaai Maine
Haan Tujhko Basaya Hai Dhadkan Mein

Ram could not hold back his tears any longer as he softly caressed her belly. He found Priya looking at him with the same love & longing which was streaming through his entire being. All Ram managed to say was "Priyaaa..." before his darling wife clutched his blazer and again broke into tears, burying her face in the crook of his neck. Ram softly patted her head, while his another hand automatically went up her back, trying to calm her down.

"Sshhh...Priya...I am here. Shaant ho jao, please shaant ho jao."

Priya's mind didn't register anything except for the warmth & comfort Ram's embrace provided. She realized all that she was missing over the last few weeks & what she would be giving up when their marriage ended. Nobody in the world could make her feel like he did. No-one else mattered to her as much as he did. She also became aware that as much as she tried, she could not possibly live away from him, more so now when she was carrying a part of him within her.


A few minutes later, as Priya calmed down and Ram settled beside her on the sofa, both of them felt a strange sense of peace engulf them. They both still had tears in their eyes, but the smile lingering on their faces was broader.

"We are becoming parents. We'll have a baby...a baby who will be ours & only ours...my family...I'll have my own family," Ram finally spoke breaking the silence, as if to reassure himself that what he heard was indeed coming true. Priya could not help but beam at the glowing pride & joy on Ram's features, understanding very well what it meant to him.

"Humari khwaish, Ram," said Priya, "Ek khwaish"..."Jo adhuri thi," completed Ram.

"Priya, I want to be a part of our baby's life. I want to be there at every step," spoke Ram hurriedly with a bit of fear in his eyes.
"I want you to be there Ram...at every step. I can't do this alone...I want you and our baby needs you," Priya said with a sense of finality as she started to weep again. Ram quickly pulled her into his embrace & held her close to him, almost afraid that the bubble of happiness would burst otherwise.

"Lekin Ram...parso hum log...I mean...phir kaise?"
"Relax Priya...I'll handle it. You trust me, right??"
Priya nodded vehemently.
"I'll set everything right Priya. I'll sort out everything...for us & our child. I promise."

Khud Ko Khokar, Tujhko Paaya
Is Tarah Se Mujhko, Jeena Aaya
Ho... Khud Ko Khokar, Tujhko Paaya
Is Tarah Se Mujhko, Jeena Aaya.

"Ram?" Priya called as Ram rested his forehead against hers.
"I love you."
"I love you too, darling" said Ram as they could see in each other's eyes love for the other and the promises of a bright future ahead.

Teri Lagan Mein, Sab Hai Gawaya
Is Tarah Se Mujhko, Jeena Aaya
Teri Hansi, Meri Khushi
Meri Khushi, Tu Hi
Tose Naina, Jabse Mile
Tose Naina Jabse Mile
Ban Gaye... Silsile...

I know it was a humongous read. I hope I didn't bore you much. Please share your thoughts, good or bad. Have a good day! Smile


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Posted: 2014-01-18T08:30:15Z
Its just fantastic dear ..Clap
The pain ,The agony ,Wanting , desperation...The love of their life ...
Everything you potrayed wonderfully .. 
You reminded of season 1 ...
Thank you for posting .. 

P.S:From now on don't be silent reader ..Just post your views on the stories which you like ..
Thank you ,If i hurt you sorry .. Wink

By the way  Superb title Star
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Posted: 2014-01-18T08:34:35Z
Absolutely fantastic dear.  Can easily go through every emotions.  Just wonderful.
Do write more.
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Posted: 2014-01-18T08:53:45Z
Thank you for writing such a wonderful OS.
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Posted: 2014-01-18T09:50:07Z
superb updt dear
tfs it
do write more
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Posted: 2014-01-18T11:04:03Z
u have written great os on raya
pls write it again also
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Posted: 2014-01-18T14:06:06Z
Beautifully written

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Posted: 2014-01-19T02:05:32Z
Very nice OS. You write really well. Do keep writing
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