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Hello Guyz... i am rimjhim Embarrassed you can call me rimi, Rj, or whatever you like LOL
So i fell in love with the title song of the show, then i fell in love with RudraDay Dreaming and now i am in love with the show completely, being a writer i felt the urge to write on PaRud (aww they are adorable Embarrassed), and my fav topic of love stories has always been love-hate/captive and capturer LOL so here is my work.
Well well well, i am not a "novel' kind of a writer, i just write what i feel like so please forgive me if you feel i am like the worst writer, but i just want to make you all feel the same way as i felt while imaging thingsSmile... ok enuf Angry i do lot of bak bak.. arghhh ok so u all enjoy... Smile 

(It had been few days since paro ws held captive by rudra. Rudra was as usual angry, tensed and
Irritated. He was sitting in his cabin lost in his own thoughts.. His captive was unnoticed by him. )
(a man came in with a cup of tea)
Man- saab, chai.
Rudra- haan rakh do yaha.

(the man was abt to leave when rudra stopped him)
Rudra- suno...
Man- jee saab?
(rudra looked up at him)
Rudra- kaun ho tum?

Man- saab mai basant, chai naashta banaata hoon, kaafi raat ho gayi hai sab chale gaye hain toh mai hi aa gya dene...

Rudra- accha toh ek kaam karo, baajoo ke kamre me jo ladki hai use bhi khaana de do... Agar khaana khaane se mana kare toh bataana mujhe.

(unaware of basant's intentions, rudra sent him to paro's room with the keys)

( basant entered the room with a wicked smile seeing paro sleeping on the floor)
(he went and kept the plate on the floor and held her shoulder.)

(this made paro get up and shrink to the corner in fear)
(basant smiled wickedly and paro shivered)

Paro- n.n.nai khaana mhaane..Confused
Basant- khaa le... Varna faltu me hum dono ke beech vo khadoos afsar aa jayega.

(paro widened her eyes realizing his intentions)

(she got up and tried to reach the door but basant stopped her ,holding her hand tightly)
Paro- chodo mhaane... Jaane do!!!CryCryCry.
(he tried his best to get control of her but she ws quite a fighter)
Basant- arre kyu itna naatak karr rahi hai, yaha koi nahi aayega tujhe bachaane...(wicked laugh).
Paro- bachaao... bachaao mhaane...CryCryCry

Basant- kisko pukaar rahi hai meri jaan, apne pati ko? ...aree woh toh nahi raha... toh kya use pukaar rahi hai jisne tere pati ko maar diya?? vo bachaayega tane?? (wicked laugh)

(Rudra suddenly looked up through the glass of his cabin and saw the most shocking scene, paro was being harrassed by basant. He rushed out of his room and stormed into paro's cell)

(basant saw this and widened his eyes)
Basant- sssaab...aap yaha?ConfusedConfused
Paro- chodd do mhaane...CryCry

(rudra ws burning with angerAngryAngry, he looked at paro's wrist which ws still in basant's grip.)
( he rushed to him, snatched her wrist from the firm grip and pushed basant aside.)
(paro was in a weird situation but rudra was her saviour that time...For so many days, rudra's cabin joined with her cell ws her only home and rudra was her only family)
(she hugged him tigtly and weepedCry)
(rudra felt an unusual sensation within him. He wanted to hug her back, but his mind said a no and he gently held her by her shoulders and looked at her.)
Rudra- tu yahi reh, mai iski akal thikaane laga ke aata hoon.Angry

(paro stood there crying as rudra grabbed basant and took him out)
(she knelt down and cried her heart out.)CryCryCry

(rudra came inside his cabin in anger. And saw paro sitting on the floor and crying. Her pain was somehow being transmitted to him. He cud feel her pain in him)

(unable to bear this alien pain, he rushed to her cell)

(seeing him come in, she shivered)
(rudra went to her,slowly,trying not to cause her more

(he knelt infront of her and offered her a glass of water)
(she gave a side look to it But didn't respond)
Rudra- pyaas nai lagi tujhe? Paani hi toh de raha hoon.
(paro noded fr a no)

Rudra- aur tu khaana kyu nahi khaa rahi hai? Tere yaha hi ye sab maante hai na ki khaane ka apmaan nahi karte?
(paro sobbed harder)

(Rudra was abt to leave her and go when he noticed a drop of blood running down her cheek with the tears)
(he got up and ordered her to get up as well)

Rudra- uth jaa... Tujhe chot lagi hai na? Chal mere saath! Haath de apna... Uth.

