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She was on her way to birpur...she had lost her parents a few days back and now she stood before a road complete alein to her...along with her mammi ,,on the bus to birpur she was playing with the beautiful doll in her hands...when her eyes wandered out she saw a boy in the anext bus were his eyes were filled with tears and pain...she leaned out to look at him...and saw dathis face reflected nothing but pain...she didn't know who he was or wat he she felt connected to him and she wanted to wipe those tears...
Wen he luked out the window he saw a girl staring at him...he wanted to luk away soon bt something held him...he saw her eyes solemn and innocent luking at him...just then the girl extended her hands out and his gaze shifted to her hands...those beautiful hands held a doll out to him...he turned his face away 4m her wen she threw that doll into his lap...he luked at the doll wich landed with a soft thud...his hands involuntarilly grazed through it...wen his head got up to find her,he saw her bus moving away 4m him...and 4m dat bus was a little hand waving gudbye to him...
Just thn the alarm sounded and paro woke up staring into the wall ahead her...she mumbled"oh ho paro its been 17 years since dat day passed...sooo much have changed and sooo much have happened bt still never a day passes without u dreaming that boy or thinking of his tearful face...don't know if dat boy is in india or not don't know if dat bot stll remembers me or not...still dreaming of him!!! wat foolishnesss...maybe i'm missing my doll so much dat i keep on dreaming it..."   birds cooed out her window she got up and pushed the curtains aside allowing the restrained rays to come in...suddenly something snapped her...she was to help her maami today in kitchen so dat her maami can close up the kitchen early and leave 4 their relatives hpuse with bindi...she started getting ready and looked herself in a mirror if she looked ok or not...
paro was a beautiful young lady of 22...she lost her parents many years back during a BSD attack...she had a great hatred and fear 2wards them since then... she was bought to birpur by her maami where BSD was hated by all just as much she did...she also has a cousin sis there named bindi and they share a beautiful bonding...she had completed her graduation from the college in nearby town...she was not so sophisticated as the educated bt was a simple and smart girl...her maami let her in college bcoz she insisted on it bt she wasn't allowed to work at a town so she gives tutions 4 the children in her village...and they all are sooo loving with each other...2day she has a busy schedule as today her students will come 4 tutions ,,,she has to lend a hand at kitchen ,she has to go 4 shopping and sooo onnn...after she got ready she left 4 the kitchen to start a new busy day...

Next we stop at rudra's quarters miles away 4m Paro...he is a young reputed BSD officer ...he is famous 4 his good luks,hot temper,spontaneous actions and ultimate courage...he was appreciated by  both his senior and junior he was on a new mission in accord to which he is to goto birpur where they were least an officer he had a perfect life bt 4m other side he was a lonely he was getting his socks 4m the cupboard something fell down ...his eyes found it to be the very doll dat the girl had gifted him 17 years much have changed sice thn bt still he rmembred dat girl and her innocent eyes...he reconstructd himself agn leaving the doll there he left to start his new busy day...

it was almost eve now ...paro had finishd evrythng except her shopping...she has to buy a present 4 her bindi as her birthday was coming up...on reaching town he she got into a market were nice duppattas were available...this time is also a curious thing as it had led rudra the very same place the very same time...he was here to buy some costumes to disguise himself as a village man and enter birpur thusforth...paro had already finished her dupatta shopping and was abt to leave wen something caught her eyes a beautiful dolll sooo similar to the one she had left to that boy with unknown name...she stood there smiling luking at it...suddenly she heard some nearing boot steps...she luked up to see BSD officer nearing she turned away the othr side...Rudra ws passing to the clotheshop wen his eyes got lockd to the doll...he stopped there on his heels...whereas paro was shivering and hid her half face with dupatta...she cld have run bt dat doll held her on her very step...she felt the BSD officer's prsence behind and without turning allowed her hand to find dat doll...curiously they both reachd 4 the doll at the same time...their hands met 4 the 1st time and a spark flew ovr them...Paro withdrew her hands and was abt to walk away wen the rudra called out."EXCUSE ME...IF U WANT TAKE THIS DOLL...I AM NOT DAT INTERESTED IN IT..."she cld have said no bt she didn't...she extended her hands without turning her head...thn he placed dat doll in her hands their fingers touched and they both felt a spark agn...she turned to him still hiding her face bt letting her eyes fall on him...the 1st luk was of an angry young his eyes were sooo placid and had a hidden depth which cld break the facade he dad put on...rudra saw those eyes...those beautiful innocent eyes staring at him...he wanted to see her full face wich she was hiding 4m let alone those eyes were enough ...he hadn't come acrooss soo an innocent eyes since dat day with the girl...her innocent eyes peirced his...without evn thanking him the girl left taking that doll 4m she ran far 4m him she agn left a last glance at him...he stood there 4 sometime staring at the spot she was...

The sun had bid gudbye...and day announced farewell...the world around was sleeping bt rudra and paro cldn't find their sleep...paro was thinking of dat boy in the bus...and dat BSD much as she hated him she liked him as much as she wanted to run away 4m him she wanted to meet him...all this felt weird and she was getting ,mad at herself 4 thinking like this...she walked upto the table took dat doll in her hands carrassed it and hugged it...with dat doll agnst her heartbeats she slipped into her couse of dreams peacefully...
rudra was also restless...he was luking at the doll in his hands...staring at its eyes remembering the innocent pair of eyes the girl owned and dat of the lady 4m the shop...he regretted 4 not seeing dat face...he also dozed off peacefully with dat doll agnst his beats...

This is the story of rudra and paro ,completely 2 different individuals   who undertake different paths in their lives bt still come across bcoz of the curious play of destiny...


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Res!Love you lity my jaan! I'll read the FF and edit my review later!EmbarrassedBig smile Love yaSmile
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Originally posted by PrincessNancy

Res!Love you lity my jaan! I'll read the FF and edit my review later!EmbarrassedBig smile Love yaSmile
love you tooo probs...
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Nice start
Continue soon 
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Originally posted by ..Jyoti..

Nice start
Continue soon 
thnks dearSmile
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nice start
love to read more
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Originally posted by anshusreeja

nice start
love to read more
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