Rangrasiya Written Update 15th Jan 2014 ~Wounds and Pain~

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Paro's dream crashed seeing her beloved husband dead in front of her eyes. She had lost the only thing she cherished after such a long time and the brutal reality shook her to the core.

Then she saw the man who killed her husband approaching her like a predator and aim the gun towards her. She was shocked when he loaded his gun towards her all he could do was to scream and some unknown force stopped him from killing her.

He took her to the police station to interrogate and locked her inside a room, throwing her inside crushing her bangles when she hit the floor.

Tejawat got the news and fumed in anger when his wife asked. He once again blamed BSD for it. He announced that everyone was dead and took paro along with them as a hostage.

Like an innocent kid paro muttered almost unconsciously telling herself that everything would be just fine when her parents come.

Rudra was in much pain when he tried to apply anticeptic on the effected area. He was happy to see aman alive. Rudra enquired about the dead bodies and then went to check them by himself. One by one Aman identified all the officers who lost their life in the battle. Rudra's grief was not less seeing his colleagues. Aman told him that the last body couldnot be recognized due to it's bad condition. Rudra saluted them for their lives.

Paro finally gained her conscious and searched for her near and dear ones, unable to find them and seeing her hand calves she knew she was stuck.

Shahid Vikram Singh's mother came to meet his son, when she met Rudra on her tracks. He told how proud India should be as he lost his life for his country. His mother slapped him unable to control her emotions. She cursed him for taking away her son's life and accused him why it wasn't him instead of her son? The woman got carried away and drowned in tears questioning repeatedly. She finally cursed him that just like he separated him from her, god will separate him from his mother and that his mother wont be able to spit on his death bed making his childhood memories raw and open.

Rudra unable to control his vulnerability once again thinking about how his mother betrayed him and took his childhood away. His father's words kept on repeating in his mind.

Just when he leaned on the glass partition to take his sadness away, unknowingly paro touched his hand on his hand Only the glass partition separated them. Both of their cheeks touched only to be separated by 19 mm glass partiction.

Rudra gasped back seeing her though and took his steps away. Paro on the other hand couldn't see him because the glass was one way.

Then he saw her drop on her knews feeling shattered.

He entered the compartment in rage and paro recalled he was the very man who stood in front of her who took away her husband's life.

Precap : Paro's mami refused to accept her when Rudra brought her to sign on the legal paper where they mentioned about arms trading.



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Posted: 6 years ago
Aww thanks soo much Appy:)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you for the written update. Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
Many thanks for the wu
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you for WU, seems like Paro is going to be orphaned again, Rudra take responsibility now.
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Posted: 6 years ago
thank you so much for the written update...

I understand that mom was upset her son died, but dont get whats the point in cursing Rudra for that..Confused  how is Rudra responsible for her son's death.. if u have to cusrse anyone, curse the terrorists... 

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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for the update
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you for written update.  I appreciate it.
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