Rangrasiya 17th January: Written Update (Broken Relationships)

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Posted: 2014-01-18T00:12:22Z

You guys are free to kill meLOL, for the delayed update. But blame it on the weather, my net connection got disconnected. I had typed the update, but my net disabled me to post it. Very sorry...Ouch

Rudra claims that everyone in this village knows the truth that the leader of this village, Param Singh Tejawat deals with guns. And everytime, through the bullets of these guns, someone dies in every house of this village. He asks if there is any brave heart here who can come forward and face this truth. Since 17 years, Tejawat brings a baraat in this village every year, and sends young girls to the other side of the border. 17 years, 17 girls, 17 baraats and 17 brides, but none of them returned for Holi, Diwali, celebration or condolence meetings. He says, did anyone try to find the reason why? He looks at Paro's Mamisa and asks that last year it was her daughter, who got married. Did she get any news, letter or anything from her? Why didn't she come to Paro's wedding. This is because no one knows what happened to them. This wedding, baraat and every ritual is a big lie. All this is a deception. They don't come to take the girls as their brides, but they come to take their guns. He holds Paro and tells her Mamisa that she has half a minute to persuade Paro to sign the papers, just half a minute. He starts a countdown. Mamisa keeps quiet. At the end of the countdown, Mamisa says she doesn't know who this girl is. Rudra is shocked and says if she is in her senses and her sight is proper. Mamisa says that she is very well in her senses and her eyes are right, but she hasn't seen this girl before so how can she advise her anything. Paro is shocked and heartbroken. Rudra says that now, deceiving the nation, they're deceiving relations as well. Rudra says he knows she has brought her up since childhood. He asks her if her relation with Tejawat is so strong that she shall forget all her relations. He calls Tejawat to come and accept that this girl belongs to this village. Tejawat comes in his car and greets Rudra.

He asks if Rudra needs his services. Rudra says he hasn't seen many people who appear as soon as their name is called. Tejawat genially asks if everything is alright in his life. Rudra says that he should thank his tongue, for he came here the moment he was called, otherwise Rudra would have summoned him to the BSD headquarter. Tejawat says that tongue cannot make two people meet, it is the destiny. Rudra says that his destiny is now towards the deteriorating end. He asks Tejawat to instruct his village-men to answer his question. Tejawat says that he has a question for him as well. A BSD officer, who has been the talk of this village, NOT praises, only talk of the town, what is he doing here. Rudra says that counter-question yourself, you will get the answer. Still he would tell him. The baraat who left Beerpur this morning. Tejawat breaks his sentence in between and said, "The baraat, in which EACH member was brutally killed by him". Rudra smirks that it is good that he atleast admitted that a baraat left Beerpur. Now he should also admit, that the baraat took his money and guns as well. Tejawat says that this is an old ritual of Beerpur, a baraat comes in every year and takes a girl from their village. Regarding guns, he doesn't know anything. Rudra says he does know of Baraat, so now he should recognize the bride as well. Paro greets Tejawat. Tejawat moves forward but Rudra stops his way. Tejawat says he wants to bless the girl. He goes to Paro and blesses her to get the strength and courage to bear everything. Tejawat goes to Rudra and says that this girl seems like a bride, but is not from his village. Paro is stunned.

Tejawat continues that they don't know Paro. This morning, Santosh Baisa's doli was departed from this village, and she and her husband safely reached the other side of the border. They don't know who this bride is. He says that none of the people of this village seem to know who this girl is. He turns his back to Rudra. Rudra points a gun at Tejawat. Tejawat's men counter point the gun at Rudra. Tejawat smirks and says that he has a few inches long gun, while his men have 2 feet gun each. He notices a wireless communicator on Rudra's waist. BSD officers cover the entire village. Tejawat asks his men to get the guns down. He joins his hand and requests Rudra to put his gun down as well and get out from Beerpur. Rudra's junior officer advises him to take his steps back, as it will not be advisable to attack right now. Tejawat says that his pawns are wiser than him. Rudra puts his gun back on his waist. He holds Paro and starts walking away with her. Paro calls and cries Mamisa. She frees herself from Rudra's clutches and rushes to hug Mamisa. She pleads in front of her to not refuse to recognize her. She asks her to hide her somewhere, she doesn't want to go, she is too scared. Mamisa pushes her off and says that why is she throwing herself on her, she already said she doesn't recognize her. Paro is speechless. Rudra walks and pulls Paro and drives off. Tejawat smirks. 

Rudra brings her to the Headquarters. Paro extends her hand, so that Rudra can handcuff them. Rudra says those people are tied, who are feared to run away. Where will she go? To a village where her existence vanished, or to the sand dunes, where she herself will vanish one day. He asks her to sign the papers and fly off. Why is she trying to save her Mami who refused to recognize her. Then he concludes that she is a woman, she will do like this, what is new in that. Even she was a woman...he thinks.

Precap-- Rudra is carefully examining Paro. His junior offers to give him water, he takes it himself. Taking one sip, he asks his officer to take the glass to Paro. Paro drinks it in thirst. Rudra says that she is their ONLY witness, her life is their last hope.


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Thanks for the detailed update!
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for the update.
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Thanks very much for the WU
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Thanks for the WU!Smile
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Thank you so much for the detailed update:-) just started watching Rangrasiya.. WU really helped to understand some dialogues missed part..
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Thank you for written update dear.
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Thank u so much 4 WUBig smilexxx
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