(paro finally gave her hand to him which he grabbed gently and pulled her up)

(he took her to his cabin and made her sit on the chair.)
(He gave her a glass of water again, this time as an order, and went to bring the first aid kit.)
(when he came back, he saw paro, sobbing and drinking water and blood flowing down from her hands.)
(He was shocked, he took the glass from her hand and looked at her palm. they were bleeding very badly)
Rudra- tujhe haath me kaise chot lagi hai?
(Paro sobbed)
Rudra- bol!
paro- vo...vo... mhaari choodiyaan... Cry
Rudra- huhhh!!!!! kitna khoon beh raha hai... kuch hosh rehta hai ki nahi tujhe? kahi kuch ho gaya toh...

(Something stopped him from saying it any further, his mind. he was unable to understand this sudden concern for her. and on top of that, paro looked at him with innocent eyes)

Rudra- kuch ho gaya toh... iss case ka kya hoga... tu aakhri gavaah hai... chal abb jaldi se davaa lagvaa le...

(Rudra sat on a chair in front of her. he took out medicine and cotton to apply it on paro's forehead which was hurt)
(She was sobbing but suddenly after a long time she felt a lovingly gesture towards her. she was a very shy girl, but she managed to look into rudra's eyes while he was so lovingly and carefully applying the medicine. )

Rudra- araam se, hilna matt varna jalan hogi, aur rona bandd kar... aur mujhe ghoorna bhi band kar..
(Paro was taken aback, she quickly looked away, and rudra got his chance to look at her innocent eyes, carrying all the pain)

(he took hold of her hands, his touch was so soft, so gentle this time. Paro wondered how he could be so soft towards her)

(after dressing up her hand. he got up to keep the kit back, when paro screamed)
Paro- aaah!!!!! aah!!!!
(Rudra kept the kit on the table and without thinking knelt down to her)
rudra- kya hua?? dard ho raha hai?

(Paro was surprised. what was wrong with him?. she looked at him with her confused eyes and nodded for a yes)

(Rudra realized what he was doing. he quickly got up crossed his brows)
rudra- jaa abb, jaake khaana rakha hai khaa le. aur dard hoga abhi thodi der me theek ho jayega... jaa yaha se abb.
(paro was always slow to follow his instructions, he knew he had to shout louder)
rudra- jaaa!!!!

(Paro got up and quietly went back to her cell.)

Rudra(thinking)- ye kya karr raha tha mai... itna kamzor kaise karr sakti hai ye ladki mujhe... nahi! mai kamzor nahi hoon!!!! Angry

Precap:- Rudra goes to lock paro's cell and sees paro trying hard to eat from her bandaged hands
ok that's all, i am really sorry if i bored you...Cry i will write better next time... i promise...Embarrassed
and and.. plzz tell me how was it... i am dying to get ur reviews ...Big smileBig smile
sorry fr errors... and i am really busy these days so can't update soon ...Cry

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Amazing Start ; D
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Originally posted by Sanz.

Amazing Start ; D
hey thnks a lot... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2014-01-17T05:44:07Z
i just loved it...
i was imagining those scenes...
so nice...

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Posted: 2014-01-17T05:46:29Z
Originally posted by diyashhi

i just loved it...
i was imagining those scenes...
so nice...

thnku so much dear... Big smile
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Posted: 2014-01-17T07:22:54Z
Waiting fr more cmnts :-(
Is it that bad???? :'-(
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Posted: 2014-01-17T07:28:08Z
Superb hai yrr..Clap Nice plot.. Big smile
N rudra is getting weak in paro's presence... that's awsumm. 
Can't wait after reading d precap.. Rudra will feed paro..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Just loved it!! Heart
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Posted: 2014-01-17T08:23:44Z
Originally posted by cherry.

Superb hai yrr..ClapNice plot..Big smile
N rudra is getting weak in paro's presence... that's awsumm.
Can't wait after reading d precap.. Rudra will feed paro..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Just loved it!!Heart

Thnku so so so much cherry dear... I love u n u know that :-)
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