Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 15th January 2014

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The Episode starts with Mihika looking out for Rumi and gives him prasad saying its hot.. mihir comes and sees the two together where mihika is blowing as Rumi had it hot.. rumi sees him and decides to leave asking her to come for lohri function.. Mihir informs Mrs Bhalla about Ramans's clients coming which makes her happy as Raman will be at home for lohri.. she asks everyone to make this lohri special..Amma overhears about Mrs Bhalla wanting big celebration and says they've started again.. She says they are bribing to win elections and decides to make ladoos just to show them..

Shagun asks Ashok about his sudden London Visit and says she is also coming.. Ashok tries to calm her down saying Ruhi is here and they need to win the case but Shagun is adamant that she will come with him just like always and that Ruhi can be left with Ishita.. She says they'll come before hearing and that she brought Ruhi here because he said so.. Ashok asks her if she afraid that he'll leave her just like she left Raman? shagun asks him to think what he wants but she is coming and that's final..

Ishita and Ruhi drawing and waiting when Ruhi says she'll come with Ishita to her house.. Ishita thinks its a good idea as she also has festival today and she can wish her Dadi, celebrate.. Ishita tries calling Shagun to ask if she can take her home but Shagun doesnt answer as she's busy arguing with Ashok.. Ishita decides to take her home and then drop her back..Ruhi gets very happy.. Simmi is greeting everyone when Mrs Bhalla comes in saying Raman's VIP guests from London are coming.. Raman comes and tells Mihir he needs this to finish fast.. Mihir asks about Ishita and Ruhi when Raman says they'll make an excuse but to still keep looking as Tandons are important and he doesnt want any problems.. Rumi here is talking to his friends about Mihika being his Girlfriend and that she'll come soon..

Mr Bhalla calls Raman and they both light the fire.. Puja starts and everyone is dancing around the fire.. Appa says he needs to go as Mr Bhalla has specially invited them.. Mihika also leaves saying she wants to see.. Tandons arrive and Mihir greets them.. Raman introduces his family and they also join in the celebration.. Mihir and Raman are still worried.. Mrs Bhalla sees Rajeev's kids and gets emotional about Ruhi.. Ishita comes with Ruhi and Ruhi is very happy seeing the function.. She runs calling Dadi and Mrs Bhalla and Simmi run and hug her.. they leave while Raman is relieved.. Ishita sees Rajeev and family and wonders what they are doing and if she needs to repeat the drama again.. Shweta sees her standing alone and makes her stand with Raman.. 

Appa and Mihika come.. Mihika spots ishita with Raman when Mihir comes with popcorn.. Rumi is bringing his friends to Mihika but he stops seeing Mihir.. Mihika avoids him and sees swetha and thinks that ishita needs to do drama again.. Mihir asks her to stay calm as it will create problems for them but Mihika dismisses out.. Mihir says that no one forced Ishita and that she is sensible enough to do what she wants..Raman aplogises and thanks for coming when Shwets asks them to come for puja together.. Ishita tells Raman she wont act again as puja means something to her and she cant do this wrong.. Raman says the project is important to him and asks her to do just as formality.. ruhi comes and asks her papa and Ishita to join her.. 

Everyone is singing Lohri song and enjoying when Mrs Bhalla and Simmi see Ishita with Ruhi and Raman and are shocked.. Simmi calls her oversmart and tells she will handle her when Mihir comes and stops them saying they needs Ishita's help today.. Appa and Mr Bhalla also see them together and are puzzled..

Amma brings the laddus for everyone and asks them to vote for appa.. Shravan insists on wanting to see bonfire and Vandu takes him.. She sees Ishita with Raman and also hears Shweta telling Rajeev that Ishita and Raman look perfect as a couple and also Ruhi is too cute as their daughter.. Vandu comes home and tells Amma everything and Amma thinks its Bhalla's new game and she will handle them.. Vandu thinks why Ishita is supporting them.. Simmi overhears them and decides to end this act..

Amma pulls Raman out of the celebration and insults him of using her daughter for getting a contract..


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Thanks for the written update! :)
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Simi n mrs.iyer need to go asap
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Originally posted by mrym_rauf

Thanks for the written update! :)

You're Welcome Big smile
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Thank you for the update.
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thanks for the update .
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Thanks for written update dear...
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Thanks for the update :)
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