WU Rangrasiya-13th Jan2014 -Episode 11 - The story is written in blood

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Paro's bidai is happening and she reminiscent the w
onderful times she spent with Bindi and is dissolves in to tears at the loss of her sister-friend while mamisa and thakurainsa try to console her gently.

She sprinkles the rice behind her towards her old home as the tradition of wishing prosperity to the home she leaves behind is observed and mamisa collects it.
She hugs and cries mamisa and thakurainsa and takes blessings and then takes leave from the Thakursa too. And she is made to sat on the bridal cart and everyone is crying as she leaves. Thakur is relieved that they are finally gone, but pretends he is sad and gives comfort to his crying wife.
The bridal party moves towards the border.

Varun says he can understand her pain, but asks her to keep calm for a bit more telling that as soon as they get to the other side of the border, every pain n sadness will end.
His uncle says to allow her to cry, telling that the poor girl has left her whole world behind. And she will carry her tears with her when she is stepping in to her new world. Paro continues to cry quietly.

Some men (BSD) are coming on camel back and gaining in on the bridal party. Paro is the 1st to notice them on the horizon and asks 'Who is coming?' Varun looks out , and the bridal party stops for a bit till the uncle says to keep going.

One BSD office reports to Rudra that the barat is gaining towards the border andRdra says to let them. Only thing is u be prepared to welcome them.

Rudra comes to the border in the bike n the other officer gets the officers at the border to close the gate.
Bridal party is baffled but goes toward it once again as Varun asks his uncle what has happened. he tells not to worry and they will see and proceeds to the gate.

The bridal party is worried as the BSD officers take off the cloaks and Rudra also comes to join them.

Part 2

Thakur calls his partner in crime on the other side of the border and tells that everything from his time has been fulfilled. The barat has left my home and going towards the border. The moment it crosses the border, then u take care of it. Then assures his friend that nothing can stop this Barat from crossing the border.

Rudra comes and joins his officers and Paro looks on. As he gets down the villagers greet him and ask if anything is wrong.  Paro is shocked seeing it is Rudra and remembers oll of their previous encounters.
The uncle guy asks Rudra what is the reason and asking if they did anything wrong telling that they are an innocent bridal party and carrying home the bride.

Rudra orders the officers to raid their stuff and find nothing at the end. As he notices the bride's stuff locked away he asks it to be cleared too. Every1 protest that its the bdride's personal items and its bad luck to every1 to have it opened like this.

Varun is baffled and gets down nad claims innocence only to be accused some more. He asks them to go ahead n do the searching. Paro clutches her Rudraksha and prays to god.
In the end its being opened despite all protests and the moment the money is found, the officer is gunned down.

Open gunfire starts and Paro is terrified. She gets out of the cart and as she tries to move, sees something on the floor and is shell shocked.
Rudra keeps gunning the men down and finally aims the gun at a Paro who looks at him with heart brokenly, her face tear stained. They both get the memories about their first meeting. Paro is rminded about her parents and all that BSD has cost her and finally it all becomes too much for her and she faints and crumbles to the ground. Rudra looks on worried.

Precap : Rudra is attacked from behind and is brutalized by the men.

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Many thanks for the WU
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Thanks for the WU
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Thank you so much for write up.
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Many thanks for the written updateSmilexxx
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thanks do much for the update i missed the episode 
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How is it that when BSD searched the stuff they found zilch but later on the goons were pulling out weapons that were clearly hidden in plain sight? Confused Show's going very well so far but viewers tend to notice these little details.. Ouch Please CVs, pay more attention, we have come to expect better from you guys, don't let us down.. Ermm 
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