16th January 2014 Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

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Lohri celebration s going on.simi told mrs bhalla that madrasi ppl r coming there.stop them or else their plans will fail and it will effect on raman's contract. When mrs iyer was coming to functions place mrs bhalla stopped her.amma told her to move away, mrs bhalla requested amma not to create any scene and let this happen.amma ask u want my daughter do this drama? She replies that coz of ishita Raman faced insult infront of whole nation. Had problems n his work even he losed ruhi.may b she realized her mistake so s helping him.and his clients frm London mistaken ishita raman as hubby wife.Amma s shocked to hear this.mrs bhalla ask her let them believe so for sometime.and request her to be with them and let it happen.she nodds yes.mrs bhalla s happy and thanks mrs iyer and leaves frm there.Amma cries and tells to herself where was this mother when ishita's engagement was broken. My ishi s very innocent, she dnt knw them well .and I wont let ishu to b a part of this plan.
Simi asks what happend. Mrs bhalla tells her everything s fine now.rinki tells mrs bhalla that pammi s looking for her. Mrs bhalla tells simi &rinki to take care of guests and she s going to take flower frm society storeroom.
Mr bhalla&Mr iyer r looking at raman, ishita&ruhi .* mr bhalla said something, i missed it, sorry*some1 calls mr bhalla so he leaves. Mr iyer looks@ishra. Romi thanks mihika for coming in their function and take her to dance with him.mihir saw them dancing and feels sad.mrs tondon praises ishita raman's jodi and says they r made for eachother.mihir comes and says flight s n correct time but there might b traffic. So mr tondon said they should leave now.mr bhalla said mihir to pack Prasad for them.
In storeroom mrs bhalla s searching for flowers and she found it .but mrs iyer locked storeroom frm out says now how they do their drama, mihir saw this and thinks what she s doing there. Mrs bhalla find d door locked frm outside she knocks@door, but nobody hears.
Vandu tries to stop mrs iyer but she couldn't. She ask bala to stops her.Before she comes to d function place clients left there with ishita raman.mrs bhalla knocks@d door and screams for help.she was feeling unwell. Clients thanks ishra. Bala and mr iyer tries to stops her. There mrs bhalla faints and here before mrs iyer reaches clients left frm there.raman thanked ishita she said she did this for ruhi, she wanna enjoy this festival with her family and u made me a part of this drama.now she s taking ruhi with her to her mom.Amma comes there and starts to shout@ raman he made ishita's life hell now for a contract he s using her daughter, as his wife. Vandu and ishi tries to stop her. Simi thinks that its good that d clients left before this drama. He said he didn't force her to do this.jst requested so she said yes.amma said its ishi's problem that she helps all.society member comments that now their fights r too much .mr bhalla stops them and ask everyone to leave. Mr iyer apologised to all and take mrs iyer with him. Vandu & mr iyer made amma understand that ishi wasn't wrong.
Ruhi tells ishita that Simi bua told all were fighting, why .ishi tells her no1 s fighting there. Mr bhalla looks at them and calls ruhi.he huggs her .he said u always take care of her and said sorry for whatever happend. She said no she s feeling sad for ruhi coz she s stucked n all this fighting .and they r sending her to a hostel. He was shocked to hear it. He said she always loved ruhi more than her own family and tells if she will wait mrs bhalla want to see ruhi.she said ok.
Mr bhalla tells Simi to call mrs bhalla. Simi and romi starts to search for her. They told mr bhalla that mrs bhalla s missing. So all startd to search for her.raman asks what happend, simi said she s missing frm last 1hour.they searches for her.
When security guards opened storeroom they found mrs bhalla there and took her outside and calls her family. All comes there.ruhi askd what happend to dadi .ishi said nothing and tells a neighbour to look ruhi and she starts to check mrs bhalla's BP. Guards told them when they saw them she was fainted and door was locked frm outside. They all r wondering how it happend. Raman s worried for his mom.and epi ends on him.
Precap : raman shouts how come nobody saw who locked storeroom. Mihir tells him he hav seen mrs iyer infront of storeroom. He gets angry and tells herv u gave this punishment, locking my mom n storeroom for requesting ur daughter to b a part n my lie. if they gets late finding her she would hav died. ishita s shocked to know that her amma locked mrs bhalla inside storeroom .

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Thanks for the update! :)
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thnx for d update :-)
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Thank you for update dear.
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Thanks for The Written Update
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Thanks for written update dear...
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tfs 4 d WUP
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thanks for the update...
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