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Hello friends! On request of many here, I have decided to write a short story on this scene. So before that just giving a short recap so that all can connect to it.

This is the story on our beloved RAYA.Ram and Priya.

Ram kapoor, a big businessman of India is a person who is in 40s but still a bachelor. Priya Sharma,  a TOEFL teacher who earns for the family is a girl who is in her 30s but still single.

How did the two people meet? Lets have a look at that.

As usual priya's dad trying to find a match for priya and vikram neha, ram's bff trying to find match for ram.Ram comes to meet a model on vikram neha's demand and priya comes with shruti to the same place. The boy says no as he wanted a young girl. Priya goes to the washroom and vikram n neha have a fight so neha goes to the washroom. Ram comes to the rescue but he didnt know neha had left. He tells her unknowingly abt his feeling. N he comes to know it wasnt neha. Then once shiprw n priya were going in car n their accident happens. Ram could not go for his fathers barsi. N because of him sudhir n priya had to go to police. Ram comes for his nuts rishta and he finds its the same person. Ram and priya had a big fight.

 How did they get married?

As we all know raya are just opposite to each other. So how did they get married u may be wondering. Was it a love marriage or arranged? Natasha, ram's sister loves priya's brother Kartik. So for them to get married kartik wanted that befr his marriage he wants his sis to get married. So ram searched a guy vineet for him. But at the correct tym he got to know he is married. Priya was saved. Niharika, ram's step mom came to sharma house for priya's rishta which was misunderstood as ayesha. Then later on the confusion was cleared n ram and priya were talking in a restaurant one day. N suddenly priya's ring fell down n media was there n they thought ram was proposing priya. And then raya decide for everyone happiness they will get married. Their engagement happened and priya brought tight ring fr ram n ram brought lose ring. And soon the marriage too took place. This marriage was done by them for their sibblings. So they got married. Two strangers got married and were ina sacred relation of husband wife for the world but stangers for each other.

Life after marriage

After their marriage was going to come the reception night where they danced for the first time and priya's blouse hook opened and she told ram to close it and he tried to do. N then came to know that the pushtaini haar of kapoor khandan was stollen n the name who stole was being told by cctv as vikram. So what u think is it true?No never can it be. Vikram a perfect bff can never do this. Then who can do it? Priya somewhere knew it can never be vikram. So she tried to figure out everything and got to know it was Siddhant kapoor who did all this. Priya solved such a big problem and ram was amazed by it. N offcourse the friendship was saved by priya. N they went together called by vikram n neha and they had lot of fun. N then comes the gift by them honeymoon tickets. N they take the bahana of karwa chauth. N ram wasnt their in mumbai that day. So priya hides his ticket. Hiding his ticket was the best day as it saved ram from the crash of his flight. Karwa chauth kept with true heart will never fail. So ram was shocked and later on he supported priyas parents on the fake necklace.

And then comes Ashwin Who is ashwin? Ashwin was priya's ex bf. She was going to marry her but she got to know she wanted salary n she broke everything and he married shruti. It hurted her. But she came out of it. And he wanted priya in his life again n created shak in ram's mind. On the day of diwali ram a person who believes in what he sees from his eyes believed what his heart said. N he started trusting priya.

Honeymoon kab hoga.

Dadi books for them australia tickets. They runfrom there. Dadi  calls everyone and all our in dadi side. N they had to agree. Raya pack thir bags n leave.In australia they see sydney cricket ground and ram was so excited. They see opera house. Beaches sculpturs etc. N ram starts feeling that she is so happy n he was too happy here.

So till here the recap.

My SS will start from where he calls vikram and tell about it.

So will be back with update soon. 

Thank you friends.

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contn soon...!!!

read this in fb...!!
a post from anjan...!!! LOL

thnx fr the pm...!!!
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Nice start ...
continue,soon !!!!
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Originally posted by chillpc

contn soon...!!!

read this in fb...!!
a post from anjan...!!! LOL

thnx fr the pm...!!!
thanks pravs
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Originally posted by Mini1991

Nice start ...
continue,soon !!!!
thanks dee
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good beginning continue soon
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season one will be revisited again, i am excitedSmile
thanks for pm Smile
continue soon Tongue
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jaldi update dena plzzzWink
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